1. northalabama says

    a boycott wouldn’t be a responsible first reaction to the new laws if you eventually would like to see change in russia’s behavior. an attempt to negotiate safety for the athletes while allowing them to participate would be a good place to start.

  2. Michael Bedwell says

    NEW “FIERCE ADVOCATE” DRINKING GAME: take a shot of your favorite beverage everytime Obama or one of his paid flying monkeys like Jay Carney or Valerie Jarrett says he “believes” in whatever—and, then, continues to not do a goddamn thing to help make it happen. Even mainstream media has begun to smell the fierce stink of hypocrisy. “Equality is a moral imperative. And as president, I will place the weight of my administration behind the enactment of a fully inclusive Employment Non Discrimination Act to outlaw workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. I WILL NEVER COMPROMISE ON MY COMMITMENT TO EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL LGBT AMERICANS. Americans are yearning for leadership that can empower us to reach for what we know is possible. I believe that we can achieve the goal of full equality for the millions of LGBT people in this country. To do that, we need leadership that can appeal to the best parts of the human spirit. JOIN WITH ME, AND I WILL PROVIDE THAT LEADERSHIP.” – Barack Obama, Job Application, February 28, 2008.

  3. Joesph Foster says

    Yeah, the whole Russia thing. It’s so much easier to just not think or talk about it.

    That’s quite dispiriting to say the least.

  4. andrew says

    The OBAMA Administration is the best friend the LGBT Community has ever had in power in Washington D.C. Thank You Mr. President!!!

  5. Kev C says

    I don’t support an Olympic boycott because all boycotts of the Olympics have harmed the athletes and their sponsor countries more than the host country.

    I think teams and winning athletes showing their support for LGBTs against censorship and making statements and displays of support for the world to see, would be more effective.

  6. JONES says

    New ‘NON ADVOCATE’ drinking game.
    Every time an elected GOPer or one of their hate group talking heads supports LGBT equality take a drink.

    Smelling that hypocrisy now, Michael Bedwell?

  7. JONES says

    Blake Skjellerup said it best. Silent Defiance.

    He’s wearing a rainbow pin to show his awareness and support of LGBT oppression in Russia. When asked about possible consequences his answer was ‘So be it’.

    That’s the kind of bravery we need to stand behind and the best way I can see to do that is by strength in numbers. We need to promote a campaign to get every athlete worldwide that believes in equality to also wear a rainbow pin. The more voices in support the less Russia can do about it.

    The Olympics is a rare worldwide event that this kind of protest will garner international news coverage to the oppression of lGBT globally.

    Pick this idea up and spread it across the internet if you agree.

  8. Droc says

    A boycott would deprive athletes of their lives’ goals, cause more resentment towards gays in America, and cause Russia to dig in more. Nothing good would come of it.

  9. Michael Bedwell says

    @ Andrew & Jones: nothing you said changes the fact that Obama has broken his promise to order federal contractors not to discriminate against LGBTs in the same way FDR ordered them not to discriminate against Blacks, and his promise to personally fight for the passage of ENDA. Doing some things right doesn’t excuse doing other things wrong. Try getting away with not paying your electric bill by saying, “But I paid the phone bill.”

  10. andrew says

    @Bedwell: Nothing you ever say alters the FACT that the OBAMA Administration is the best friend the LGBT Community has ever had in Washington D.C. In this large complex pluralistic society that a President must lead no group or individual can expect to get 100% of what is wanted or has been promised or proposed. Grow up and accept the best reality that we LGBT folks have ever had. Encourage more change but stop tearing down our BEST friend!!!

  11. DannyEastVillage says

    Every signatory to the UN’s Universal Declaration on Human Rights should boycott the Olympics.

  12. JONES says

    Is Obama blocking ENDA legislation? Or is the GOP?
    Your attempt at deflection is laughable. Try pulling your partisan head out of your GOP owned arse and look at reality. The GOP is the political face of LGBT oppression, not Obama.

  13. DannyEastVillage says

    We may anticipate quite an, uh, international diplomatic “incident” when the Russians catch skiing and bobsledding boys from the American and Russian teams in flagrante delicto. It’s gonna happen. Just wish I could watch.

  14. woodroad34d says

    They could still go, but maybe one of the ways to show disgust and disrespect is to either sit during the Russian anthem, make a face, or some other such gesture. It would be a shame for people who worked years and spent tons of money to not be able to go. It’s just the Cold War and 1980/1984 all over again. Frankly, the IOC should never have given the dictatorship a platform in the first place.

  15. Joesph Foster says

    The IOC is and has been a very homophobic organization. Look at the Gay Games, do you know why they are named the Gay Games? It was because the IOC sued their organizers to change the name from the Gay Olympics. Yet, the Special Olympics is O.K.

  16. Steve Talbert says

    The best would be for the gay athletes to wear rainbow outfits during opening ceremonies and hold hands a lot while the straight ones wear the regular outfits but paint on their foreheads upside down rainbows painted like a frown

  17. Steve Talbert says

    The best would be for the gay athletes to wear rainbow outfits during opening ceremonies and hold hands a lot while the straight ones wear the regular outfits but paint on their foreheads upside down rainbows painted like a frown

  18. anon says

    Political protests are banned by the IOC during the games, so Athletes can lose their medals or barred from competing if they attempt anything. The IOC should not reward countries like Russia by allowing them to host games, but they use a bidding (read: bribery) process to select the host. The best result would be for the press to expose how bad Russia is at the moment.

  19. Michael Bedwell says

    @ Andrew & Jones: ever hear of a “Queer Quisling”? That’s a gay person who defends the straight power structure against the best interests of his own people. That’s what you are. You can come up with NO rational reasons for Obama not keeping HIS promises, so you try to change the subject. Lamest of all is trying to shoot the messenger because you don’t like/have no defense against the message. That you assume I’m a Republican is simultaneously pathetic and laughable. I’ve never voted Repug in my life. But just because Obama is a Democrat and just because he’s done SOME good things for gays is no, repeat NO excuse for his CHOOSING not to keep his promises. Get off your knees, Girls, Massa just not that into you.

  20. Ruddigore says

    All gay athletes should go to the Olympics and make sure the Russians don’t take home a single medal. Showing them that you are better, faster and stronger is the best form of gay propaganda.

  21. Jerry6 says

    I believe it was the 1980 Olympics that the USA Boycotted Russia, and the only people affected were the Americans that did not perform. They wasted their young lives for nothing.

  22. ABT123 says

    All intellectuals and open-minded politicians should support the movement against homophobia in Russia, which is getting out of hand. There may be progress with fighting xenophobia and racism but homophobia is only going to be worse. Hatred towards gays and lesbian is becoming common thanks to increase hate propaganda. Gays are stigmatised as perverts, public opinion is manipulated.

    If the European tolerance is so disliked Western leaders shouldn’t give visa-free regime to Russian homophobic bureaucrats. It’s not for LGBT but for everyone. Reykjavik’s mayor stopped sister city relations with Moscow because of the “gay propaganda” law.

    From Russia with hope. I’m straight but I express solidarity with LGBT.