1. Richie says

    A shame Mika doesn’t get this worked up when gay issues are (rarely) discussed on Morning Joe. Or when GOP senators come on and outright lie

    Mika is the worst kind of journalist -an intellectual lightweight who thinks she’s smart and looks down on pop culture with a sneer (as evidenced by her horrendous Russell Brand interview). Most of the time on Morning Joe she sits on the side mutely, adding nothing to the conversation.

    I actually think some of her points here are good – but she delivers them in such a smug, shrewish manner she alienates pretty much anyone under 40.

  2. Bellah says

    Never watch morning Joe anymore. just happened to click on while going by and sorry but Mika was on the money about this and this is something she will not waiver on. Why is it a goal to act in the most inappropriate of ways with the most inappropriate of people

  3. StevyD says

    I do care and I agree with much of what Mika said. Do I add any weight to her thoughts because of her celebrity? No, but she has the podium because of being a celebrity and she is concerned about a serous issue. The over sexualization of teenage kids, the sexual exploitation of teenage kids, and the elevation of out-of-control barely adult celebrities, by various media, is a major concern of mine and I am glad that Mika has a platform to share my worries.

  4. JY says

    Sorry StevyD, but Myley is a legal adult and can make her own choices. If she can help choose the President of this nation, she can decide how she wants to present herself. 18 is a broad legal mark for a reason.

  5. mike/ says

    while i do think Mika went overboard with the eating disorder & parent thing, seems like everyone, even gay rags, are all saying the same thing. i think it was sad.

    btw, later in the show Donald Trump went fiercely after Mika for something about his lawsuit. even Joe stepped in and told The Donald, “Mika hasn’t said a word.” but then he kissed Trump’s ass…….

  6. will says

    This from a site that constantly parades “underwear models” for us to gawk at. “Oh, he’s SOOO hot!”, “Man, what I’d like to do with HIM!” say the commenters. This site is partly in the business of selling sex, so we’re all a bit hypocritical to dogpile on Miley when our entire “community” worships the undressed male body and worships excess in our divas.

  7. Matt says

    The focus should be on the cultural appropriation, not on the sex. There have been far more dehumanizing sexual objectifications on the VMA performances in the past done by men, and no one was outraged. Have a girl do it is all of a sudden wrong.

  8. jjose712 says

    Miley is 20, not a kid. And every pop diva has to have her how can she do that moment from time to time.
    She’ll be ok

  9. Robert says

    Dead within a year? LOL. She’s being slutty and cheap, but she’s doing FINE. Don’t equate this with a Lohan-esque meltdown. Miley’s just ridiculously confident. You can be a trainwreck and still be healthy at the same time.

  10. says

    The thing that’s so revolting about this sort of thing is that they showed the clip and then they can all act revolted by it. They showed it and therefore promoted it. The fake outrage convinces no one with a brain. This is the douchebaggery that passes for news in America these days. May the flying spaghetti monster have mercy on us all.

  11. BE says

    What do they expect from all those years on Disney with her playing two characters? Don’t knock what you create. She’s fine and knows exactly what she’s doing. Madonna and Gaga were both shocking.
    If it “disturbed” Mika that’s a good thing.

  12. topdawg says

    Didn’t care for the performance personally, but that said, I didn’t find it anymore disturbing than Lady Gaga coming on stage in an egg or a meat dress. Seems much ado about nothing.

  13. Profe Sancho Panza says

    My college students (in other words, people Miley Cyrus’s age) were all talking about that performance today, and they clearly did NOT like it much. For whatever that’s worth, if other 20-year olds were the intended audience.

  14. Cal says

    I also thought the performance was ridiculous and cringe-worthy, but there is nothing actually wrong with Miley Cyrus except for being a loud, flashy 20-year old. She’s a smart, confident and doing what she wants. No excessive substance abuse, a steady boyfriend who also seems smart and confident (though he may be an ex at this point, I don’t follow closely enough).

    And seriously, calling someone on TLRD a “stan”? Way to give yourself away as a tween.

  15. David says

    Mika Brzezinski’s father has caused the deaths of millions of innocent people around the world for many years. This spawn of Satan looks like the Jody Foster character in Elysium and should end up the same way.

  16. The Turth Hurts says

    I agree with some of things he had to say but MTV just gave her a platform to perform whatever she wanted. Her song is hot right. Instead of blaming MTV why don’t you point the finger and blame where its do, her parent.

  17. andrew says

    I like Mika. She has even pulled Joe a little bit toward the political center. In this case she is absolutely right.

  18. todd says

    Shocking + news footage = $hit loads of money for Miley, now when’s the sex tape…wait, that’s right. There ain’t one.

  19. Tony C says

    I was going to comment again but that just brings more interest to this..let it going away plz

  20. RayJacksonMS says

    So is whoring around on a stage on national TV really worse than whoring yourself to a national republican “news” show?

  21. nszane says

    I looked up the clip on youtube just to see Thicke. And patiently waited for him to appear. I was disgusted by this girls’ appearance. Someone compared her to Gaga and Madonna. I’m an open minded individual and recognized these celebrities as artists from day one. I don’t even know who this girl is. My 18 y/o daughter tells me she played Montana. I’m sorry I had to check the vma whatever clip in search for Thicke. But Mika is right she summarized my feelings here. I don’t want to see this girl anywhere – ever.

  22. Mark says

    If Mika’s outraged, I’m yawning. Her queefs are as intelligent as what comes out of her mouth.