1. says

    His youtube video is now over 2million views and amazing accomplishment for any unknown artist, but especially so when it’s a song with a gay theme.

    He needed another back up singer, one who could stay in tune!

  2. autechre says

    Yes, Mike8787, I’m with you. It seems we are forced to embrace anything that’s gay, however talentless and/or trashy it is. Rick A, your comment is awfully irrational.

  3. GregV says

    I was excited to see Steve Grand at Chicago Market Days a few minutes before Wilson Philips went on. But apparently, so were a lot of people. I’ve never been in a crowd that was more dense than for Steve’s 10 minutes or so on stage, and we literally could not move an inch.
    I’m glad All-Anerican Boy finally made it to I-Tunes a few days ago.

  4. Gigi says

    Here’s a guy who’s following his dreams and about 1/3 of the Debbie Downer’s on here can’t do anything but throw hate. You girls must be a lot of fun at a party.

  5. Bob says

    Ahh, among the first people to post are the hipster contrarians who must hate anything remotely popular or embraced by the masses. Somehow, I suspect people like Mike and Aut are loveless, friendless, and will die alone in pools of their hateful bile.

  6. Henry Holland says

    Enough with throwing around the word “hate” and the even dumber “haters” and the even dumber than *that* phrase “haters gonna hate”. Hate is 900,000-1,100,00 Tutsis being slaughtered by the Hutus in Rawanda in 1994. Making snide remarks about some pop singer that 99.99% of the world doesn’t even know exists is not “hate”.

  7. Dback says

    Many of the above comments demonstrate why so many artists (and people in general) today hide behind defense mechanisms of cynicism, snark, irony, etc. When you where your heart on your sleeve and are unguarded (as Steve seems to, and as did that clip yesterday with Tom Goss and the Accidental Bear), it seems to bring out folks in steel-toed boots looking to get their kick-stomp on. Seriously, people, if you don’t like his stuff, move on.

  8. FunMe says

    It is so nice to a young and good-looking person be pourd of himself and be gay. I wish him continued success as I can feel he is doing good things and will help others and himself. Continuedlove and success Steve Grand.

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