1. Chris says

    I don’t use grindr, but if I did and someone used it to lure me into some sort of Christian sales pitch, I would be less than receptive.

    @sammie “a lot of people think God hates them” and you think this is a nice story? And anyone who disagrees is a vitriolic queen?

    No very few people actually believe that God hates them, and those that do aren’t on Grindr, they are luring in GOPround and airport restrooms.

  2. oncemorewithfeeling says

    He’s preying on lonely men in order to indoctrinate them into a cult of lies. Charming.

    Is the new Towleroad’s idea of a feel-good story for gay men?

  3. Sam says

    Folks, enough with the “Christians are evil homophobes” stuff. Yes, some Christians are homophobic. So are some atheists.

    Check out and you’ll see that there are a lot of churches out there (and not all are listed on this site) that are very welcoming of gay people.

  4. says

    grindr seems an odd choice as a ministry outreach tool, but at least the outreach isn’t to get them into ex-gay therapy. I guess that’s improvement. Methodists seem to be pretty chill and more about community and helping others and not much about guilt and shame and other typical abuses of Christianity.

  5. woodroad34 says

    God doesn’t hate, the man-made, political construct of “religion” does. That’s the difference. Religion is a club and political organization that accepts ‘members’ (you pay dues of titheing) and if you don’t follow their by-laws they boot you out. Religion is basically worthless and unholy–if you believe in God, you don’t need a church. “Fellowship” is really the quintessential “Preaching to the Choir”. And while the Methodists are probably a little more benign than those other satanic cults of hate, it’s still pretty much anti-gay.

    With that anger spouted, this kid is cute as a button.

  6. David From Canada says

    I think this guy is great! I go to church every Sunday and feel good about it. A belief in a Higher Power is SO beneficial in life. So helpful. I’m glad this young man has a positive outreach to other gays and lets them know that they are accepted and that God doesn’t hate them. Quite the opposite. He’s a very positive, caring person and I wish him all the best.

  7. Eugene says

    “Yes, some Christians are homophobic. So are some atheists.”

    That’s disgusting whitewashing of Christianity’s past and present. Anti-gay Christians didn’t just “happen to be” Christians – it was and still is part of the religion.

  8. Eugene says

    “Yes, some Christians are homophobic. So are some atheists.”

    That’s disgusting whitewashing of Christianity’s past and present. Anti-gay Christians didn’t just “happen to be” Christians. It was (and still is) part of the religion.

  9. Duration & Convexity says

    Gay Christians are some of the most judgmental, prudish, militant people you’ll ever meet. In their quest to not be like every other gay (whatever that is) they over compensate and turn into the most over bearing, in your face conservative. I truly can’t stand being in most of their presence. And this is after years of dealing with the gay Christian complex.

  10. C.J says

    I generally tend to keep my distance from religious LGBT as a whole; not just christians. Spiritual, I’m fine with. But there’s something about the religious LGBT where they are a little more pearl clutching and preachy than even the average church-goer. I have my own theories why that is but I find it exhausting to be around, much less date. To each their own.

  11. Dallas Dude says

    It’s not enough for these people to believe in fairies in the sky. They demand everyone else does too. They demand to stalk you, find you, and make sure you adopt their beliefs. They demand to knock on your door on weekend mornings and sell you a man made book.


  12. Michelle says

    Organized religion in western countries has become moot. The highest rate of youth in this country are rejecting religion, and church attendance is at an all time low, with church leaders having no clue what to do. This ploy with grindr is not out of being hip & tech savvy. It’s sheer desperation.

  13. Alejandro says

    Here’s the problem with religious homos….

    Even if they and their cult…grrr…”church” accept gays, they’ll still find another demographic to judge and hate. That may be gays who choose not to marry. It may be gays who don’t believe in committed monogamous relationships. It may be straight woman who choose to have abortions. It may be straight people in open relationships.

    Just because a church has a gay person in it’s doors doesn’t make them less intolerable.

    Church and religion are ALL about confines, rules, laws, and NOT being free thinking. The disable the human soul from being true, real, and inherent. NO THANK YOU!

  14. Scott Johansen says

    Why is it if I say I believe in mythical dragons, society would demand I be medicated after seeing a mental health professional. But if I say a virgin gave birth to a man who will come back from the dead, after walking on water, and turning water into wine, and a million other laughable stories from the bible, I’m not deemed certifiable?

    Seriously, what separates The Little Mermaid from The Bible? sorry, but the little mermaid gave just as many people a source of inspiration. One’s classified as a fable, and the other is what some demand our government should base our human laws on. Gimme a break.

