Lady Gaga Talks ARTPOP, Says One of the Songs is About Donatella Versace

Lady Gaga talks ARTPOP with Just Jared:

Donatella_gagaI really love the lyrics to ARTPOP, the title track of the album. “We could belong together, ARTPOP” The words seem really simple but it’s through the creative experiences with my friends that we’re able to create this thing that go together – art and pop. It’s a reverse of what Andy Warhol began – this idea that you can take Marilyn off the canvas and put the canvas inside of her. It’s in our belonging together. The album is just a metaphor for love – the love that I share with my fans…

…I really had a love affair with electronic music on this album. I started out playing in clubs, so I don’t really want to leave that. I always like existing under ground and over ground at the same time. I spent a lot of my time song writing with Zedd, DJ White Shadow, Madeon. We spent a lot of time together listening to our favorite kinds of music. We made an album that we love and I certainly made a record that I’m really proud of. I know the fans will really love it because they love to dance at my shows and this will be a great live show.

She also says there's a track on her album called "Donatella", after Donatella Versace:

"…it’s not so much about Donatella as a brand as it is Donatella the person, about me as a person, that idea of what the public wants from you….Donatella, maybe she’s a bitch, maybe she’s too skinny, maybe she’s too rich, maybe she’s too out there. Or, maybe she’s brilliant, maybe she’s intelligent, maybe she’s strong, maybe she’s everything, maybe she’s Donatella.”


  1. Quicksilver says

    Gasp! “Donatella” is about Donatella Versace?! The importance of this will allow me to sleep peacefully tonight. Shallow name-dropping fame whore who loves the lyrics to her own songs. Good god, what is she, 12?

  2. Icebloo says

    I still like Gaga but she is so far up her own behind these days ! She seems no better after her recent time in rehab – er, ooops did I say rehab ? I meant to say after her recent time recovering from “hip surgery”. There. That’s better.

    I want her to go back to being the nice, down to earth Gaga we saw briefly a few years ago – not the attention-seeking, overly self-analyzing bore she is now.

  3. stranded says

    I don’t know how anyone who achieves that level of “success” could manage to avoid being so self-important and pretentious. As someone who worked in the art world as performance art was forming, I can say that she’s just such a laughable shill. She can embrace her “underground” roots all she wants, but a real artist manages to grow and explore new territory. At this point doing an acoustic album without backup dancers and a megabudget would be one option for really proving that she’s more than just an insufferably needy flameout.

  4. Paulie says

    I’m sorry, but I don’t want to listen to a song about Donatella Versace. She means nothing to me or most people. All she’s good for is frightening children.

  5. Shaw says

    Gaga has lost touch with reality. Who the hell is she to compare herself with Andy Warhol, and i’m not even a die hard fan of Warhol.
    She needs to come back to earth as her new schtick is simply a bore.

  6. Koskalaka Maricón says

    Be strong and rock on, Lady Donatella and Mother Monster… haters gotta hate, especially those who are either/both ignorant of your pop art creations and creativity, and/or don’t find them personally appealing and are unable to appropriately and suitably express why.

  7. tinkerbelle says

    Where to begin? She is creating this thing by bringing art and pop together? I guess money and short-lived success drive delusional behavior to new highs. In terms of “art”, she couldn’t be less of an artist. Most real artists are out there struggling to make art, not blathering on about it like a spoiled child. Never been a fan, I couldn’t even get through Poker Face (now there’s high art for you… not). And Donatella coke-face as an inspiration is a new low only acceptable as produced by the likes of SNL (thank you Maya Rudolph).

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