1. Mike Ryan says

    I love these guys and have been following them faithfully from the beginning. At first they stayed in the background and it was obvious to me they were a gay couple. It’s just the campy way they say stuff. As the episodes have gone by they have proven to be the only team to be helpful, encouraging, smart and a pleasure to watch and be around. They are incredibly funny. When Bear traversed down a mountain side they pan to Royve efo says “Bear’s pretty badass..” And then like a little school girl say, “He is!” He is so cute and very funny.

    Kyle is the more animated and vocal of the two. They are overwhelmingly hot, hunky and handsome. I can”t believe that now in Episode 6 the other teams are realizing they are gay. From episode 1 you really couldn’t miss them. In last week’s episode they beat out the most macho team building a snare and making it work. When declared the winner they were jumping in each other’s arms , rolling about and hugging. They did everything but kiss and I am sure that’s because either the show (NBC) encouraged them not to in pre-interviews or they didn’t want to freak the other teams out. Royce is my favorite. I’d crawl into his sleeping bag any time and I wouldn’t kick Kyle out if he joined in. Watch the show. Right after American Ninja Warrior here on the West Coast.

  2. CarySF says

    The winners get a half a million dollars! If these two win I wonder if they will throw a big lavish wedding. If you go to the NBC website you can see Royce interview Kyle in the shower. They live together in Hollywood and work in the movie industry (finance). Great show. I’ve been trying to get all my friends to watch. I don’t miss it.

    BTW, look up the names of Bear’s kids on Wikipedia. He has like three boys named Marmaduke, Huckleberry and Jesse. He is Irish and has quite a background. Who names their kid Marmaduke???

  3. Mike Ryan says

    Yes, I have a ‘budding friendship’ with my boyfriend every time we crawl into bed together. If these two aren’t humping each other then I’m a monkey’s uncle. You can tell they absolutely adore each other.

  4. Rick says

    Just goes to show that when gay men behave like men, they get respected by straight men.

    When they don’t, they don’t get respected.

    That simple–always has been and always will be.

  5. bandanajack says

    their little subtitle on the show is “best friends” from WEHO. is there anyone who doesn’t know weho is the gay capital of california if not the world…

    and excuse me, different morals?? i am not cut out to be a placid ambassador to the non gay world. i’m all about representing, but i will correct slanted semantics like that. i do not have a lifestyle, i have a LIFE.

    i am a huge fan of AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR, so i found the bear grylls show by accident, but it was such a logical followup, i know sit through both shows.

  6. bandanajack says

    oh.. and i would have pointed out that this is not their first time seeing “masculine” gay men, just the first time they were allowed to know that fact. chances are, they will notice a whole lot more when they go back home, and i would not be surprised if some gay folk didn’t introduce themselves just to further open their eyes.

  7. Tristram says

    Rick, did you choose that name in honour of the ‘rick roll’ ? because just like getting rick rolled, every time I read one of your comments I want to punch you through the monitor.

  8. Rick says

    “their little subtitle on the show is “best friends” from WEHO. is there anyone who doesn’t know weho is the gay capital of california if not the world…”

    Yeah, probably about 98% of the non-gay population of the country. Some of you just don’t understand how oblivious to gays and apathetic towards us most of the population is.

    “Rick, did you choose that name in honour of the ‘rick roll’ ? because just like getting rick rolled, every time I read one of your comments I want to punch you through the monitor.”

    the reason you feel that impulse is because the truth of my observations stings you to the quick, as much as you try to deny it to yourself.

  9. Tristram says

    Back to the closet rick. Gay men dont need to earn the ‘respect’ of straight men. Why would you assume this? Or maybe I should be asking why do you feel such a strong need for straight male approval? Internalised homophobia I suspect. Oh, and as for ‘always have always will’ there are plenty of societies through history that have been matriarchal. Go read a freakin book.

  10. Rick says

    “Back to the closet rick.”

    I’m not in the closet and never have been.

    “Gay men dont need to earn the ‘respect’ of straight men.”

    Yes they do if they want to be accepted into mainstream society, given that 97% of the population is not gay. Any group that is a small minority cannot and will not ever set the rules

    “Or maybe I should be asking why do you feel such a strong need for straight male approval?”

    I don’t. Masculine behavior in a man is the natural state of being, regardless of sexual orientation.

    “Internalised homophobia I suspect.”

    No, internalized homophobia is what causes gay men to behave effeminately–the ones who do behave effeminately have accepted the idea that sexual attraction to other men equates to a lack of masculinity and behave accordingly…..and display the kind of low self-esteem and self-respect that you would expect of such individuals.

    “Oh, and as for ‘always have always will’ there are plenty of societies through history that have been matriarchal. Go read a freakin book.”

    No, there have not been. 99.99% of all human societies have been patriarchal and even those that were matriarchal depended on men to defend them when attacked.

