1. nick says

    Dave, Dave, Dave –
    Why do you tend to your own family needs-your son is still in need of a prayer circle or 2 to pray away his evil internet sexual addiction that got him into trouble with the law. Before you take on the private lives of others-clean up your own house.

  2. distinguetraces says

    Dear Mr. Daubenmire,

    A man whose manhood can be “stolen” by name-calling and ridicule did not possess any manhood in the first place.


    The Gays

  3. Mary says

    I expected that at least one person here would write something to the effect of “Don’t worry, Dave. Like any other gay man in America I wouldn’t even DREAM of sodomizing you. You’re totally safe from me!”

  4. Bart says

    This squirelly, creepy man who is unendowed mentally and clearly in the manhood department if he believes he’s crumbled by “the left” by ridicule and name-calling…poor boo-boo. Whining and crying, can’t you just feel the tragedy of his missing manhood?

    And for a guy who is so righteous, he seems to have an overtly sexual take on life. See a counselor, Mr. Daubenmire, you have really deep issues you need to deal with somewhere other than your mastabatory internet show.

  5. Peter says

    Dear Mr. Daubenmire,

    Yes, you do have a manhood problem. But “the Left” didn’t cause it. Teh gayz didn’t either. Why don’t you make like Michael Jackson and take a look at the man in the mirror?

  6. Mike Ryan says

    The man lives in his own world. There is no such thing as a “godly man” nor can any man’s “manhood” be stolen. As I say, he lives in his own closed bigoted world.

  7. Bill says

    One way to understand his rant is to note that he is most likely angry that he is not getting literally what he claims he’s getting figuratively.

  8. F Young says

    “Men, godly men, Christian men are afraid to stand up and speak any more because why? They’ve been sodomized by the left and they’ve lost their manhood.”

    Okay, let me get this straight. The nub of the problem is that Christian men are being sodomized by the left, right? So, what you’re saying is they should be sodomized by the right. Did I get that right?

  9. james says

    Dear DavevDaubinmire;

    Bearing False Witness is a mortal sin. Anal sex isn’t.

    Do you know what that means?

    Your God will be sending you to hell. Not Heaven.

    Get it?

    Now there’s something for you to cry about!

  10. Mary says

    Conservative men do spend a lot of time thinking about anal sex. I noticed this years ago. I wonder if many of them are really bi-curious and this is why they always claim to be so repelled by the mere thought of gay sex.

  11. Matt says

    I think he got the words sodomized and emasculated mixed up. Getting sodomized doesn’t steal your manhood… If that happens, the top is taking things a little too far.

  12. woodroad34d says

    Wow! Hates to constantly be sodomized by the “left”…no wonder he’s such a big a**hole. I guess he’s just not doing it “right”.

  13. Rob says

    “Emasculated” is the word he wants. But the term sodomy comes up again and again. It’s definitely on his mind. He views non sexual, political interactions in terms of anal sex. Wonder what’s on his mind? Could it be anal penetration?

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