1. jamal49 says


    I thought this was rather cute and funny.

    Why don’t some of y’all do something like this?

    Or why don’t y’all do something of anything instead of sittin’ around bitchin’ about what everybody else does?

  2. woodroad34 says

    I think they’re adorable and it looks like they have great fun together. I wish my ex and I had that much fun. And, besides, how many of us haven’t been in awkward kissing situations–especially when you were their age.

  3. Caliban says

    OK, it’s kind of goofy and pointless, but it’s still kind of sweet to see a young gay couple like this who are living in a new reality, without a lot of the stress and baggage that even gay men even a decade older had to face. I feel the same way about the vids by the young military couple. Not terribly interesting, but whatever.

    In the Q&A video they mentioned that when they still lived with their parents (apparently in the same town?) they were only 30 minutes away from each other. To me that implies their parents knew they were in a relationship and didn’t throw up any roadblocks against it, which is something more and more young gays are experiencing. A “new normal,” to use an already becoming hackneyed phrase.

    The flip-side of that it is that without having (yet) faced any significant opposition they’re no more interesting or complex than a random straight couple. Cute, sure, but interesting? Wellllllll.

  4. darkorient says

    I don’t get the obsession of getting everything online for “likes” from random people but that’s because I am old. I am sure the kids are having fun with it and good for them!

  5. Nope says

    The built one is the star. Ethan is the geek, but over all this is barf inducing. Maybe you might check their sheets for bugs. I give this about a eight months.


    I always imagine the bad comments about happy innocent stuff like this coming from bitter people who feel their life is too ruined, too overdue, too failed to have another chance. Or just one, a first one. That’s an image though, a colorful one. Maybe they are just unhappy.

  7. Mike in the tundra says

    @Zeta – Ball State is an university in Indiana. Every journalism student has heard the story about the Ball family donating a very well done portrait of Abraham Lincoln to the university. The headline in the student newspaper read: LINCOLN HUNG BY BALLS IN LIBRARY

  8. Chris says

    There is nothing worse than gay guys fawning over a pretty face and kissing their ass. They are attention seeking whores who as far as I can tell, have nothing important to add to society. If they want to be famous, do something constructive and important, not something that plays off their good looks.

  9. m.r. says

    The videos are really about these two guys having fun with their subscribers & geared for people their age and younger. One of them had a nice video on how he came out and a lot of the comments were from other young people saying how helpful it was. They’ve built up a relationship with their viewers which is why they’re even answering some of their questions. Most of you negative nellies commenting, you’re not the intended audience so you can unclench.

  10. Chris says

    What exactly have these 2 done to justify people subscribing to their account? What have they done to get fans? Oh, that’s right. They are pretty faces. These guys are just as bad as the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, and all other reality “stars”.

  11. m.r. says

    @Chris These were some of the comments from Mark’s coming out video.

    “Thank you for sharing your story. I love how your attitude with being gay is so cool and chill haha. Your confidence and courage helps me accept myself with being gay. Thank you for that :)”

    “You inspire me! I hope my parents react the same 😐 I subscribed to your channel :)”

    “I just came out being Bi to my best friends last week (I cried haha). I was soo scared of rejection but they were soo supportive and accepting! I’m soo much happier now that I have at least two people who know. Although I have a long way to tell all my family and friends but I’m glad I watched your video, its helping a lot!”

    “and i find your story extremely insipiring
    i am too scared to come out right now and i wish i could meet some accepting people
    but its too risky and there is a lot going on right now…”

    “I’m 17 and my parents, uncles & aunts are all very religious they wouldn’t like me being gay… Sometimes I think it would just be better to move far away and tell them through the phone and the next time they see me they won’t judge me as much.”

    “Thank you for sharing your heart, and story, with us. I hope to be as courageous as you soon.”

    So I’d say he’s done something constructive even if it only helped one gay kid. It also moved some straight people to question things like this commenter:

    “I feel kinda weird asking a complete stranger this but not to long ago my best friend revealed to me that he was gay. This really took me by complete surprise. I kinda acted out badly to this(not intentionally) but now he is kinda mad at me. I don’t think he has told anyone else (including his parents) and I feel that I may have scared him into being even less comfortable with himself. I’ve never had anything against gay people before so i don’t get why i acted this way toward him.???”

    I’m guessing that people who’re subscribing to him find him relatable. Certainly he’s more constructive than someone making all kinds of nasty, anonymous comments on the internet.

