George Takei Calls IOC President Jacques Rogge a ‘Weak and Spineless Person': AUDIO


George Takei joined Ari Rabin-Havt, host of The Agenda on SiriusXM Progress, to discuss the controversy over Putin's threat to prosecute gay athletes at the 2014 Russian Winter Olympics, and called Jacques Rogge, the President of the International Olympic Committee, a "weak and spineless person" for not moving the Olympics.

Listen below:

Takei also said that he needed to have another talk with Donald Trump about the Miss Universe Pageant.


  1. Mike Ryan says

    Boycott the Olympics and ALL sporting or entertainment events taking place in Russia. Deny Russia and their advertising partners (NBC, McDonalds, P&G, etc) your hard earned dollars. Tell those athletes whining “but I want a medal” to grow a pair and support their own country and its citizens first.

  2. MaryM says

    Rogge is not weak and spineless.

    He is corrupt and greedy.

    He (and the rest of those IOC crooks) have accepted massive bribes from the Putin regime to hold the Winter Olympics in Russia.

    Rogge and the IOC only care about human rights so long as they do not have to return the bribes they accepted.

  3. Ernst Rhoem's Ghost says

    Is there time to organize an Olympic Alternative? Teams from gay-friendly countries could substitute those games for the Russian games. Teams from REALLY gay-friendly countries could mandate by law that the alternative games are LEGALLY RECOGNIZED within their borders as the genuine games of 2013.

  4. Bill Lundy says

    Ankerich: The difference here is that the host government is communicating an intention to hold the visiting athletes and other guests to the letter of these outrageous laws, which is a night-and-day difference from China, which, for better or worse, was at least putting their best foot forward with the visiting athletes and nations, and affording a general freedom of expression to participating athletes and tourists.

  5. northalabama says

    i’m glad george takei was courageous enough to take a public stance. why is he alone on the podium?

    no one wants to watch young, athletic, cut bodies in skin tight spandex for two weeks more than me, but even i’m willing to sacrafice for the greater good – human rights. so where are our allies?

  6. UrbanMike says

    Jacques Rogge reacts to to only two stimulants. Money and prestige. He only reacts if either are threatened. He has zero concerns for human rights. Remember he grew up in Nazi occupied Belgium.

  7. FunMe says

    This is BEAUTIFUL of GLBT people and an amazing big group of straight people in the world NOT accepting hate coming from IOC. Time to continue the pressure on IOC and their stupid haters so they finally understand they will be thrown out of any support. More importantly, they will learn that TODAY is the time to get rid of Russia from the Russian Winter olympics. It is not worth it … time to find another country in the winter of 2014. Russia is now a HATER trash … time to get rid of them now!

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