1. Christopher says

    It’s hard to even fill in this comment form. You see, whenever I click on the ‘jump’ link on your site lately, the jumped to page comes with the Facebook/Email/Twitter/Etc icons on the left margin. They scroll down and over as I try to find a way to read (or write) around them. Very annoying. Please make them go away!

  2. Francis #1 says

    Oh well. I guess luckily for Mr. Cunningham (and some would say, luckily for most of us), he won’t be alive too much longer to see the world move further away from those good ole days he reminisces about.

  3. brandon h says

    They will never understand that the world they are lamenting the loss of NEVER EXISTED. All of the John Wayne men were men crap came at the expense of women, african americans, latinos, the poor, and especially LGBT people.

  4. SFshawn says

    If these men dug a little deeper they would realize that John Wayne dressed and drag and that the Roman Catholic Church has ALWAYS been corrupt. Fortunately they are old white bigots who will continue to be ‘frustrated’ with less and less influence in society. Good Bye aholes. Die already.

  5. Joseph2 says

    As others have pointed out, he’s recalling a world that actually didn’t exist.

    Fortunately, we now live in a world that allows men to define themselves however they want to.

  6. Chaz says

    And real men had hard-handed, tough, blue-collar work like…uh, sitting on television covered in make-up prattling on for the edification of old blue-rinses at home.

  7. IwillNeverForget says

    Ohhh, the “good ol’ days, I remember them fondly !

    I remember my HS English Teacher in 1980 railing during the very first class about how the word “gay” used to mean “happy”. As I sat there, horrified, alone, intimidated, and afraid.

    Those were great times ! What a HOOT !

    I remember working out lifting in gym class as three guys approached me from behind, intentionally injuring me so that I couldn’t go to gym class again for over 4 months. Oh, man, THOSE WERE THE DAYS, I tell ya’ !

    I remember having nowhere to turn, nobody to talk to, I remember Father W. being the ONLY person I trusted, and being too afraid to even confide in him, though I know now, rest his soul, he would have been only too happy to be supportive.

    I remember the constant barrage of images and stories from the media, from Hollywood, of gay characters, their lives always represented as tragic, depressing, and lonely.

    I SOOO miss those grand times !

    I remember my “family” ignoring the clear signs something was amiss, the bruises, the fights, the obvious depression. And I remember keeping secret the failed suicide attempt – the rope didn’t break, but the baluster did, and so I am able to be here today to fondly reminisce about all the great times I had back in the good old days…

  8. Chaz says

    Poor ickle conservative men want their daddies back: their fantasy cowboy, steel-worker daddies.

  9. Mike says

    I remember the “good ole” days when mentally challenged people like Hannity were institutionalized for their own safety and clearly psychotic people like Ann Coulter were fitted with straight jackets and lobotomized. Now they are put on TV and idolized by Republicans. Do these people really want to go back to the “good ole” days?

  10. Paul B. says

    There’s nothing better for my big gut than to watch hannity…I purge and feel thin again!

  11. Matt26 says

    The Roman Catholic Church? We know now what was going on then! Men were men? So gays aren’t ‘real’ men! I am so surprised!

  12. candideinnc says

    Rather than looking back to some make believe days of yore, I prefer to look forward to a time when Americans are accepting of sexual and racial minorities, are careful not to offend those people with casual slurs designed only to demean and insult, and when the people we look up to aren’t boors who wear their bigotry with pride and whose lives are simply a testament to selfishness and delusions of grandeur. I am looking forward to that time when we no longer have white trash like Cunningham being given a pulpit to spew his spittle on the airwaves.

  13. says

    John Wayne was married three times. One of his ex-wives tried to shoot him because she suspected he was having an affair (he had several during his marriages). He was a mean drunk and a chain-smoker.

    Yes, a true Republican role model.

  14. LoveTranscends says

    John Wayne ? You mean Marion Morrison ? I seem to recall that he lived a relatively comfortable life making war propaganda movies, while his peers went off to war.

    What a true American Hero.

    Excuse me, some of my breakfast just came back up in my mouth.

  15. Chaz says

    Allow the white men their crisis of faith as all their complacent power is slowly taken away from them by homos, women, minorities, people whose hair doesn’t look like it came out of a packet of ramen noodles and anybody who isn’t exactly like them.

  16. Rich F. says

    Boy, the way Glen Miller played
    Songs that made the hit parade
    Guys like us, we had it made
    Those were the days…

    And you knew where you were then,
    Girls were girls and men were men
    Mister, we could use a man like
    Herbert Hoover again…

    Didn’t need no welfare state;
    Everybody pulled his weight.
    Gee, our old LaSalle ran great!
    Those were the days!

  17. Sam says

    Maybe he should go tell those women working at Fox News that they should be back in the kitchen to make sure they don’t burn the roast.

    Nah, that would never happen.