  12. Blake says

    Project much, Chris? Your creepily obsessive commentary here says a lot more about how pathetically empty your bitter little meaningless life is than anything about these two guys who made a fun, couple minute long youtube video.

    It must be suicidally sad to live in your obviously very lonely and vituperative world, where apparently all you have left in life is the basement-dwelling schadenfreude derived enjoyment you extract from resenting the happiness that others are lucky enough to have.

  13. Chris says

    No, they are subscribing to him because he is hot. Let’s be honest. If he was just a regular looking guy (or unattractive) no one would care what he thinks or about his coming out story. It is a sad commentary about society in general and the gay community in particular.

    sounds like someone is projecting about themselves to say someone is suicidally sad because they speak what is obvious. (where did you get your psychology degree to make such random diagnosis?)

    I wonder how many of the same guys defending these hot guys were the first one making fun of someone like Chris Crocker (that guy is a huge joke) or anyone that isn’t attractive. Be honest with yourself before you say someone is bitter or suicidal.

  14. Bob R says

    You know, I’m an old gay man and I found these two inspiring. I only wish I had access to videos featuring young guys like this, comfortable in their skin and happy with their life when I was a young gay man. I find their openness about being gay partners very positive and their candor very refreshing for young folks dealing with their sexuality. Good for them. I enjoyed both videos and my only regret is I’m not 20 something with friends like them. I’m getting too old for so much hate and negativity, especially when it’s directed at our own community. What is wrong with so many who post here? Are your lives that miserable that you must tear down everyone?

    I am amazed at the nastiness and vitriol that spews from people who seem to take up residence at Towleroad. You folks so often make me ashamed to be gay. I find myself spending a lot less time here and more time reading more positive blogs where the commenters aren’t so negative. Towleroad has become the host for the mean girls of gay blogs.

    Mark, Ethan, keep making the videos, keep having fun and ignore the envious and bitter trolls (many of whom I know are younger than I am but come off as vicious old queens)and enjoy your life to the fullest. Thank you for sharing your happiness. I hope you kids stay together forever. Keep loving each other and having fun, the future is yours.

  15. KEVIN says

    I think Towleroad needs to make it harder to comment so we don’t get the same trolls leaving mulitple nasty comments.

    Don’t hate on these guys because they’re handsome and you bitter queens were and are ugly as sin. They’re doing more for gay acceptance by being open and putting their lives out there and i applaud them for it.

  16. Jeff says

    When I was young, it was very hard to find positive, happy examples of other gay people in the media. Now they’re everywhere because of guys like these two. You can question their motives for putting this stuff online, but I don’t really see a downside to all this.

  17. colnaude says

    These guys could be my grandkids. Great for them. The post is well as they are…indeed, they are having fun. Why not?
    Those early ‘fall in love’ days pass all too quickly. Enjoy.
    I think Gatsby is still playing at a local BYOB theatre not far from where I live…it’s obvious they are just starting…those days can provide memories for a lifetime.


  18. Will says

    Wow, so many ignorant comments, at least on the first page. Ugh. I watch their videos, they seem like great guys. There’s a whole youtube community out there. ‘Attention whores’, ugh. Some people just like to educate or entertain others. They like it and yeah it gets them some attention, but so what?

  19. Jay M says

    I feel horrible for thinking this but the first thing that came to my mind was something for Will & Grace:


    But seriously, very cute. Happy for them.

  20. says

    “I have this mental image of the bitter comment queens here typing up their vitriol with one hand while they furiously masturbate with the other.

    Posted by: Joel | Aug 27, 2013 12:39:53 PM”

    So true! The jealous queens do not disappoint. I particularly loved the one about their diction being poor. They’re from Indiana for chrissake, what the hell are they supposed to speak, received pronunciation? Yes, they are seeking attention. Guess what? That’s what the millions of other people who self-publish on youtube are seeking, too.

  21. Zeta says

    @Chris has a point about the perception of attractiveness. Chris also has a point about why gay boys and gay men would subscribe in the first place: the fluff comes first. It’s a fact of life.

    I was saying ‘Ball State? Really?’ because of the double entendre in wearing that shirt, like Beaver State for straights. I used to drive up to Ball State on weekends. It’s still weird to see it used for titillation instead of school pride.

  22. wheelie81 says

    Am I the only one that noticed the couch that looked like something out of an Easter magazine?? And the fact that the guy with the tank’s shirt matched said couch?? Such horrible gays!!, hahahaha

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