    But what is your point? Matriarchy means women possess power….and as an effeminate gay man or a transsexual, you would not be accepted by REAL women into the power establishment, however desperately you might like to be. Because you are not a woman and cannot ever be one, no matter how hard you try to shed yourself of your natural masculinity.

    So, in conclusion, your choice as a gay man is either to embrace your NATURAL masculinity….which means facing up to the low self-esteem that has caused you to embrace UN-NATURAL effeminate behavior instead…..or face the consequences, which will be an eternity of rejection and disrespect from EVERYBODY, not only straight men, but straight women and most gay men and lesbians, as well (the very fact that effeminate gay men lust desperately after masculine men and ONLY masculine men demonstrates what a low opinion that they have of EACH OTHER).

  11. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Poor Rick is so obtuse he doesn’t even get sick of himself years after everyone around him has.

    As to the boy from Alabama and his words about different morals–WTF?? Their morals are probably very much like yours, You need to get out more.

  12. says

    RIck, for all your anonymous-boastfulness, your continued inability to put a Face and Name to your comments proves you 100% wrong.

    If you were what you want everyone online to think you are, you’d been an even more obnoxiously-visible and vocal presence, online and in the real world, than *I* am. Because you’d believe your claims, and insist on Representing Yourself.

    Alas, you have capers for testes and cannot put a face to your claims and comments. Because you’re no man. You’re barely a boy.

    it’s one of those things; the biggest online complainers are always the ones who don’t do a darn thing in their own lives, and can’t ever show who they are.

    Long may you remain in your closets, so us happily-openly-gay people will never have to deal with you in person. because lord knows you don’t have the orbs to actually interact with other gay people in the flesh.

    *elegant curtsy*

    wanna make more non-gay people realize how diverse we are? man up (to use your own terms) and Come Out. to everyone.

    i did it as a teen. so what’s holding you grown-adult men back, eh?

    it’s 2013, and most of you live in north america. grow a pair. or get one on loan.

  13. Howard says

    I like these guys, but it seems they are trying too hard for acceptance from the straight guys. It reminds me of Sally Fields Oscar speech for Norma Rae, “They like me…they REALLY LIKE me”.

  14. Mike Ryan says

    Looking at these two guys my first impression was “if they aren’t gay they should be”. And that was before they spoke or revealed anything about their personalities. The minute they commented you immediately saw all the mannerisms akin to gay people – mannerisms that can’t be mistaken for anything but gay and even Rick has them. All gay people have them. Once you get to know us we are very much loved. On this show, when Kyle and Royce select a father and daughter who have never won a chance at the ‘food feast’ their choice is incredibly endearing and all the other teams nod in ascent at their decision. And, while eating, the father compliments the boys by saying he would be proud to call them sons. That comment is really heartfelt and the boys comment on how much it means to them because they know the father knows they are gay and still he would be proud to call them his sons.

    I can’t speak enough about Kyle and Royce. I do hope they end up winning the money. Bear, Jesus freak that he is, is no idiot when it comes to good ratings and should they win the show will see more publicity than it would have ever achieved had one of the other couples had won. You’ll see Kyle and Royce on every talk show, invited to “Dancing with the Stars” and offered small roles on shows like Big Bang, Major Crimes, King and Maxwell, maybe even a Miss Marple or two. They would certainly spice up television!

  15. Francis #1 says

    It’s pretty obvious they are both gay, at least to me and obviously several others here. They both seem like nice guys and if they have, at the very least, turned a few homophobes into cordial/respectful of gay people by simply being themselves, and being nice guys, then bravo to them.

    I agree that they both maybe are a little *too* enamored with being accepted by, shall we say, straight men a bit hesitant towards the whole gay thing. Maybe they’re different out of competition.

  16. andrew says

    Ryan is a standup guy. This shows the importance of ALL gay people being OUT. It is especially important for those who can more easily pass as straight to come out. They seem to have the greatest impact on heterosexuals.

  17. BZ says

    Why is Rick making his point that when you act masculine, you’ll be treated with respect. Did he watch the video? That one talking needs to pick up the purse that fell out of his mouth. Putting on some Patagonia and going for a hike does not a butch man make.

    Not that it matters. I fail to see why someone’s mannerisms means they should be disrespected. Class means treating people with respect even when you don’t like them.

  18. Billy Crytical says

    Please! Many gay people say to themselves that they are not like other gay people so to hear it from a heterosexual is like (false) validation for them. When push comes to shove these gay men will see that they are treated just like any other gay man whether they are masculine, feminine or anything inbetween.

  19. ThomT says

    I don’t think that their being gay is really much of a surprise to most of the other teams. “Get Out Alive” is just like any other reality show on TV – they are building a storyline via editing. While the show may not involve scripted dialog it certainly is scripted via competitions, pacing and editing. This is not to take away from the abilities of any of the contestants simply to clarify that much of what we see is framed in such a manner as to build interest in characters and to make the premise of the show move more fluidly. My guess is that from the beginning most of the others were well aware that Kyle and Royce, if not a couple, were at least gay.

