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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Officiates at Gay Marriage


UPDATE: Here's the photo (above).

Ruth Bader Ginsburg today will be the first Supreme Court Justice to officiate at a same-sex wedding ceremony, the WaPo reports:

Ginsburg...she officiates at the Washington wedding of Kennedy Center President Michael M. Kaiser.

The gala wedding of Kaiser and economist John Roberts at the performing arts center brings together the nation’s highest court and the capital’s high society and will mark a new milepost in the recognition of same-sex unions....

...During a recent interview, Ginsburg seemed excited about being the first member of the court to conduct such a ceremony and said it was only a logical next step.

“I think it will be one more statement that people who love each other and want to live together should be able to enjoy the blessings and the strife in the marriage relationship,” Ginsburg said.

She added: “It won’t be long before there will be another” performed by a justice. Indeed, she has another planned for September.

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He Drives for the Applause: VIDEO


They say texting while driving is hazardous, but I think Gaga-ing while driving may take that up a notch.


(via boy culture)

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Senator Bill Sharer Calls Gays Who Want To Get Married, 'Things': AUDIO

Bill Sharer

Just yesterday we told you about Senator Bill Sharer (R - Farmington) calling gay men "whores" who should follow the example of renowned pederast Alexander the Great settle down with a woman. Today we present you with an audio clip from the Janet Mefford Show of the good Senator saying that marriage equality bills allow "any two things" to get married. 

Jeremy Hooper at Good As You provides a blistering retort to the Senator's callous bigotry, pointing out the two rather important facts: gays are not "things" and "no state senator has pushed for marriage between a man and his toaster!"

While hateful attitudes like these are galling, they are also something to be somewhat greatful for. Much like the antics of Westboro, people like Sharer unmask the ugliness behind anti-gay bigotry, and the uglier they are the more they drive people, particularly younger people, away from their cruel ideologies. This is why we will win in the end.

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The Paths of 170 Years of Hurricanes Combined Into One Map: PHOTO


Created by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this stunning image charts the nearly 12,000 tropical cyclones that have occurred across the globe since the NOAA began keeping a record in 1842. The team used colors to help show patterns in the density of storms affecting a given area.

The group also produced a second map showing storm intensity and an interactive map that allows you to track individual strom paths throughout history. 

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NOM Blasts IRS Policy Giving Federal Tax Recognition to Gay Married Couples Regardless of State Laws

Brian BrownYesterday, we reported on the U.S. Department of Treasury's decision to recognize gay married couples for tax purposes regardless of the state laws regarding marriage in which they reside. Prompted by the recent SCOTUS ruling on DOMA, this new policy will provide tax filing uniformity for all legally married same-sex couples nationwide.

As if on cue, National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown issued a statement denouncing the change in policy, claiming it is yet another government attempt to force gay marriage on an "unwilling public."

"The Treasury Department is grossly overstepping its authority," said Brown. "This is a nation of laws. Only Congress has the authority to change the law....[the] Obama administration is intent on forcing same-sex 'marriage' on an unwilling public."


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NYT Endorses Corey Johnson, Mel Wymore, Carlos Menchaca in City Council Race

The NYT made some endorsements of LGBT candidates yesterday in the NYC City Council race.

JohnsonAs a resident of District 3, I enthusiastically agree with the Times' endorsement of Corey Johnson, a former contributor to Towleroad, and the strongest candidate in this race.

MANHATTAN’S DISTRICT 3 (Chelsea, the West Village and Clinton): In this race to replace Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is now in the race for mayor, Corey Johnson, a gay rights activist and community board chairman, is running against Yetta Kurland, a civil rights lawyer. Mr. Johnson, who has worked in public relations, has helped tenants faced with eviction by landlords who wanted to raise rents. He has been involved in bringing public schools to the neighborhood and fought to scale back growth in commercial developments that threatened to overwhelm the area. These accomplishments make him a better choice. We recommend Corey Johnson for this seat.

WymoreMANHATTAN’S DISTRICT 6 (Upper West Side): There are plenty of good candidates in this race to replace Gale Brewer, now running for Manhattan borough president. They include Helen Rosenthal, a former official in the city budget office; Marc Landis, a lawyer and Democratic Party leader; the education activist Noah Gotbaum; Debra Cooper, an advocate for women’s issues; and Ken Biberaj, a businessman. But the leader in this field is Mel Wymore, who in recent years has headed the local community board and the West Side Y. Mr. Wymore, a systems engineer and entrepreneur, was instrumental in persuading a developer to build a large school as part of a housing project, and he helped develop new zoning regulations that limited the ground-floor width of stores to help small shops survive. We prefer Mr. Wymore in this race.

MenchacaBROOKLYN DISTRICT 38 (Red Hook and Sunset Park): This race is between the incumbent, Sara González, whose enthusiasm for the job seems to have waned, and Carlos Menchaca, a 32-year-old Mexican-American who has worked in city government over the last decade. Ms. Gonzalez has had a spotty attendance record and very few legislative successes in her 11 years on the job. Mr. Menchaca, who grew up in public housing in Texas, promises to work for better public housing in his district and to improve schools, especially after-school programs. When Hurricane Sandy flooded much of this district, Mr. Menchaca energetically organized volunteers. We endorse Mr. Menchaca.

Check out all the NYT endorsements here.

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