Anti-Gay Bigot Scott Lively To Stand Trial For Crimes Against Humanity

Scott Lively
We and other gay blogs have reported on evangelical pastor of Abiding Truth Ministries Scott Lively many times, from him claiming that the rainbow flag was a sign of the end times to hiring child molesters to run his coffee shop. What The Pink Swastika author is most notorious for though is inciting anti-gay hatred in Uganda and aiding in the passing of their "Kill the Gays" bill, a law that is so broadly worded that just touching someone can be enough to be in violation of the law, and heterosexual citizens could receive the death penalty for failing to turn in gay people they know.

US District Judge Michael Ponsor has ruled Lively's persecution of LGBT people a crime against humanity and is accused of helping to play a part in the persecution, arrest and murder of gay people in Uganda. Lively's lawyers, naturally, requested that the lawsuit be dismissed.

As an added bonus, US law allows foreign citizens to sue for violations of international law in US federal courts under the Alien Tort Statute, so Ugandan victims of Lively's crimes have an avenue to seek justice.


  1. graphicjack says

    why bother with a trial? Just execute him like he has enabled the Ugandan government to do with their GLBT population. I call it the “Kill the Bigots” law. (and this is coming from a pacifist).

  2. Tom says

    A lot of errors in this post. It is almost as bad as the standard error-ridden posts by Dan Villarreal.

    This is a civil suit, not a criminal prosecution. Further, the suit against Lively only survived an initial motion to dismiss. That does not mean that there will be a trial. Lively will have another chance to dismiss the case after the parties exchange discovery. Finally, the judge has not made any ruling about what Lively did. In deciding the motion to dismiss, the judge assumes that all factual allegations in the complaint are true and then decides whether the case can proceed. Whether the claims are actually true is proven later.

    I like Christian and I hope that in the future he aims higher than a lazy Dan Villarreal-type post.

  3. John says

    Unfortunately, all the blogs that have been writing about this case have mischaracterized what happened. Lively has not been charged with any crimes, and the U.S. government is not prosecuting him. This is not a criminal case.

    The opinion is from a civil lawsuit against Lively under the Alien Tort Statute. Though Towleroad called the ability to sue him a mere “added bonus,” the civil lawsuit is the Alien Tort Statute is the main event.

    The title of this post is misleading because the phrase “to stand trial” generally means “to be criminally prosecuted.” That’s not the case here. Lively is just being sued.

    And to be clear, as reported in other blogs (such as the one linked to), the judge did not rule that persecution of LGBT people is a crime against humanity in and of itself. He ruled that the “widespread and systematic” persecution of LGBT people in Uganda is a crime against humanity. He noted that international law makes a distinction between discrimination, persecution, and crimes against humanity. Not all persecutions are crimes against humanity.

    The ruling does not sweep as broadly as many blogs are reporting, but it at least provided a good explanation of why persecution of LGBT people could be a violation of international law even though the international agreements do not mention sexual orientation or gender identity.

  4. woodroad34d says

    BTW, isn’t a swastika really a religious symbol? It’s really a cross con serif. One could then equate him with nazism and facism himself–I assume his drag name is Sarah Newman.

  5. Rick says

    Foreigners should not have the right to utilize our legal system. The proliferation of Liberal sentiment perpetuated in the media has fostered a legal climate that favors the rights of non-citizens. Lively is entitled to practice his religious freedom. His actions are conducted in a foreign country and he should only be subjected to the laws of place in which his activity occurs.

    Again, Liberals can’t leave well enough alone. It’s none of our business now Americans conduct themselves abroad, nor is it put place to encourage foreigners to use our own legal system against us. It’s un-American.

  6. candide001 says

    however this ends, the fact that it’s passed to the discovery stage is a big win. more of the dirty secrets about the overseas activities of these evangelical anti-gay hate groups will be made available to a wider public.

  7. Rob says

    I don’t like this guy at all but your title makes it sound as if he is being criminally prosecuted for crimes against humanity like the Nazi’s were at the crimes trials after WW2. He is just being sued in a civil court. Thats a big difference from being on trial on a criminal case. Just stick with the real truth and not put a slant on it.

