1. Mike Ryan says

    I dunno – comes off as if he were promoting Russia itself rather than Russian gays. Now had he placed a strikethrough on each one of those hammer and sickles the viewer would see it more as “No Russia”. I don’t see a big market in the gay community for Russia symboled boxer shorts. Think again.

  2. Zlick says

    Nice idea. But 1) I hate wearing boxers; and 2) I’d never pay a hundred bucks for even the most wonderful underwear in the world. Laugh laugh laugh price point – – but sweet idea, and I like the hammer and sickle icon in rainbow colors. If the hundred dollar boxers are delivered by Blondie in the photo shoot, I might reconsider both 1 and 2.

  3. Rick in Cincinnati says

    I don’t understand how this is beneficial and not exploitative of what’s occurring in Russia. Is any of the money actually going to help GLBT Russians? There’s no mention of that… so I only see this as a for profit gimmick.

  4. Joe says

    UNLESS THERE IS A STATEMENT THAT A SHARE OF THE PROFIT WILL GO TO RUSSIAN LGBT GROUPS – NO SALE! Making money off the misery of others should not be supported.

  5. andrew says

    I guess that I am a hopeless horn dog. I got a boner watching that. The blond had the right idea, I would have had my head on that guys shoulder too.

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