  18. woodroad34d says

    Gay still means “happy” and we are more “happy” than he’ll ever be…and btw, has he checked out Falcon Studios or Raging Stallions movies to see men that make him look like prison bait? That turtle-faced idiot obviously didn’t hear about the HETEROSEXUAL scandals of the Catholic Church in Ireland during the ’30’s (you know…his time). Too bad he doesn’t recognize actors like Brad Pitt who actually tries to make a better place in the world or Robert Redford, the same. I look up to them more heroically than a crappy actor like John Wayne.

    Joseph Campbell married his student in 1938.

    Definitely wouldn’t ask this idiot for any advice, since it more than likely would stink a hole to China. There’s something about lizard brains that really needs a scalpel.

  19. Akula says

    Don’t forget John Wayne also didn’t bother going off to fight in WWII like many many other actors did, rather he stayed safe at home and made war movies. Lets not forget too that he was more then happy to toss people under the bus for old Joe(kill a commie) Mccarthy, hell of a patriot.

  20. Jack M says

    If any of these guys had an intelligent thought in their heads it would die of loneliness.

  21. Joseph says

    Pretty funny that he defines the “men were men” days in terms of John Wayne…..whose real first name was Marion.

  22. disgusted american says

    Hannity is ushc a scumbag – Mr “waterboarding isn’t torture” – chickened out when someone took him up on it…….he needs a punch in the face

  23. nick says

    Marion Morrison was the real man-John Wayne was a made up character he played. He abused women, hated horse-back riding and westerns….
    The Catholic Church was as they are now-
    completely hypocritical and full of pedophiles and abusers.
    Bill Cunningham—keeping Cincinnata Ahia in the dark ages forever-

  24. bambinoitaliano says

    Yup the good old days of stupid men were not allow to appear on public tv let alone speak. Thanks to internet any less evolve simians are allow to make a fool of themselves publicly. Ah the good old days.

  25. FuryOfFirestorm says

    “…and when women knew their job was to make babies, have dinner ready for their husbands and keep their mouths shut. The best part is that any n****rs that got all uppity were whipped and hanged!”

  26. Steve says

    The Catholic Church was very, very busy raping and torturing children in the 50s. It just wasn’t talked about and of course nothing was done against them because they were untouchable.

  27. says

    @Christopher, try adding addblock plus (It’s an add on, for firefox, chrome, etc) It will remove ads, ads before videos, banner ads, site ads and social links.

    You have the added benefit of reducing Andy’s page value, which is nice cuz that dude is a mess.

  28. calpoidog says

    I had a secretary who went to High School in the 50’s who used to pine for the “good old days” My response was that the exact same stuff that happens now also happened then it’s just that people didn’t talk about it in the good ol’ days. If you call the good ol’ days when only hetero white men had power, you can have them.

  29. johnny says

    All the same things that happen now behind closed doors happened back in the “good ol'” days.

    It just wasn’t turned into reality TV, priests must have had better clue-hiding skills, women had not grown a backbone quite yet, gays hid really well in straight society and drugs and violence weren’t an every day occurrence. Basically the volume has been turned up on what was already there.

  30. greenfuzz says

    Bill Cunningham,I’m sure there are lots of people in Cincinnati who wished you would float down the Ohio River and keep going.

  31. says

    “Remember the good old days when Liberals hadn’t given our gay kids false hopes, and our gay kids would just quietly kill themselves and we could pretend they were upstanding heterosexuals who just struggled with depression?”, Hannity asked.

    “Why yes! That was my life two months ago!”, said Rick Warren.

    And Rick Santorum piped up, “That’ll be my experience in a few short years, too! If I’m lucky!”

    Then they all had a great big laugh while their kids at home sat there wondering what might be the most quick and painless way to exit this life.


  32. PistOff says

    It’s so nice to see people here united in their hate.

    I wish we were as united in helping one another heal.

    This weekend I’m going to make an effort to talk to people I don’t usually talk to; to seek out older gay people, to listen to what they have to say about the good ‘ol days they experienced, because some of the comments here from older people have me feeling pretty fing lucky to be young and gay at this point and time in history, and the older generation, it isn’t going to be around forever.

  33. StudioTodd says

    There is no lack of “heroes” these days…they’re just not looking in the right places.

    A grown man who happens to play a child’s game well and gets paid way too much money to do it is NOT a hero.

  34. Michael Barber says

    and women were chattel, children were workhorses and black folks were slaves. Yes, we know what kind of human this is on Hannity

  35. Onnyjay says

    Why does anyone pay attention to what these conservatards babble about? I’ll bet they also miss nuclear testing and polio.

  36. jamal49 says

    That screen shot of those @$$holes anguished faces make me glad that we have progressed to where we are now, because it is precisely those kinds of people (hypocritical conservatives like Sean Hannity, etc.) who have brought down the whiny-cons’ house of moral cards.