  15. EchtKultig says

    Let’s not be a bunch of grumpy old queens. Yes, being a “gay Christian” is a bit of an oxymoron. But I think this young guy probably needs the very possiblity of being a “gay Christian” to bridge the reality of who he is with the reality of what those around him believe. Gay Christians are still a step in the right direction. Maybe he’ll influence some homophobes to be less homophobic. At this point we need as many people being honest with who they are as possible.
    BTW in a state like Tennessee, most UMC congregations would still be pretty conservative. I’ve known individual southern Baptists who were more liberal than some Methodists.

  16. Klien says

    No other outlet has made more people agnostic & atheist than reading the bible.

    I swear, I know so many religious people who classified themselves as religious only to actually READ the bible cover to cover and come to the realization “that right there isn’t real” and become agnostic. Which essentially says, there very well may be something out there, but the xtian God probably isn’t it.

  17. Javier A. says

    Why do we have to pretend Christians aren’t ACTIVELY part of the horrific homophobia that drives the death of so many LGBT and LGBT youth in this country? Why are we white-washing facts and factual observations of our personal lives?

    I left the san Antonio city council meeting last week when a disabled gay vet was booed by 3 local Christian churches. Then in the parking lot afterwards, when we were getting in our car, members of the same churches were yelling “drive out of SA f*ggots.” Just because some in the church community may be open does not excuse the millions upon millions who aren’t. Nor does it overlook the constant battle gay rights have with the church being the biggest road block to our rights & respect. I refuse to ignore that because society demands we walk on egg shells around all things religion and treat it as some sacred holy grail.

  18. Just A Guy says

    I just got out of a relationship with a gay Christian and I’m sorry, I will never put myself through that again. Ever.

    A lot of the comments hit the nail on the head. I do think there’s a clear struggle with many LGBT Christians you encounter. One that probably requires some years of soul searching, but until then, I wouldn’t advise a relationship with them unless you are comfortable with consistently being made to feel worthless, having your community disrespected with off the cuff remarks, and constantly being preached to. I came away from the relationship feeling as though Christians truly do feel like they were the chosen ones and have a general smug tone toward anyone who chooses not to subscribe to that group mentality they bought into. But something about gay Christians makes them more condescending and unaccountable. I don’t know what happens after we die, so don’t make me feel like an ass because I choose not to believe your unproven detailed stories of what you believe will happen to me after I die. It’s ridiculous.

  19. Lipstick Diva says

    Christians don’t know how to not over do ish. If an LGBT group started taking our cause over to Christian forums and preaching, everyone would say how we’re overstepping our boundary and that’s zealot like behavior backfires. When they come with their baggage of preaching on our social sites, where we often try to get away from that, they think they are entitled. And this right here is why in 200 years, christianity will be viewed like scientology. A cryptic outlier.

  20. Geo says

    Being Methodist does not mean being gay friendly. I have a number of relatives in a prominent Methodist church where most of the church members are not at all gay friendly.

    We gays need to stop trying to paint religion as our friend, with a dire desire to seek approval from the church.

    When someone reveals to you who they are, believe them. Organized religion has shown itself for centuries.

  21. AV505 says

    If being a gay Christian is for you– fine. But don’t come at me trying to convert me. Don’t tell me I need to be saved. Don’t come on a dang gay hook up site with your conversion. That to me is no better than conversion therapy programs. The gay community is NOT your props in a lab test for you to explore your converting skills on. Leave us alone.

    If we want to come to a church, there’s plenty of you all out there, we know where to find you.

  22. Hughes says

    The new Christian rebranding (now that they realize they aren’t exactly winning in the culture war):

    “We don’t say you have to be straight, just lead a staright ‘lifestyle’. Marriage, children, avoid lustful thoughts and gay oriented social activities. Oh, and we love you. Jesus loves you.”

  23. Sam says

    No, Eugene it is not. I happen to go to a church that is in no way anti-gay. I’ve noticed that some people had a bad experience with religion, they assume that their experience was representative of the experience of all people. As with everything else in life, you should never generalize.

    These posts here about hateful gay Christians are puzzling to me. Those views don’t represent anyone I know. I would say that the posts here about said gay Chrisitans seem pretty angry and judgemental, so perhaps there is some projecting going on.

  24. Dback says

    Yo, Michael: “When you call my name, it’s like a little prayer/I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there/In the midnight hour I can feel your power/Just like a prayer no choice your voice can take me there.”

