1. Continuum says

    Crime runs rampant in Jamaica.

    As does homophobia.

    Why anyone would want to vacation there is beyond me.

  2. 99% says

    it’s unfortunate how stupid & gullible poor people can be, how easily NOM takes advantage of their situation.

  3. Sargon Bighorn says

    “The fear, ignorance and misconceptions of homosexuality are the primary causes of rampant anti-gay violence and pervasive intolerance towards gays living in Jamaica.” Religion teaches the fear, religion continues the ignorance and misconceptions. These things do not spring whole from the minds of children who then become adults. Religion is poisoning them as children.

  4. andrew says

    The attitude of the Jamaican people toward LGBT people make the Russian people’s attitude toward LGBT people look downright enlightened by comparison.

  5. andrew says

    @MAP: You can’t blame Jamaica on the Catholic Church. Only about 3% of Jamaicans are Roman Catholics. Whereas the great majority of the people of Spain and Portugal are Roman Catholics and they even have legal same sex marriage.

  6. ozu says

    We need to find a way to elevate the media coverage of the plight of LGBT folks in Jamaica. I’ll bet a lot of straight people would bypass Jamaica as a vacation destination if they knew the horrors we suffer there. I would feel far safer in Russia than Jamaica.

    No gay person is immune from the violence there. A British diplomat was murdered there in 2009 for being gay and there was hardly any mention in the mainstream press.

  7. Hey Darlin' says

    I would like to know what caused this reaction, if anything. Stay out of Jamaica. This style of mob mentality is one reason the residents who can, leave/flee Jamaica every day.

  8. Meah says

    It’s easy to judge Jamaica.

    But right here in the US, not very long ago, poor white people lynched poor black people with impunity, and with the full aid and assistance of the police, the church, the town, city, and state governments…

    Rampant poverty and crime make any place fertile ground for this kind of violence.

    Look at the root causes and concentrate on them. And don’t for a moment just assume that we’re so much better, because all it takes is an economic collapse to send the progress we’ve made here slide back 50 years.

  9. Merv says

    Stop making excuses. There are many countries as poor as Jamaica, but none are as anti-gay.

    Jamaica could disappear tomorrow, and nobody would miss it.

  10. SamIam says

    Ugh. Shut up, MEAH.

    It’s 2013. People need to take some accountability and stop playing the victim card. I don’t care if the country is poor – it’s no excuse to justify homophobia like this.

  11. Hagatha says

    “But right here in the US, not very long ago, poor white people lynched poor black people with impunity, and with the full aid and assistance of the police, the church, the town, city, and state governments…
    POSTED BY: MEAH | AUG 26, 2013 2:14:35 PM

    What a load of crap. Let me guess, you went to public school?

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    @ MEAH,

    pay old Hagatha no mind. You reminded her of her youth when the KKK wouldn’t allow her to attend lynchings because they thought she was a queer. They were right.

  13. Rick says

    “Savages. Neanderthals. Jamaicans”

    Is Jamaica any different from any other place black people inhabit in this regard?


    Africa? The rest of the Carribean? The Mississippi Delta? The south side of Chicago?

    Not a shade’s worth of difference between them when it comes to the attitudes that prevail in them, and the behavior that results from those attitudes……

  14. jarago says

    The image of the two thugs with the bats is truly disturbing- feel sorry for a gay Jamaicans- and why would ANY gay person want to visit such an obviously backward country?!

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Africa? The rest of the Carribean? The Mississippi Delta? The south side of Chicago?”

    Yes, and on your next trip to Russia tell them what you told us here on this blog about your experiences with 14 year old Arab boys.

    Which is worse: black savagery or your white pederast depravity?

  16. Brian1 says


    I don’t know how you can stand coming to this site. The constant racist crap makes me sick but I’m white so I’m like that lady who sued Paula Deen, offended but I have no standing. Reading this stuff on a daily basis as an African American must be a real buzzkill. But I’m glad you stick around.

  17. Rick says

    “Yes, and on your next trip to Russia tell them what you told us here on this blog about your experiences with 14 year old Arab boys.”

    In Russia, they don’t allow you to “propagandize” in public, although homosexuality, itself, is perfectly legal–as bad as that is, to compare that to the kind of depravity, brutality, and yes, savagery, that characterizes the homophobia one finds in Africa and the African diaspora is absurd….and you know it……beatings by gangs with baseball bats (in this instance), considering seriously instituting the death penalty for sex between men (Uganda), cold-blooded murder (the openly gay black candidate for mayor of Clarksdale, Mississippi, recently)….it never ends

    Nothing remotely compares to it among any other group of people in the entire world, as much as you try to pretend otherwise…..and, ironically, it is people like you–the one defending them–that are the principal victims of it.

