1. JWL says

    Sorry, I still don’t want my tax dollars to buy him a snatch in prison. Keep trying though, Im sure you’ve convinced some of these guys.

  2. Meah says

    JWL, are you retarded ?

    I ask because surgery for trans people IS ENTIRELY tax-deductible.

    So STFU, you trolling piece of human garbage.

  3. ThomasInLA says

    Sexual reassignment surgery is tax deductible? Im not sure what that means. Are you saying that if he gets it done he can write it off on his taxes?

  4. Homo Genius says

    Even though I’m not big on trans issues, I do find the FOX antics offensive and as Blake said very unprofessional for a news org.

  5. says

    The irony here is what’s actually newsworthy:

    Fox News acting like bigots? Typical.

    Rampant transphobia from the queer “community” above me?^ Appalling.

    Breaking News: Towleroad Readers Behave Like the Backwards Bigots They Claim to Abhor

  6. Sam says

    JWL , it’s really ok that you want to have a vagina, too. I mean, statistically speaking, those who protest the loudest are most likely to secretly harbor a desire for whatever it is they’re making fun of. So, please know that whenever you choose to have your offending penis removed, I will be in full support of you. (((hugs!)))

  7. MIke says

    Clutching pearls.

    Let me ask you, isn’t the song itself offensive??!!! ?

    Clutches pearls tighter.

  8. Tintin Malfoy says

    Not at all surprised by Fox News. And they wonder why no one intelligent takes them seriously as a news organization.

  9. Donny says

    LOL! Pretty funny if you ask me. I have no respect for trans activists and their many demands.

    For those of you living in fantasy land thinking that Manning is going to get this surgery on the taxpayers’ dime and then get out on parole in 7 years, dream on. There is no way that the Pentagon is ever going to authorize this surgery and Manning is probably the least likely person in the military prison system to win early release. No, our dear “Chelsea” is in for a few decades, with lotsa facial hair, no boobies and a wang.

  10. Zeta says

    So.. just to get this right: one doesn’t have to legally change one’s name or begin taking hormone therapy. One just has to say, ‘Today, I am’, and the newspapers have to abide?

    Does that apply to everyone, or just trannies?

  11. Meah says

    The day Freddie Mercury died, Rush Limbaugh played “Another One Bites The Dust”, and laughed over it.

    I’ve hated him, and refuse to speak to anyone that expresses admiration of him, ever since.

  12. Zlick says

    I actually think the NY Times, for one, should stick to using “Bradley Manning,” because according to their own guidelines, as posted above, the new name under the chosen gender should be used “unless a former name is newsworthy or pertinent.”

    I happen to think the name Bradley Manning is suitably famous (or infamous as the case may be) for his rather noteworthy deeds. And, to use a fictional example, commemorating Betty Armstrong’s first walk on the moon would be needlessly confusing.

    Even Chelsie admits that “Bradley” must be used on official mail. And I hope she realizes that anything beyond hormone treatments is never going to happen in prison, and she’ll be lucky to get even that. But her quest for transition is NOT what makes her newsworthy. All her newsworthiness was under the well-known name of Bradley Manning, and I believe all news organizations should continue to use that name.

  13. JWL says

    Oh I’m pretty sure a couple of you have missed the point. Just because I don’t want my tax dollars paying for a felon’s elective surgeries and associated meds does not make me anti trans.

  14. Thedrdonna says

    JWL: How do you justify not providing that treatment for her, if it’s diagnosed as medically necessary?

  15. SquareRiz says

    @ THEDRDONNA – it”s an “it”, like all trannies are.

    Why should we have to worship some group of freaks who fail at the gender they’re born with?

  16. m.r. says

    What’s going on with Towleroad lately. The comment section is starting to resemble all the garbage I usually see under a Yahoo article. Other gay blogs like JoeMyGod and even Queerty don’t have this level of hate. You really shouldn’t even allow hate comments like Squareriz on here.

  17. Jerry says

    Apparently if you disagree with a trans person in any way you are suddenly transphobic. Well let me tell you that I am anything but transphobic. I am a 42yr old business owning and tax paying flaming liberal by every definition of the word. However, I do NOT support paying for felons to have surgeries that I pay for other than in emergent situations. And NO having hormone replacements and having his wang cut off is certainly not emergent. Im not a bit concerned about it though because that is never going to happen.

  18. Knock says

    The transphobia — both real and imagined — seen here lately is a direct reaction to the lack of tolerance for anyone who isn’t hetero but refuses to conform to the rainbow identity of “LGBT etc etc”. It may be difficult for some here to understand, but for many people being gay means being sexually attracted to the same sex; it does not include an all-encompassing activist component.

  19. L Goethe says

    Do not have to watch the news. Reading the comments here simply tells the story! Amazingly ….________ (you fill in the bank)

    And CNN hasn´t. No wonder it´s no longer showing in every hotel and airport around the World.

  20. Liam says

    I agree 100% with Jerry. He was a man when he was busted, I don’t think it’s fair to ask the taxpayers to foot the bill for his transformation and medication. The timing of this is simply too suspect. It’s a cry for attention, but it does NOT absolve him of the crime he committed. He should serve time in a men’s prison as a man until such time as he can get out and take care of his issues himself. Period.