1. Adam says

    You’ve got to realize that straight porn is rife with lesbian activity because women can easily be bribed to take part in sexual activity that is designed to titillate the briber. This is one very important reason why women can’t be trusted on the issue of sexuality.

    In essence, straight porn oppresses us gay guys through its promotion of lesbian activity.

  2. says

    Juzwiak did a great job, he’s pretty darn rad, and Deen offers an insight that hack-gay-trolls like jason (aka “ADAM”) are too dense to understand.

    there’s a disconnect between sexual activity and orientation, whether people want to acknowledge it or not.

    as a friend once said, “sex happens all the time in the military, or at boarding schools. having sex with other guys isn’t the problem. the problem is wanting it”

    a great many of us gay men and women have, at various points in our collective journey, gotten it on in some form with members of the opposite sex. and a great many heterosexual people have experimented with members of the same sex.

    good lil’interview. well met.

  3. Lymis says

    “This is one very important reason why women can’t be trusted on the issue of sexuality.
    In essence, straight porn oppresses us gay guys through its promotion of lesbian activity.”

    Well, all the words were English…..

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “Well, all the words were English…..”

    Yes, LYMIS, sometimes all you can do is give up and laugh at some of the crazy sh.t they say. LOL

  5. nick says

    I thought the interview was trashy. Just because you are interviewing a porn star doesn’t mean you have to take it to the gutter. The interviewer was sleazy, James Deen came across well though.

  6. peterparker says

    About 2 years ago, I was in my favorite West Hollywood lunch spot, waiting to pay when a short, slight, very pretty gay guy who looked *exactly* like James Deen walked by me on his way to the men’s room. Eye contact was made and, as he opened the door to the men’s room, he turned and gave me another bit of steady eye contact. It felt like an invitation to join him. And I would have *loved* to have done that, but it would have been obvious what was going on. The staff all know me and see me on the daily, and joining this guy in the men’s room would have been tacky and sooooo 1978, so I just sat down to eat my lunch. Pretty soon, the cute, little, gay boy who looked like James Deen came out of the bathroom….and sat down with Janice Dickinson. I immediately pulled up the porn actor James Deen’s twitter profile and found he’d been posting about being out on the town with Janice Dickinson and had posted pics to prove it. I hadn’t been cruising a gay guy who looked like James Deen. I’d been cruising THE James Deen. And I’m now pretty convinced that ‘straight’ porn star James Deen is probably more accurately described as ‘a bisexual porn star in straight films’.

    And he is a great interview. Intelligent and not too hung up on himself.

  7. kode says

    Loads of guys in porn do double penetrations, and some do double vags or double anals which are practically gay porn 😉 Because I love straight/straightish dudes this is the stuff that makes me hot. I’ve sometimes wondered that guys doing those vids might be bisexual to a point, but I guess it’s like Deen says: just because you do it doesn’t mean you get really excited by it. But I’m pretty sure at least some of those guys are bi (but that’s just my gut feeling, and what do I really know.)

    Deen seems like a really nice guy, and I’m happy that he’s in the porn guy spotlight at the moment. Although he’s done loads of that stupid treating-women-like-dirt porn with forced blowjobs and spitting on them etc., he’s thank god not defined only by those videos.

    Peterparker: I would’t mind being cruised by James Deen 😉

  8. says

    Any who says Juzwiak is sleazy clearly hasn’t seen Rich talk about ANTM while snuggling his kitteh. You are all too into you’r high brow/low brow judgements sometimes.

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