Director Gavin Hood Speaks On The Irony Of ‘Ender’s Game’

Gavin Hood Ender's Game
He gets right to the point:

“It’s dreadfully ironic. Orson wrote a book about compassion, and empathy, and yet he himself is struggling to see that his position in real life is really at odds with his art.”

Though not without some apologia:

"I think what would be far more helpful is if audiences knew that the makers of this film, and the film itself, holds the polar opposite point of view to the current thinking of Orson Scott Card on gay issues.” 

Also present are the misconceptions that people are protesting the film itself rather than the author, and that people have trouble viewing art independent from the artist. The Advocate has the full piece, which also includes statements from Harrison Ford and producer Roberto Orci.



    So, will they add a gay character -or make one of the established to be- or not? I mean… what better way to put your money on your mouth.

  2. woodroad34d says

    While it’s a good start that the director acknowledges the hypocrisy of Orson Scott Card’s beliefs…he conveniently eliminates the fact that OSC will still be making either residuals or points on the boxoffice if the movie *cough* does well. OSC should not receive any more money than what was already paid out for his book and that’s where we’re trying to hurt him…in the pocketbook. The director, Harrison Ford, et al are trying to save their unfortunate asses because they hooked themselves up with such a losing dirt bag, which is a shame–but you sleep with dogs…you wake up with fleas.

  3. daws says

    I feel bad for some of the people involved with the film because I know they’re not homophobes. Some people can separate art from the artist. It’s not right or wrong it just is.

    I’m not one of those people, though. Now that I know what Card stands for, I can’t support the guy. It doesn’t feel right not to mention the money trail that could lead back to NOM and their dreadful politics.

  4. The Milkman says

    My suspicion is that the development of the screenplay adaptation of OSC’s novel began well before the worm turned with respect to marriage and civil rights equality. I’m betting that when this all started in an office someplace, Card’s views were more socially acceptable than they are now. That would explain the involvement of people who clearly disagree with Card, and it would explain their subsequent attempts to deflect criticism away from the film and distance themselves from the author. It just goes to show that you have to vet people for things like this, and clearly the vetting in this case didn’t consider issues of bigotry. Perhaps a lesson will come from all of this, but I suspect not.

  5. LiamB says

    Yeah, sucks for the actors and production team, but still am not going to pay to see the movie. It’s not about the movie, or possible messages. It’s about depriving Card of further monetary gains at my expense.

  6. Caliban says

    Nope, not buying it. I especially resent Card’s attempted spin that it’s gays who are being intolerant of HIS beliefs! I’m also P.O.ed that several media stories have claimed “Gays Miffed Because OSC is Against Gay Marriage,” like maybe he said that once and it was enough to get him blacklisted by gay people.

    He was or is on the Board of NOM and was for many years. (Did he resign? When? When this movie went into production and he stood to make some money?) He’s called for homosexuality to be criminalized, up to and including imprisonment. He’s accused gays of being pedophiles to “convert” children, writing his pedophile fever-dream novel Hamlet’s Father to show how dedicated he was to that belief. (And based on the few things if his I’ve read it’s my opinion that if anybody has kiddy-diddler tendencies it’s James Scott Card.)

    And the maker’s of this film didn’t just option the novel, pay card a fee and that was it. He’s listed as a CO-PRODUCER of this film and and WILL make more money based on ticket sales.

    The crew and most of the cast has already been paid for their work. I don’t think Harrison Ford is going to end up on the street any time soon. So fvck Dustin Lance Black and his claim that they’re being punished by a boycott. And *maybe* this experience will teach the director, producers, and the studio to do some due diligence on the people they make deals with. OSC has NOT been shy about his anti-gay activities so they *should* have known about it and taken it into consideration.

    Personally I hope the movies stinks and is a major flop. Either way there’s no way I’d go see it and put a nickel of my money into Orson Scott Card’s pocket!

  7. Rob says

    All those points about the irony of the empathy and compassion in the book and about separating the art from the artist are fine. But this is a big budget Hollywood movie and those are BUSINESS. Greenlighting the movie was a business decision, every person who worked on the movie was a business decision; and all this backpeddaling is a business based effort to defuse a boycott. Card will benefit financially both directly and indirectly from a successful movie. How I spend my money is my business decision and it will not be on this movie.

  8. Alex says

    “Also present are the misconceptions that people are protesting the film itself rather than the author, and that people have trouble viewing art independent from the artist.”

    Others are welcome to boycott the film if they want, but this is not a “misconception.” The boycotters are, quite explicitly, protesting the film itself and they also quite explicitly cannot divorce a work of art from its author (even if that refusal to view the art independently is based on concerns about the author benefiting monetarily).

    I will probably see the film, since I’ve been a fan of Ender’s Game since I was a teenager (in a very weird way, it helped me deal emotionally with being in the closet in a conservative area) and since I refuse to punish the rest of the cast and crew (especially the child actors) for the bad behavior and cognitive dissonance of OSC.

  9. Just_a_guy says

    No way am I watching Ender’s Game, eating at Chick-Fil-A, drinking Russian vodka, shopping at Urban Outfitters, or watching a Tom Cruise movie. No f-ing way. Won’t happen, no matter how much fake apologia.

    Supporting hateful policies ruins a brand for me–probably for life.

  10. Jim in MN says

    So is Mr. Card empathic, compassionate enough to say…. ask for forgiveness for what he’s said? Admit fault? Is he willing to donate the PROFITS he’s making off of this movie to groups to those he’s injured?

