1. Jim says

    OMG, when is she going to give up on this flop song? Everyone first heard the song back late last year, and even though most people didn’t like it her and her record company still decided to release it as a single 7 months later in June and it was a total flop, charting at #125. Now, two months later she’s making a video for this flop song? Goodness, let it go and move on to another single! The rest of the album must be really bad for them to keep dragging this song through the mud (and I say this as a Cher fan).

  2. Dback says

    This is what Beyonce wanted “Run The World (Girls)” to be, but it unfortunately wasn’t. This “Woman’s World’ video isn’t overtly political–mostly its “message” is a Gaga-esque “just dance”–but the cumulative power of the images and the dancers is extremely effective. And let’s just say on a superficial level: Cher looks and sounds simply terrific.

  3. AriesMatt says

    Fun video. Love the hairdo’s. I’m a little suspicious of her body in the video, though. Doesn’t look like the same one she had at the Pride Pier Dance… If that is really hers, you go girl.

  4. Koskalaka Maricón says

    Is it just me, or is there allegory in this Cher video with her poofy SHREDDED NEWSPRINT WIG? As an activist, Cher has, over the decades, taken heat from the press (as have other high-profile women) on a variety of issues, LGBTQI equality issues included (not to mention the sensitive personal matter of Chastity-to-Chaz). To me, the visual of wearing shredded newsprint seems a subtle in-your-face bit of rebellion by one of my favorite, all-time divas who will OWN you (if not mockingly wear you) if you cross her! If Sonny were still alive, he’d tell you all about this.

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