1. MaryM says

    Maybe Cory Booker is gay (highly probable).
    Maybe Cory Booker is straight (highly improbable).
    Maybe he is bi.

    But Cory Booker is undoubtedly a closet case.

    I don’t care what Cory Booker’s sexual orientation is.

    But I do not trust and could never vote for a closet case.

  2. MaryM says

    If Cory Booker is gay and refuses to come out then he deserves universal contempt by LGBT people.

    He’s remaining a closet case as he is a career politician who can be bought and sold.

    he is calculating that being a closet case will be better for his career.

    All it actually does is leave him open to attacks about cowardice and opportunism.

  3. Gigi says

    Well now that our resident TROLL has chimed in, what do the rest of you think?

    I feel that to turn this around and attack Cory Booker is ridiculous. What Lonegan’s comment was disgusting and that form of bigotry should not be tolerated. Ever.

  4. Jeff says

    He’s a charming, articulate, well-educated, gay-positive man. I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

  5. MaryM says

    I am NOT a troll.

    I am pointing out the FACT that Cory Booker is a closet case.

    I have no idea whether he is gay or straight. All I know is that he is in the closet.

    NEVER trust a closet case.

  6. MaryM says

    On what possible grounds can someone argue that it is acceptable for Cory Booker to remain in the closet.

    (Anyone who says that his sexual orientation does not matter needs to step into the real world for a moment. Our civil rights are under constant attack. Our sexual orientation absolutely does matter, and this career politician does not get a pass. Closets are for clothes Booker).

  7. jamal49 says

    @MARYM Why not go and troll the more friendly waters over at The Drudge Report or some place like that? You’re making an awful lot of assumptions regarding Corey Booker and then contradicting yourself all over the map. Really. You’ve been hanging around here at TW, which is fine and all, but I think you’d be happier over at, say, WND or someplace like that.

  8. MaryM says

    Stop dodging the question.

    Why is it acceptable for Cory Booker to remain in the closet, and to expect people to trust him?

    I am being perfectly serious here.

    By cowering in his closet for no good reason Cory Booker is leaving himelf open to all sorts of ridicule by the likes of Lonegan.

    There is no justifiable reason for Booker to remain in the closet. He has made a political decision that it is in the best interests of his career to remain a closet case.

    Well seeing as he is running for an office where he will be determining our laws, this position is simply not good enough.

    A simple statement confirming his sexual orientation is enough.

    Tammy Baldwin had the integrity to do it.

    Why not Booker?

  9. Robert in SF says

    Boy, that last line of Booker’s is real troll bait, if you ask me….

    “So that kind of callous, bigoted, disrespect to gays and lesbians — it just shouldn’t be tolerated.”

    Cue the right-wing bigot and bigot-enabling clarion call for them to jump on the bandwagon of, “The lib’ruls don’t tolerate my religious or cultural beliefs! They are hypocrites for calling me out on my intolerance when they are just as intolerant towards my Christian and/or family values!”

    While I think that “tolerate” is now a purposefully mischaracterized by our opposition to mean “endorse, support, encourage”…it’s a concept we need a good talking point about…something that succinctly sums up the intended meaning and scope of how it’s used by us, the Lib’ruls…otherwise, the Republics get to define the terms and set the range for our use…..

  10. says

    There are at least three different problems. The first is lying outright to disparage Booker and is relatively simple.

    The second has to do with enforcing gender norms surrounding grooming by an attempt at humiliation for having putatively groomed to excess. It’s not even antique; it ignores the long traditions of elaborate non-LGBT male grooming over the course of history disrupted only by the trend of putting on the airs of hygiene-deprived trench veterans after WWI (e.g. short hair from delousing). It’s furthermore preposterous that someone making a television studio appearance and therefore quite likely caked in makeup at the time of the recorded statement to be deriding someone for putatively feminine grooming habits. But the real issue is that it represents an attempt to enforce that there’s only one “right way” to be masculine, where in reality a broad variety of ways already do exist, and in the ideal even greater flexibility should exist.

