1. MIke says

    I heard a ditty I loved today “We’re Not Royals” and don’t know who sang it but was thinking how nice it is to hear an instant hit song that has nothing to do with Gaga or Katy or Miley, but is just good because it is.

  2. Marc says

    Barney, Kevin Thor, Randy, James and Mike …. if you don’t like her, don’t listen to her. It’s very simple. But to trash someone online you don’t like is a waste of your time, our time and is simply unnecessary and mean. The world has enough negativity. I suggest finding what you DO like and listening to that instead. If anything, it will make you a much more pleasant person to be around.

    Gaga does not care one bit that you don’t like her. She’s gonna be herself 110%. Those who like her will find her and those who don’t will not. Or, in your case, those who like her will still give her attention. Either way, she wins. And you just look pathetic.

  3. JMC says

    ugh what is this? she can’t even write fun songs well anymore lol old gaga please call back, your pretentiousness was a lot easier to deal with before it bled into your music

  4. luke says

    this sounded kind of fun to listen to didn’t it? at least based off the music beat, the lyrics were nigh intelligible due to quality. sounds better than applause at least

  5. says

    A song about a manicure … I can’t, …hey gaga I have another titles for your future projects: “Parking lot where are u”, “Crazy lady on a bus talking to herself”, “The Dark Side of Frozen Pizza (delivery remix)”, “Elevator Fart”, see, ARTPOOP !!!!

  6. JMC says

    oh my god mark lol get your life, given that “artpoop” and the rest of your tragic comment is not at all clever, humorous or biting you have some serious nerve coming for gaga for naming a song manicure

  7. Matte says

    I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for her. It’s becoming clear that her talent for self-promotion far exceeds her musical ability. And what’s with the bargain basement Fosse on Crystal choreography? It’s everywhere in the last few years…

  8. Macguffin54 says

    Applause has grown on me and I think it’s a good song. But Gaga’s ego and her propensity for playing the victim has become a turnoff. She became popular partly because her outsider status made her somehow relatable. But now she has gotten “Michael Jackson” strange with a similar sense of entitlement. If you are ever going to survive in the “biz” you have to learn to accept not everyone is going to LOVE you, and certainly not all the time. At the end of the day Gaga and her fans need to learn not to take it all so seriously. If she (or her fans) believes in her work it really shouldn’t affect her that much what others have to say. THAT is the mark of a true artist.

  9. Marc says

    Gaga understands very well that not everyone is going to love her, and certainly not all of the time. She talks about this in a recent interview. But the idea that people feel the need to take time out of their day and post negative crap about ANY artist is what’s at issue here. Why do people feel the need to hate on people they don’t like? Why can’t people just say, “Yep, not my thing” and move on? If an artist is being vulnerable and putting their heart and soul on the line, you don’t have to like it, but to ridicule someone at their most vulnerable is simply mean and unacceptable.

    Turn off the radio, flip the channel, don’t watch the video…. whatever. But feeling some compulsive need to spread negativity and publicly spew one’s hatred is a toxic quality. We need to have more respect for our fellow human beings, including our artists. Whether we appreciate their art or not, we can at least be respectful. At the end of the day they are a human being with feelings — as we all are. Isn’t that enough?

    No one should “have” to endure the hatred of others. It’s the haters that need to put themselves in check. They are the ones with the problem, not the artist.

    Bullying comes in many forms. The comment section is a perfect place to witness people hiding behind screen names and showing their nastiest self. It’s sad. And it needs to stop.

  10. Knock says

    Disliking something and expressing it isn’t “hate”. You dilute the ugliness of that word when you use it to white knight a multi-millionaire on the internet.

  11. Marc says

    @LAZYCROCKETT, If “Little Monsters” hate, it’s still wrong. I don’t care who does it, I’m just pointing out that we need to stop being so mean and catty with each other, feeling righteous in pointing out people’s flaws or feeling the need to tell the world we loathe something. It’s unnecessary.

    @KNOCK, I am not saying there is anything wrong with disliking something. I dislike a million things. But that doesn’t mean I should go onto a public forum and say, “So-and-so sucks.” How is that benefitting anyone? How is that adding anything positive to the world? It’s not. So why do it?

    If you released a piece of art, would you like it if you got a bunch of “God, that sucks!” comments on message boards all over the internet? Probably not. It’s not even constructive criticism, first of all… and second of all, you weren’t asking for all of these opinions they feel so entitled to offer your way.

    There are better ways of showing an artist they aren’t your thing: don’t buy their stuff, don’t post their videos, etc.

    Now, if someone is causing true harm to the world, yes, they need to be criticized. But an artist isn’t hurting anyone, so why do we feel entitled to belittle them?

    Mostly, it’s not very kind. And there is no law forcing you to be kind… but honestly, isn’t that how you’d wish others treat you, whether they genuinely liked you or not?

  12. Marc says

    @Paul, I hear ya. I’ve long loved Madonna, but I have no idea why people feel the need to pit Madonna and Gaga against each other. Why can’t people like both? Or like one without feeling the need to have them compete with another artist? It’s so bizarre to me.

    Music is not a competition. If it lifts your spirits, enjoy it and leave it at that. That’s my philosophy anyway. Life’s too short to spend mental energy on creating drama that doesn’t exist.