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess he isn’t.

    How is it NOT empathic of LGBT people and those that love him to not want to help him profit off of the insane judgment and pressure he placed to ARREST LGBT people and deny them civil equality?

    The makers of this film may be wonderful people who are extremely welcoming of their LGBT brothers and sisters, but they CHOSE to align themselves with someone who has PUBLICLY (Not privately) injured us. Do they DESERVE to profit from that out of empathy or compassion? Since when does my wallet have ANYTHING to do with forgiveness?

  11. MaryM says

    How much money will Card earn from this movie (or a potential sequel) if it is a hit?

    What guarantee does Hood have that Card will not use this money to finance the persecution of LGBT people through his membership of NOM.

    Boycotting this movie harms nobody.

    Attending this movie will fund homoophobia.

    Hood is scum – he is putting his personal profit over human rights.

  12. Akula says

    A good friend gave me a copy of the book and even though it was free and all I still tossed it int he recycle bin, it sickens me to even think about reading any of his drivel.

  13. shawnthesheep says

    Excuse me if I don’t feel sorry for those who chose to make this movie. OSC’s despicable comments about gay people were not exactly secret when they chose to sign on. If OSC were an outspoken white supremacist, would these same people be talking about the importance of separating the art from the artist, or would they have simply chosen to work on another project?

    The bottom line is that OSC spends him money supporting groups that discriminate against me and work to codify that discrimination into law. Paying money to see this movie would be the same as donating money to groups that want to criminalize my very existence, because it would put money in OSC’s pocket.

  14. Reggie says

    The issue has never been the content of the movie or the book. It is the fact that any support of this movie will fill the pocket of OSC who works against us, and against the government. Major stars, like Mr. Ford, should be held accountable. He could have his pick of what project to support, and he chose this one. Now, he should be held accountable. Han Solo?,… you’re dead to me.

  15. says

    The fact that the people involved in this film remain silent on the potential funds Card stands to make from it speaks volumes. Not to mention Card started a production company in an obvious attempt to have more of his books converted to films, which means even more potential NOM donations. By making him toxic to work with, those plans can be scuttled before they get going. That mission may already be accomplished, I don’t think any other studio will want the hassle of working with Card.

  16. jomicur says

    It would NOT be more helpful if we knew anything of the sort. We haven’t (and won’t) seen Card’s contract, so we have no way of knowing the extent to which he’ll profit from this movie. But even if he gets zero percentage of the film’s take, he will still benefit from increased sales of his books, merchandise, etc. Screw the bastard.

  17. Jay says

    What is absurd is the assumption that gay people somehow have an obligation to support a film that will further enrich a vicious homophobe. No, we don’t. I hope the movie is a mega-flop. But whatever happens to it, I will not be spending a dime on it.

  18. Gareth says

    The gay over reach and saturation reflect the times. Everyone loves to pat themselves on the back over gay rights. Why, “some of my best friends are gay.” Judge the film without gay glasses, as it would be viewed any time prior to 2013 — since homosexual sensitivity is now on over kill.

  19. Caliban says

    Fvck off, Gareth. If you want to see it, nobody’s stopping you. But let somebody say YOU should be imprisoned and accuse you of being a pedophile THEN we’ll see just exactly how accepting you are of that person’s views. But until that time, keep your trap shut about things you know nothing about.

  20. says

    “Orson … is struggling to see that his position in real life is really at odds with his art”? Really? That’s not what HE said. He said his side lost on the gay marriage debate. He never said a word about reconsidering his POV.

  21. Gareth says

    Caliban: Putin granted Snoden a year of asylum in Russia. Snoden’s bravery eclipses pouring liquid down sewers. Shut my trap? Showing your age C…….

  22. David says

    Not equating the hideous author of the book with Mugabe but in an a fortiori argument, if Mugabe made a compassionate awesome movie would we support the movie? I personally WOULD NEVER. I can’t separate the superstructure from the infrastructure. Sorry for the producers, director, staff, creative team, but I never asked them to make this movie. It was their choice to support Card and his vision. It’s my choice to boycott my enemies.

  23. Caliban says

    Well, Gareth, and what the fvck does Snowden have to do with Orson Scott Card? Absolutely NOTHING. Are there any other completely unrelated situations you want to being into it? The price of eggs in China, perhaps?

    Having trouble staying on topic? They make medications for Attention Deficit Disorder you know.

  24. Gareth says

    Cal: Wow, you are an idiot. Today’s news isn’t relevant regarding Russia? Putin is playing with the US, trying to embarrass Obama. The whole gay response there may be in direct relation to American acceptance of gays. I’m sorry if you are gay–poor example.

  25. longpastdue says

    I know it’s not a popular opinion but really and truly I loved these books and frankly if a tiny bit of money goes in to the pockets of a dying movement to see it made I’m ok with it. These books, especially the later ones are positively rife with messages of acceptance and tolerance and I loved them and want to see them made into movies. Take the small bit that OSC will make off of them and then cut out the percentage of that that will actually go to any kind of anti-gay propaganda, I don’t think it will make a bit of difference.

  26. Kev C says

    @Topol, yes OSC will make money from this movie and already has.

    @Longpastdue, it’s not a tiny bit of money. OSC and the producers want to franchise this like Star Wars. Even getting a Star Wars actor involved. And that depends upon the success of the initial film.

  27. TonyJazz says

    My moral compass tells me not to see this movie.

    …and (it was asked in the comments: ) no, OSC has not apologized for his treasonous statements related to gays…

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