    (And I never had sex with a 14-year-old….I just said that I was approached by one while I was traveling in Egypt.)

  18. SFshawn says

    What else do these people/animals have to live for/do except hate on the gays? They live in the dirt,drink contaminated water,usually don’t work,are uneducated/ignorant,birth multiple kids they can’t afford to raise and believe in a hateful GAWD….what a miserable life!

  19. Hagatha says

    Derrick – You are an educated person. You know that fewer blacks were lynched in the 100 years following the end of slavery than blacks kill in this country each year. In case you didn’t know that here are the numbers:

    lynched (many for crimes committed) 1882-1968
    blacks 3445 whites 1297

    Blacks killed by other blacks in 2005 estimated at 7200 but just for fun let’s say, oh 6890 or twice the number of blacks lynched during the alleged reign of terror of white people.

    By the way- Laura Nelson and her son, pictured hanging from a bridge had both confessed to killing a police officer.

  20. Rick says

    And by the way, the reason the situation in Russia is getting such attention–and the reason the Matthew Shepard case got such attention–is because such behavior has become so rare and is considered totally unacceptable among whites in the 21st century.

    Not so among blacks, not the majority, anyway, as this example demonstrates.

  21. says

    Well judging from the comments on here, Jamaica isn’t that different from some of you white American gays. It seems as though if it the law allowed it, you’d be swinging those bats at non white folks as well. I wouldn’t expect anything else from your backwards minds anyways. Good luck dealing with them Derrick!

  22. TonyJazz says

    I’m concerned over the anti-black tone in some of the comments.

    In retort, I’d like to remind these posters that gay marriage won in Maryland greatly due to significant support from the black community there.

    Don’t paint a race with homophobia… (what would you say about Russia, with virtually no blacks there?)

    And I do agree that Jamaica is a horrible place for anyone….

  23. Hagatha says

    Shabaka – It’s difficult to imagine how stupid you have to be to equate the condemnation of a culture of ignorance and violence with being ignorant and violent.

  24. Hagatha says

    Tony Jazz – In the first place, gay marriage was actually hindered in Maryland by Jennifer Alston and Emmet Burns because they wanted to extort gay and liberal support for the elimination of “nuisance crimes” ie to lower the number of blacks arrested for criminal conduct and basically to surrender Baltimore and PG County to the boz.

    In the second place, blacks have squandered all good will and charity that has been given them. Enough is enough, and white people of all sexual orientations have had enough of the negative productivity, obnoxiousness, lack of consideration, and criminal behavior.

  25. thom says

    DO NT VACATON IN THS CEATIN ISLAND!…beautiful, yes. Rape is a way of life there as is his insane homophobia…DON NOT DROP YOYR DOLLARS THERE..There are other places to go that aren’t as satanic..just sayin’

  26. Bobubye says

    Stop immigration from Jamaica to the USA immediately; we Gay, tax-paying citizens do not need any more homophobes from the Caribbean, or Russia. We have enough home-grown bigots.

  27. andrew says

    There is no doubt that homophobia in Africa and most of the Caribbean Nations is far worse than in Russia. Just because racists like HAGATHA point it out doesn’t make it false. Unless we on the Left admit it and condemn it, we lose credibility. Unless a problem is recognized, it will not be solved.

  28. Hagatha says

    Andrew- What precisely makes me more or less racist than anyone else? Have I lied about black people?

  29. andrew says

    @HAGATHA: I’m still waiting for you to explain your past post claiming that sending food and medicine to Africa causes more deaths there than if we leave them alone. Lets hear your twisted logic on that. Why did you say, in a later post, that we should cut off food aid and medicine to Africa because you don’t like their government’s policies toward LGBT people. Should the children pay for the sins of their parents?

  30. todd says

    Don’t they have the highest rate of child sex trafficking outside of Haiti? Maybe they should spend more time fighting drugs and sex traffickers.

  31. Hagatha says

    Andrew – I should have thought you would have looked it up by now. The high average fertility of African females was maintained long after Caucasian intervention brought improved infant survival rates, food supplies, water systems, and medical care which extended life expectancy just enough to create a population explosion. Now you have the vicious circle of population explosion leading to foreign aid which leads to more population which leads to more dependency on foreign aid aggravated by the fact that places like Zimbabwe have destroyed the production systems the colonials built.

  32. Brian1 says


    OK, I’ll take a whack at what I’m sure you meant as a rhetorical question. How about you keep calling all black people Derrick. What does the commenter Derrick have to do with the anti gay mob in Jamaica? Nothing but skin color, and that’s racist. How about this sentence from a later comment about blacks: “negative productivity, obnoxiousness, lack of consideration and criminal behavior”. Applying these sweeping condemnations to an entire race is textbook racism. You know you’re a racist and you revel in it, so why do you fight the label?