  13. JMC says

    lol hear that guys? anyone who has ever talked about a song or musician without heaping endless praise upon them and their work is a pathetic bully

    thanks for the condenscending PSA Marc, but nobody cares

  14. Marc says

    @JMC, that’s not what I said. I’m just suggesting that instead of feeling the need to go online and spew how much you hate something you can simply …. refrain.

    Just because you CAN say something doesn’t mean you should. If you look at the Towleroad comments on any given day, how many of them are troll-ish or negative in nature? A lot. They aren’t contributing anything of value to the world. It’s just trash. And after reading so many of these each day, it’s exhausting.

    I’m not saying that if you don’t like a song and say so that you are a bully. I’m saying, “Why are you wasting your time and everyone else’s when you could be doing ANYTHING else?”

    Do something you enjoy instead. Heaven forbid you spend your life enjoying it.

  15. Marc says

    And JMC… I think people DO care. There are actually people in this world that value thinking before speaking and treating people with respect.

    If someone wants to articulate the merits of art without being nasty about it, fine. I think we all love to discuss things we enjoy or don’t enjoy. What I’m referring to is the mean-spirited posts that add nothing of value to a conversation; posts whose only purpose is to be negative, condescending, heartless and judgmental while hiding behind a pseudonym.

    You can tell the difference from a mile away. Intellectual engagement is a lot different than “Gaga sucks and should never make another album because Madonna rules.” Or “Madonna sucks and should never make another album because Gaga rules.” Both of these are examples of idiocy.

  16. Ethan says

    She’s a freakin mess and if you try to defend her so are you.. She’s gotten to full of herself… hopefully she deflate soon and get back to normal..calm down… monsters….uggghhh

  17. MIke says

    “And we’ll never be ROYALS …..ROYALS…….”
    Best song currently on the FM. Hope she doesn’t develop Gaga syndrome. (Sigh). She can call her fans “Little Anti-Monarchists” I suppose .

  18. graphicjack says

    Actually, for the most part, I agree with Marc. I don’t feel like adding to the negativity is all that helpful, even though I have, at times, participated. But seriously? Gaga’s fans are easily the biggest bullies out there. It’s sad that all Gaga’s talk about anti-bullying falls on deaf ears when it comes to her own fans.

  19. AlexN says

    If this person wasn’t so arrogant, I don’t think anyone would feel the need to cut her down to size. The fact that she declares everything she does original, superior, intelligent, innovative or intentional is what makes her such an easy and deserving target for criticism. She deserves it because she invites it. Regarding Madonna and Lady Gaga, once again the feud was a fabrication of Lady Gaga’s not particularly clever self-promotion. She and her team were arrogant and mean-spirited at the time of Born This Way, and Madonna was perfectly justified to call it for what it was. Reductive. It applies to everything Lady Gaga has ever done. There is a reason why Madonna has been around for three decades. Get over it. When Lady Gaga does something that is actually well-executed and worthy of not being criticized, she will stop receiving such vitriol from people like me. And don’t tell us to switch the channel. Her marketing blitzkrieg tactics make it impossible not to see her very unpleasant face online. One day it will come to the surface that an enormous amount of payola and propaganda has propped this performer up.

  20. brion says

    “One day it will come to the surface that an enormous amount of payola and propaganda has propped this performer up.”

    Thank you AlexN.

    There is nothing about this performer that is genuine. That is my issue in a nutshell.

  21. Marc says

    I would think that the fact there is a so-called “feud” between Madonna and Gaga…. or the fact that so many people are either for one and not the other…. says something very important that no one seems to be talking about.

    The only reason there can be such a heated “fight” is because they are actually BOTH talented enough to be put in the same “ring.” If one or the other was infinitely superior, there’s be no contest, no fight. The fact that so many people keep pitting them against each other shows that, on some level, they realize they deserve to be in the ring together. They are both talented enough to even warrant a match.

    No one is pitting Madonna or Gaga against some American Idol reject. There’s a reason for that.

  22. Knock says

    @MARC — I know what you’re saying, but you’re missing my point: framing anti-Gaga (or anti-Madonna, or whatever) comments as “hate” attempts to place it in the same category as gay bashing in Jamaica, sectarian violence in Darfur, misogynistic abuse in small towns everywhere, and other actual examples of HATE. Such a comparison is impossible, inappropriate, and inconsiderate. “Gaga sucks” is so far from actual hate, it’s closer to a compliment.

    By the way, “some American Idol reject”? Haven’t quite a few second and third place rejects gone on to have better careers than the winners? A bit hypocritical after your diatribe against belittling and unconstructive criticism…

  23. Marc says

    @KNOCK…. I would never compare anti-Gaga “hate” comments with the atrocities we are seeing in Jamaica, Darfur, Russia, etc. I never said anything of the sort, so I have NO idea where you got such an idea. You and I are in agreement on that.

    An American Idol reject is NOT a second or third place winner, for crying out loud. Jennifer Hudson came in second and she is an Oscar-winning STAR. That is not who I am talking about. I am talking about the crazy, tone-deaf people who don’t even get through auditions.

    Please, stop putting words in my mouth.

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