1. Jack Ford says

    I don’t like. I don’t follow. I also know when to use capital letters and punctuation.

    You’re older than my mum (and I’m 31.. so no youngster). Get a clue and some class you botoxed old bat.

  2. Merv says

    With everybody and their grandma permanently disfiguring themselves with giant tats, I don’t see any need to defend grills, which can be removed in seconds.

  3. JAMES B. says

    It’s simple: It gets press. That’s all she is doing. A 55 year old woman who is quickly aging into a later years Bette Davis marketing her gyms.

  4. Macguffin54 says

    “Causing a commotion”. Ahh. It’s the little things that amuse me.

    With that said, why is there so much hate for Madonna (even in the
    comments section of this post)? What did she ever do to anybody? Queens are calling her old and ugly and untalented and cold? You guys sound like an ex-lover ragging on her because she rejected her. Madonna is just human. She’s harmless. If you don’t like her why do you seem to care so much about not liking her? I don’t like Janet Jackson but I’m not mean and harsh about my criticism of her. In fact. I usually don’t care enough about her to even criticize. What makes people SO angered by Madonna to pounce on her?

  5. Randy says

    I never liked Madonna in the 20th century, because she just used us when we were useful to enriching her bank account.

    But I like this century’s Madonna. Still, the grill is just not working. It’ll be gone soon enough, and she’ll claim it was her idea all along to get rid of it.

  6. The Sarcastic Misanthrope says

    What? Is she trying to be all like “gangsta” now?
    Esther darling, try to act have some modicum of taste as you race towards 60.

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