    The third has to do with conflating broader gender nonconformity in terms of presentation and performance with homosexuality. The femme gay, drag queen, etc. stereotypes do not fit anything like the majority of gay men. The presumption of broader femininity arising from the coupling with a man is patently false. Gender identity and gender expression are both conceptually distinct from sexual orientation and demonstrably empirically dissociated. This conflation is also wielded hamhandedly in the reverse, such as admonitions to the transgender to “just be gay” in lieu of bodily reconfiguration.

    The Republican bigot has much to answer for. I can only hope that in the distant future, legal recourse against defamation and hate speech is not as defanged by “free speech” as it is now.

  11. MaryM says

    “So that kind of callous, bigoted, disrespect to gays and lesbians — it just shouldn’t be tolerated.”

    He could almost be talking the disrespect he himself is showing to the millions of LGBT people who have had the courage to come out in circumstances far less privileged than his own.

    I want to support Cory Booker.

    But it needs to be repeated:


  12. Daniel says

    @Nadia–I wish there was a way to up-vote comments on here, because your comment would get a ton of support. In a handful of paragraphs you manage to articulate exactly what is wrong with this statement and the broader culture from which it comes. Well done.

  13. Scott mcg says

    Mary, if you have no proof that he is gay, except for him not saying he isn’t, that means you have NO proof of him being a “closet case”. Stop assuming he is lying about it. You said it yourself in an above post that “no idea if he is Gay or straight”. If he is in the closet that is his call, and stating that you can’t trust him because of that smacks of naiveity. Because politicians can all be trusted to be honest about their personal lives. If YOU can’t trust him fine, but I think he would be a heck of a lot better then most of the politicians in office currently.

  14. Caliban says

    It’s a moronic statement that Cory Booker is in “the closet.” In fact, it was in the very same statement people are saying was so “ambiguous” that Booker said it was unfair to subject a WOMAN to the level of scrutiny she would receive just by dating him and it makes things difficult.

    He said he’s straight, then went on to say he doesn’t care if people THINK he’s gay because it shouldn’t matter. How much more explicit could he be?

  15. Frankly says

    Marym, are you saying that you would never trust a closet case? You’re not really being clear enough with your multiple posts.

  16. Meestermiles says

    MaryM, He’s already said he’s straight. You’ve never met him. you CAN’T POSSIBLY KNOW whether he’s a closet case or not. My best friend in the entire world is a straight man, but people assume we are together since, well, since we are always together, among other things. He’s getting married to a wonderful woman next year, and I’m going to be his best man.

    The absolute only thing that you are doing here, Marym, is proving how myopic and closed-minded you are. Passing judgement on others is the last thing we in the LGBT community need to be doing right now.

  17. anon says

    He’s dated plenty of women, so I’m assuming he’s straight. This has never been an issue before. He is being coy, which is a bit weird. However, he’s managed to box Lonegan in and got him to say stupid things, so that was a good political move. Now he just has to avoid blowing it by being too coy. Booker might be a bit overconfident at this point about winning. He isn’t campaigning very hard. Assuming the real campaign starts after Labor Day, he’s 20 points in the lead at this moment.

  18. tinkerbelle says

    Straight, gay, who cares, Corey Booker is part of the future, where it shouldn’t have to be a perogative to announce one’s sexuality, which is nobody’s business but their own. I certainly don’t see straight people having to put their preferences up front, unless they’ve been backed against the wall because of their own hypocrisy; why should gays have to shoulder a responsibility greater than straights? Of course, this will disturb any activist who might read this, but look up the definition of “integration”.

  19. kieran says

    Steve Lonegan could have shown some political savvy about this and said something classy and inoffensive like: “Whether Cory Booker is gay or strait is irrelevant to me and frankly none of my business.”

    Instead he couldn’t help mouthing off with some assinine assumptions including linking smoking cigars and drinking Scotch with being a “real man”.

    Let’s be frank about it, a guy like Steve that goes around wearing a ridiculous wig on his head all day is in no position to pontificate to anybody on manliness or masculinity.

  20. AngelaChanning says

    Towleroad should seriously consider a commenter validation system or becoming more aggressive in booting out the trolls.