1. Jere says

    All due respect to Mayor Fetterman, but I don’t think Pennsylvania has a Constitutional ban on marriage equality as many states do. The Commonwealth’s ban is simply a statute, the repeal of which doesn’t require any changes to the Constitution.

  2. says

    Oh look at all of the fat comments directed towards someone who supports gay folks. So classy.

    Gavin Newsom did this in San Francisco back in 2004 and that started the ball rolling and now, nine years later, same sex marriage is legal in California. One can hope that something similar occurs in Pennsylvania.

  3. Rob says

    @JHT – Thank you for pointing out the absurdity of people being offended by his weight. Seriously the only difference between NOM/One Million Moms/a lot of religions/political conservatives on the one hand and some of us on the other hand is the choice of a target. They think gay is an abomination and a disgusting disgrace – some of us think fat is an abomination and a disgusting disgrace. He’s big – that’s irrelevant.

  4. BigGuy says

    Mayor John Fetterman is 6’8″, 350 pounds. He’s about 35. There’s a lot more muscle than fat on him. He was able to deal with the kids who belong to gangs in Braddock without carrying a gun. He would just ask the boys — teenagers a third of his size — to reason together and they would decide to listen to him.

    He’s a big man trying to change the world by being a local politician and do-gooder in a small, very depressed town. He uses his size and his Harvard degree to get publicity about Braddock. He’s been on TV talking about turning the town around.

  5. says

    It’s fantastic to see Fetterman out in front on this, and honestly, it doesn’t surprise me that much. Braddock is a poor town that all-but collapsed after the loss of the steel industry and a local insurance company pulling out to move to a more profitable suburb.

    You may also remember Fetterman from the late night shows, he was making the rounds as he took over the mayor’s office for the work he was doing trying to save the city, which culminated in Levi’s shooting two of their “Walt Whitman” commercials in town (and hiring the citizens, feeding the community and leaving behind all the wardrobe).

    Braddock has a long ways to go, but it’s recovering, and it’s so great to see Fetterman leading that, not just economically, but also in terms of equality and justice.

  6. BabyCakes says

    Mayor John is amazing, and there’s a lot about him, and of him, to love.

    And, unlike most people remarking about his notable stature, I would not be too chickenshit to say as such to his face.

  7. JT says

    Kudos to Fetterman. He is a big man. He’s big on DOING SOMETHING POSITIVE! Thank you Mr. Fetterman! Sometimes it takes a big man like you to be out front in your community.
    Making a positive change where you can is better than a bunch of bloggers writing crap about others trying to bring change for the greater good.
    Can we as gay people get over the appearances of other people? We spout off on how we don’t care for heterosexuals to judge us and then a moment later we are doing the same thing!
    Remain calm folks, I’m going to go out and clean up some litter in my neighborhood now.

  8. Jeremy says

    the trolls commenting on his weight are conservative republicans who troll on this site. gays completely love and support this mayor. we have trolls on this site commenting. that’s all.

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