  8. John says

    The Alien Tort Statute was passed in 1789 and was signed into law by President George Washington. I’m glad you agree that our Founding Fathers were liberals and supported liberal policies. Considering that George Washington was the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during thr Revolutionary War, I trust that he knows far better than you what is and is not American. Now please go away.

  9. Casey says

    This idiot has a long history going back to his participation in the rabid and maniacal Oregon Citizens Alliance that for years created havoc in Oregon politics. His entire adult life is a sad commentary of what it is to be human.

  10. John says

    Also Rick,
    Just to address a couple more things.

    First, Lively is being sued for his actions in the U.S. that aided and abetted in the persecution of Ugandan gays.

    Second, even the right to free exercise is not absolute. If my religion requires me to kill people, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be allowed to do that no matter how central to my religious beliefs.

    And lastly, if I were you, I would avoid making the argument that America shouldn’t care what its citizens do abroad. That argument is a favorite of pedophiles who are sitting in jail cells after having been convicted in American courts for sexually abusing children abroad, even in countries where it is not illegal (or where the age of consent is lower).

  11. Wil says

    Andy, if you’re reading this, please note that the increasing number of posts from your substitutes are of inferior analytical and linguistic quality. They are not as neutral, or as clear, as what you typically write. Surely you can find guest bloggers who come close to your level of objectivity and clarity? The reason I have read this blog over many years is because you present the facts and let us reach our own conclusions. The people you have posting are clearly not experienced journalists– their posts are muddled and highly subjective. Please return to the quality the blog previously demonstrated, otherwise this becomes like a hundred other blogs and loses its appeal.

  12. Nelson says

    This is excellent. Now let’s take Bush and Cheney along with it for their invasion and murder of Iraqis and senseless deaths of US Armed Forces due to their lies.

  13. emjayay says

    I just respectfully suggested, in the IOC post comments, that Rick would find a congenial country in Ghana rather than Russia. Now I see I was quite prescient. Nailed it.

  14. anon says

    I think this case is the source of the complaint by evangelicals that they are now being prosecuted for their beliefs. Lively is clearly doing in Uganda what he was love to do in the US, but can’t. The ATS has a very slight and mixed success in US courts, largely because the verification of claims for acts overseas, such as the collection of witnesses and proper deposition, and due to the broad nature of claims made that have no bearing in US civil law.

  15. Squeak says

    This is a really badly written article and misleading. Articles involving legal situations must be accurate, precise and objective: this has none of those qualities. Just firing off stuff that will excite the plebs is not good enough for us.

  16. Koskalaka Maricón says

    I find Scott Lively’ obsessive hatred for LGBTQI people unfathomable.

    If extradited and found guilty, perhaps a fitting punishment, when not behind bars, would be compulsory community service in a rainbow-color-patterned jumpsuit, a bejeweled ankle bracelet, and handing out condoms and doing clean up at a local gay bathhouse. Surely, this would be a hell worse than death for someone of his ilk.

  17. JuvieRecord says

    Yes, the swastika is a religious symbol. For the Homo-Fascists who have once failed in forcing their beliefs on the entire planet. And only murdered ‘Fairys’ to stop them bitches from dobbing. Cos we all know how much you ‘Femmes’ like outing closets AKA Nazi, Male-Supremist, Homo-Superior, Mass Murdering Fagots. They actually call themselves that, Fagot. But only behind closed doors. they are not calling themselves Nazis but rather the rape, incest, pederasty and pedoephilia which seperates them from the ‘Soft Effeminates’ I have been assaulted by and survived an attempted gang rape by these kind of homosexuals who unfortunately make up the majority of the Homosexual Movement. I live in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. 75% of the 96,000 people (or 69,000 adults aged 18-70) here are closeted homo-fascist sex offenders (conspiracy nutjobs waiting for the second coming of Hitler), 15% open gays who wouldn’t be seen dead committing genocide yet alone hurt another human being and of course 10% utterly clueless Heteros. So much for a minority pity party hey? Though its much harder for me to prove I suspect that child sex offences rival some small african nations. And yes the local police are only TOO aware of who I am. They can’t do anything to me cos you know what happens to a policeman in jail for child sex offences?… He commits suicide.

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