1. andrew says

    Good bit. Very funny. There is something wrong with Weiner. He just seems to be asking for abuse. Or, maybe its just that his ego is even bigger than his penis and it has to be on camera just as much as his penis does.

  2. cari says

    Daily Show knocks it out of the park each time. AND they are more informative than the circus the network, and some cable, news shows have become. Weiner is sad. He is clearly a narcissist suffering from delusions of glamour. He needs a therapist and NYC needs him to go away.

  3. Rob says

    His campaign manager has quit. And so it begins… Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

    Great piece by the Daily Show. Yes Weiner is an easy mark, but they did make the most of it. The People Magazine piece shows what a disingenuous user he is. And naturally it’s time for a photo op as a family man and poof! Here’s their baby. I can only imagine growing up with those two media hungry narcissists as parents.

  4. Ninong says

    Weiner should have stayed retired from public life for the sake of the Democratic Party. The Weiner news just keeps dribbling out day after day. Now it’s being reported that he paid more than $43,000 in CAMPAIGN FUNDS to a private detective to find the hacker who posted those crotch shots to his Twitter account — probably the same guy O.J. hired to find the real killer — plus thousands more to a law firm. No wonder his campaign manager quit.

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