  25. Jordan says

    I too thought religious people, including friends and family who I was out to, were accepting and loving. From the outside, it appeared that way for a number of years. They knew I was gay, I knew they were Christian, I introduced them to boyfriends, and things seemed perfectly fine. Then came Prop 8 when my partner and I planned to marry in California. We naturally approached our Christians friends and family in casual convo about the upcoming prop 8 vote back then. To our complete dismay and shock, they all very boldly said they planned on voting against marriage equality in CA. It was startling to us. Here we were, a couple that they knew, who had been together longer than some of their own relationships and they were willing to vote for us to be treated as second class citizens. It was that day that I realized, sometimes being that gay friend of a Christian enables them a green light to continue being bigoted. It’s not them who should be schooling and educating us on virtues: it’s us who need to be educating them about the importance of realizing what being LGBT is, and our rights, before that friendship/relationship keeps continuing. Otherwise, we become an enabler.

  26. David says

    No thank you. Unlike religious people I know: I do good because I WANT to do good, and treat people well and do charity work. Not because I’m told to, or because I want to be rewarded in an after life.

  27. Patclark says

    Contrary to the usual tedious anti Christian/Anti religion remarks here, this article isn’t a huge surprise to those of us that have a bit more experience in the real world than our isolated gay ghetto dwellers and the damaged from their own family gays that dominate most discourse on-line.

    The history of the movement includes a great deal of assistance and acceptance from various religions/churches. Your bitter experiences are not everyones. Get over your wenchy queen selves.

  28. etseq says

    What I hated the most was his “no labels” nonsense – I guess being irrational about the big Daddy in the Sky leads to this “no labels” nonsense as well. I guess its better than the ex-gay crap but the only people who don’t believe in labels are self-loathing gay men…

  29. etseq says

    Also, I checked out his facebook profile and his political views are “mostly conservative” so he’s a frickin Log Cabinite as well…Figures – self-loathing gay republican christian – talk about stereotypes! I bet he has “straight-acting” on his grindr profile too :)

  30. DannyEastVillage says

    Actually, there are a lot of well-educated liberal Christians and progress clergy in the Methodist Church. One doesn’t usually see them in the South, but things are changing everywhere. Virtually all of their seminaries are quite liberal.

  31. Eugene says

    “As with everything else in life, you should never generalize.”

    So, would it be wrong for me to say that all Nazis are evil? And if a tiny group of Nazis suddenly decided that they were wrong about Jews, would it be right for me to ignore the history of Nazism?

  32. Might Fide says

    Oh please…the biggest judgmental, self loathing b-tches in the gay community are Christian and catholic gays. They can all choke on one. They use the gay community for ex, and are the FIRST to throw us under the bus to their straight friends or pick apart every aspect of the gay community that refuses to act like the hypocritical pearl clutching church crowd. EFF YOU!

  33. Mikey says

    Religion is evil. But religious gays are the least trustworthy segment of society. They will sell out in ONE good sermon at church. And don’t ever let them tell your otherwise.

  34. Sujo says

    I actually don’t have anger toward those who are religious, but I do know it’s not for me. And I find it amusing when they so forcefully try to sell you on the man made myth of it. It’s also interesting to see how defensive some of the religious posters on here are getting over the fact that a majority of us refuse to give in to treating your religion as a sacred ground to never be spoken negatively of. Sorry, but you nor your religion are above criticism.

  35. J says

    Saying a great deal of the LGBT movement includes assistance and strength from the religious community is a nasty, hyped up, calculating, manipulative lie. The biggest detractors of gay rights in every front, in every corner of this world is religious groups. Without religion, there wouldn’t be thousands lining up in every city hall battling gay rights legislations in every state. It’s not atheist groups attacking our rights in every body of government.
    CHECK YOUR RELIGIOUS PRIVILIGE or we’ll check it for you!

  36. billyw says

    ther are great xtianss who believe that gays are just another part of gods creation

    Then there are the scott lively;s of the world who wnat to do what hitler did to the gays = send them to the death camps.

    As for myself, I’ll simply continue trying to do what I do – support the gay communiy with now whats a 6 figure number, and assist another friend whose sideline job is helping gay usually youth so they dont commit suicide etc

  37. Tristram says

    Wow, I can’t believe the hissing going on here. The man isn’t forcing anyone to convert to Christianity, he is just offering another perspective. And who knows, in the process he may actually bring hope to people who genuinely need it.

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