1. Kevin says

    MAry,because this guy is someone many of the people who run for the president on the Republican side make a point of cozying up to.

  2. jamal49 says

    @MARYM Because it pays to know thine enemies. There are millions of Americans who follow and believe in what this man says. They vote. Never, ever take the Bryan Fischers of the world for granted. We are always one or two elections away from the right-wing taking firm control all government.

  3. MaryM says

    This guy is so extreme that it is not beneficial for anyone to cosy up to him.

    It’s time to ignore him.

  4. Hey Darlin' says

    The irony of having a graphic representing the U.S. constitution in the background while espousing the great qualities of Russia isn’t lost on me.

  5. Robert M. says

    Funny, I thought sound public policy was supposed to safeguard citizen’s rights, not oppress them…

  6. Onnyjay says

    What no one seems to get is that the AFA and their ilk are giant fund-raising machines that use lowest-common-denominator vitriol to bestir the befuddled masses to shell out dollars, lots of them, to fight the “gay agenda” or whatever the bitter flavor of the week may be. This will stop only when the media (this means you, T’road) ignore these parasites.

  7. renovato says

    Isnt the AFA a designated hate group by the SPLC. Hasnt Fisher just stepped over a red line in promoting lawlessness. Anyone who can praise Russia for its “democracy” and civil rights needs to be on a watch list somewhere.

  8. SoLeftImRight says

    Mr. Fischer really should go over to Russia and enjoy the glory of his worldview being put into practice. As for the USA, we are heading in another direction, and have no more time for hate-filled morons like him.

  9. Chadd says

    If only Mr Fischer and those like him would all move to Russia. Then we would have plenty of room for the Russian gays who want to leave. Sounds like a fantastic trade to me.

  10. anon says

    BF might find Russia less friendly than he thinks. First of all, it’s illegal to criticize politicians in Russia, so he’d be in jail for a lot of remarks he’s made. You also can’t criticize the Russian Orthodox Church, which is in his mind an offshoot of the devilish Catholic Church and completely apostatic. Any Russians drink and smoke, which is against Baptist teachings too.