  33. Mark says

    This is one reason why, as a gay man, I am also a gun owner. That third world bat is no match for a loaded Glock.

    Forget about trying to disable them. Aim for the heads and end their damn dirty lives.

  34. DannyEastVillage says

    the guys yelling the loudest when doing this are the same ones taking it up the ass at night after they get enough rum in them. I’ve done some of them.

  35. MIke says

    Why isn’t Jamaica in the US today what South Africa was to the US in the 1970s and 1980s. Companies couldn’t even invest there because of the backlash.

  36. ratbastard says


    There are PLENTY of pedo black and other ‘people of color’ perverts. Tell me you do realize that? Perverts cross all ‘races’, etc., In fact, some of the worse examples occur in AFRICA where INFANTS and small children are raped because the men think they won’t catch AIDS or because it’s part of some ritual. There are other places around the world where similar atrocities occur, such as those who practice various indigenous ‘cults’ in central and south America, or the many 3rd world places where girls are second or third class and even sold into slavery and the sex industry, or where it’s common and routine for parents or just mom to sell their child [girl or boy]. The sexual fetish for young boys as sex partners/slaves is particularly odious in parts of the middle east/North Africa.

  37. H says

    “Savages. Neanderthals. Jamaicans”

    Is Jamaica any different from any other place black people inhabit in this regard?


    Africa? The rest of the Carribean? The Mississippi Delta? The south side of Chicago?

    Not a shade’s worth of difference between them when it comes to the attitudes that prevail in them, and the behavior that results from those attitudes……

    Oh @Rick…. please don’t fall into the trap that this is a black thing. I really don’t think there are very many black people in Russia, and the posts coming out of there regarding brutality against GLBT aren’t any prettier, not to mention the anti-GLBT violence that goes on around the world unreported…in black and not-so-black countries alike.

    There is plenty of blame to go around here. First, and foremost is religion/church. Anytime that issues of morality and social relations are left up to a figurehead (speaking for some God, in the name of something as abstract as religion) to decide and the populace to follow without question is dangerous to any subset of that populace. Second is media. When GLBT are portrayed as pretty boys living only in gentrified areas only in Western countries, instead of being a part of the population living in any part of the world, those “other people” are going to rebel against “outsider influence” or “propaganda”. Third is the plethora of misconceptions that come from #1 and #2. How about the misconception that homosexuals and pedophiles are one in the same? That one never seems to die. Correct information can help. How about the misconception that homosexuals ruin kids lives? You mean to tell me that all those same-sex families out there are living less-than desirable lives? Maybe these “family-oriented” business should start living up to their name and educate everyone on what really constitutes a family.
    Again, this is SO not a black thing, just because it occurred in Jamaica.

  38. Hagatha says

    Brian1 – The question was “What makes me more or less racist than anyone else?” I live, work, and shop around black people. I get called racist by people who live in racially exclusive areas and think that they aren’t racist, because they call other people racists. If you ask them why they live where they live they will say “Good schools.” or “Safe neighborhood.” both of which mean “not very many black people”.

  39. stanhope says

    I don’t get the big deal about Jamaica. I’ve been several times on business and the beaches aren’t great. There are plenty of gays in Jamaica…the ones that are lighter in hue get what are considered the best jobs in the high end resorts and restaurants. They seem to live in substantial fear. It was made known to me when I stayed at Iberostar several times that some of these staff people would be available but the thought of possibly being in a Jamaican prison outweighed the delight I might have found for an hour or 3. Violence against anyone is insane. To oppress this or any group because of what they are is reprehensible. I feel sorry for my gay brothers in Jamaica and hope things get better for them soon. I especially remember this waiter at the Spanish Trace hotel who served breakfast every morning. Gorgeous and delightful, you could see the profound sadness in his eyes. Since both of our gaydar went off like lightning, I was attuned to his deep despair. I stayed at Spanish Trail several times and he would light up every time I appeared for breakfast. I feel so sorry for these people whose lives would be so much different in Los Angeles or New York or Atlanta.

  40. Free says

    Being flamboyant is also part of the problem, if your Gay don’t jam it in people’s face, the gangsta rapper are annoying too.

  41. says

    These people are clueless ! It seems the culture down there is so anti-gay and the people are ignorant and attitudes are from the dark ages ! Jamaicans are very homophobic and people still believe gays are child molesters or trying to convert minors. Jamaica is a very poor and violent country. This is fertile ground for such dangerous ignorance to breed. The police are more corrupt than the criminals and the gov’t is useless to protect vulnerable minorities like gays.Violence and even murders are perpetrated against gay men and usually go unreported and the majority of the population condones this barbarism. Jamaica is not safe for homosexuals, and this includes lesbians !