1. Mike in Houston says

    Sweetheart, don’t play the aw shucks that’s how we roll in Texas card here… I’ll be the first to admit we (Texans) have our fair share of racist, homophobic idiots (see Perry, et al), but while they (and you) make us look bad, you’re not a true representation of most folks around here.

  2. Jeff says

    Agree @ankerich Julie Chen let her of soooo easy. I really hated Aaryn. Now I feel sorry for her. She got hit with reality and it needs to be processed. I hope is able to.

  3. ratbastard says

    Scripted publicity stunts. Wake up, people. It distracts from real serious issues TPTB don’t want discussed and and don’t want to answer for.

  4. Betty Treacle says

    I think Julie handled the interview well. The girl has lost her job and is a semi-national hate figure. She isn’t the only one who made those sorts of comments in the house. And she’s very young. If Julie had been any tougher, there’d be complaints she’d bullied the girl, which would make her appear like the victim, when the focus should be on challenging her racist and homophobic comments.

    I guess in online comment world it’s atypical for someone to say “I think someone did something right”. But there you go. It’s a first for the internet.

  5. Rhonda says

    No, dear, we don’t all just talk that way and joke and don’t mean it. There are some that do, and they, like you, are one of the reasons so many think of us as backward bigots.

  6. Will says

    I don’t like how she’s being singled out. There were lots of other bad people this season and last season but they mostly show Aaryn’s and scapegoat her. I don’t like her but she’s far from the only one who needs a wake-up call.

  7. sword says

    “I honestly feel horrible. I feel like, in Texas we say things that are, sometimes we joke”…Nuff said.

  8. will says

    I forgive her. She’s been told. She doesn’t need to be piled onto by retribution-minded viewers.

  9. Brian from Tucson says

    So it’s not her fault for what she said, it’s Texas’s fault for having a racist, homophobic climate? I thought conservatives were all for taking responsibility for what you say and do?

  10. TampaZeke says

    No sweetheart, that isn’t the way it is in Texas or even in Mississippi. It’s the way it is in the groups that YOU hang out with. Racists hang out with racists and homophobes hang out with homophobes; bigots hang out with bigots. They don’t hang out with the open minded, intelligent and educated people in Texas. There may be a lot of bigots in Texas but YOU choose the birds that you flock with because they share YOUR feather.

  11. Bart says

    She blames the state she was brought up in. BWHWHAHAHAHA! Classic. “I take no responsibility, I was brought up to be a homophobic racists but it’s all a joke.”

    Poor girl. And sadly so indicitive of so many of the segregated ignorant in this country.

  12. kodiak says

    OMG! I’m sorry! I forgot you out of existence! I totally took you out of context! All the way out and threw you away! Sorry! What?

  13. Richard says

    People that don’t watch the show have no room to comment. You are couped up in a 5 room house with 15 other people for 3 months. There is no TV, no internet, no phone. You are trying to garner trust with other players in the game and some people feel the way to do that is to hate on players that another player hates. While some of the racial slurs are over the top, no one is themselves in this game and it is not fair to pass punishment onto somebody when they have no way to even defend themselves. The live feeds are always taken out of context when they are shown on a news program because you are still only hearing a sound bite.

  14. Bernie says

    lol, even though I don’t think too highly of Texas, blaming her state is just another way for Ms. Gries to take personal responsibility for her words and behaviors………

  15. says

    “and if I said those things I feel horrible for that and I regret that”

    God I hate non-apologies. Like, “Sorry if I offended anyone.”

  16. alex says

    @richard: “While some of the racial slurs are over the top, no one is themselves in this game…”

    Actually, I think it’s just the opposite. Not even the greatest method actor in the world would be able to create and inhabit a character 24/7 for weeks. The racist and homophobic things she said were exactly what she believes.

    More proof: If it all was just an act, wouldn’t that have been the first thing she would have said when Julie Chen confronted her?

  17. ny2.0 says

    I’ll bet my next paycheck she’s a republican. She can expect a phone call from Newscorp for a job offer at Fox.