Gay Activists to March on McDonald’s Headquarters, Demand it Dump Sponsorship of Sochi Winter Olympics


A Chicago-area activist group is planning to march on the McDonald's corporation headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois on August 17 at 11 am:

group is calling on McDonald's to cease their support of the Games to
take a stand against Russia's harsh new anti-LGBT laws. In a deal that
lasts through 2020, McDonald's pays about $100 million to be sole retail
food sponsor for each pair of Olympics in a four-year period.

The protest will "tell McDonald's Corp. to stop sponsoring the homophobic Sochi Winter Olympics. Russia has implemented laws to arrest and deport anyone who is or they suspect is gay," according to StonewallAgain's Facebook page.

The organization's founder, Mike Lackovich, said that he had become dismayed with the situation in Russia and tried in vain to get contact with McDonald's, which has so far remained silent on the matter.

This week McDonald's was targeted with a parody ad which featured a gay teen being brutalized by a gang of Russian thugs. The clip has been removed from YouTube.


  1. Gigi says

    Why aren’t people marching on the headquarters of NBC [if they are right at this moment, disregard please]? They’ve had next to NO coverage on their news about the “gay propaganda” law in Russia. Rachel Maddow’s discussed it on MSNBC but other than that…silence.

  2. JONES says

    All sponsors should be addressed.

    Volkswagen, Microsoft, GE, Samsung, Visa, Dow … just to name a few.

    We do have to remember that Russia enacted these laws after the Games were awarded and sponsors were already on board. That doesn’t absolve them of their moral responsibility to denounce these laws now though.

  3. northalabama says

    hitting the sponsors might make the ioc and nbc finally stand up and take notice. queue the email carpet bombs…

  4. Hagatha says

    Is anyone blockading the Russian embassy in DC or the consulates in New York and San Francisco and Seattle?

    San Francisco should rename Russian Hill immediately. From now on, it’s Swedish Hill or Benny Hill. Seriously. Big ideas are great but little ideas add up.

  5. iPuke says

    Yeah, ‘cus renaming Russian Hill is going to make a difference.

    What a bunch of tools you all are.

  6. Barat Macha says


    San Francisco, not so much. Your home town and Russia? luvs yerselves some anti-gay round’em up laws.

  7. Randy says

    “The clip has been removed from YouTube.”

    That’s OK.
    There’s an app for that. ūüėČ

  8. Marcus says

    Didn’t the president of the American MCDONALDS corporations make a comment how mcdonalds in the u.s would never feature identifiable gay people unlike the one in Europe that consistently do? Not a big fan of Mcdonalds personally.

  9. Junior says

    Good for the LGBT and being unwavering in their convictions and standing up for what they believe in their hearts!!

  10. Joseph says

    Actually, Gigi, I worked from home on Wednesday and had MSNBC on pretty much all day and every anchor throughout the day talked about the anti-gay laws in Russia. MSNBC has been covering this — Melissa Harris-Perry even covered it this morning; but NBC News — the broadcast arm — has barely touched this story.

  11. Jake says

    From chicken to Big Macs, if you want a spineless, ineffective boycott try fast food. Usually a gay protest will increase business. Strange but true. It’s a gay and liberal tornado. No storm clouds in most of the the rest of the country. Looks like a six woman jury…

  12. Jean-Pierre says

    I agree NBC and Fox make much better protest targets than McDonalds.

    The Chick Fillet protest was a disaster. This is even more stupid because it divides gay’s from their interests, it divides Americans, and it can have zero influence on either Russia or the IOC

  13. EJC says

    The athletes have worked for 4 to 8 years for the opportunity to compete in the Olympics, that should be our most important consideration.The networks are only interested in profit and sponsorship. Lets get the perspective in the right order.