  20. Connor says

    No offense, but those two gay guys are not masculine (they look masculine and in good shape). They aren’t effeminate either, but you can hear a little gayness in their voice.

  21. says

    connor, perhaps you can provide an example of yourself via a youtube video where you show your own example of Masculinity.

    do you consider yourself a masculine gay man? if so, how about you show us all so we can gauge your criteria for masculinity?

    unless, you’re one of those “i don’t need to prove anything” people, which is, i dunno, kinda un-masculine of you 😀

  22. Connor says

    Never said I was masculine or effeminate. You can decide what you think I am if we ever meet in person (which good god I hope never happens since you are nothing but an obnoxious know-it-all who thinks his farts don’t stink). I just made a statement about those two gay guys.

  23. says

    Or you can make a video and everyone can comment on it 😀

    as for me: i don’t categorize people into Masc or Fem.

    i categorize them into Rad or Not Rad.

    masc? fem? who the heck even thinks about those things other than insecure people who still Worry What The Straights Think?

  24. Connor says

    Good for you in how you categorize people. You categorize people how you want to and I will categorize them how I want. Until you are officially hired as the person who decides how people can and cannot be categorized, keep desperately searching for acceptance in your ridiculous blog that is nothing more than what a junior high girl would do in attacking people.

  25. jackJake says

    the first half of this felt like they were just happy they were considered “masculine” another byproduct of gay shaming.. and the second half of this is just sad.. that some dude in 2013 had never considered that hanging out with a gay person can be just as comfortable as hanging out with straight one.. I mean really?

  26. ari says

    It reminds me of high school and college when my straight counterparts would find out i was gay and then say, “it’s cool with me”. It wasn’t until later that a close friend told me “that it should never be that they are OK with you, rather that you are OK with them.” I’ve never looked back after that nor ever felt that I had to apologize for who I am.
    Not sure the above piece needs to be celebrated.

  27. Rowan says

    I do agree with Rick BUT that doesn’t mean that men-straight or gay can’t be feminine naturally and vice versa.

    Rick is reacting to angrily to the majority diva obsessed gay men in the LGBT world and ends up unfortunately missing some good points.

  28. Rowan says

    Mike Ryan,

    Yeah right! If you knew the amount of gay people in the public eye or on movies….please. Oh and next thing you will be telling us is that ALL Europeans are gay? Or Indians? You do realise Indians-from India-talk and look very effeminate. Are they ALL gay??????


  29. Wills says

    Why are there so many rude comments towards straight and Christian people? From Michael, Crispy, etc. I guess, with certain people, you are only entitled to your beliefs if it is on par with theirs. This world has become a hateful place, full circle. People say love one another regardless of sexual orientation, looks, money, success, disabilities, etc. but when it comes down to it nobody can do it! I have a son with a severe disability and I see it everyday.

  30. Me says

    Uh, that Jesus Freak Bear Grylls just kicked them off for being honest after he asked everyone who they thought wasn’t pulling their load. Yes, Ol’ Bear-ass, who murdered a baby goat on the show for entertainment, thought the gayz were too mean when one of them mentioned that the dude with the bum knee had trouble keeping up. For that…and that alone…the overbearingly judgmental Bear tossed them. After all, you can’t have two gay dudes winning (born-again Christianist Bear and NBC executives agree) or you might lose a big chunk of the straight audience. This is what happens when you do not have an objective yardstick to judge competitions and just leave the up and down thumb to scumbag jerks like Bear Grylls.

  31. Dean says

    Gays kicked off the show this week. Why? For speaking up at a campfire that another contestants injuries were hampering everyone.

    Boom. Gone.

    Not because they came in last. Not because they performed their tasks well, which they did. Not because all the other contestants LOVED have the two around and for five shows continuously said to Bear Grylls that the gay guys were the BEST to have on the trip.

    Nope, Grylls kicked them off because HE asked a question about how things were goong and the Gay guys answered him…Truthfully.

    So, thanks Studio Execs…for coming up with a totally stoopid and obscure reason to get rid of the GAY.

    Kinda like Big Brother this season: Upon winning HOH in the Big Bro house, that HOH gets to show off their room: “Who wants to see my HOH room?” is a mantra week in week out for years.

    Until a gay guynwins it. Andy, this seasons Only Gay won HOH. Did they show his room off…which includes pictures of families, friends and partners/spouses?

    No. But the Racist AARYN, who has won HOH 3 times has called out “Who wants to see my HoH room” and they have shown it…three times!

    Me thinks the Networks are being forced to show gays and they don’t want them to be seen as Winners or Full fledge humans with family connections.

    Shame and Ridiculous.

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