1. David From Canada says

    The very popular Harry Styles was recently asked if he was bisexual, and he denied it. I like the answer in this video much better!! Cute kid.

  2. Quicksilver says

    James Corden will kiss anyone. There is a pretty hot Annually Retentive clip of him making out with Russell Tovey. And I think with Jack Whitehall on something more recent. And he is adorably.

  3. Ryan says

    I’m not a One Direction fan, but the ass video was hilarious and the kiss-cam one was cute… not because of the ‘kiss cam kiss’ but because right after it was followed up with a friendly affectionate one on the forehead.

    It’s easy to tell that it wasn’t a choreographed moment, allowing Mr. Styles to display a little heart and humanness on camera.

    So, I still think their music is atrocious, but perhaps they’re not such a bad lot after all. Let’s hope he (and hopefully they) stay that way.

  4. Tristram says

    I mourn for British culture. If no one watched these shows with these attention-hungry no-talent fame addicts, or constantly checked their insipid self-congratulating tweets, or ‘friended’ them on every social media platform on earth, they’d simply go away.

  5. michelle says

    Harry actually said he was bi in an interview once. Their management got rid of like all the videos of it, but you can still find gifs of it online. Anyway, that kiss was f*cking hot. The fact that when Harry kisses a guy, theres more passion in it, then with the 100’s of women hes supposedly been sleeping with should tell you something.

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