1. peterparker says

    Of course, the horrifying irony here is that it wasn’t homosexuality but wars abroad and corruption at home that brought down Rome. And yet, here is Nixon, who presided over an escalation in bombing in Vietnam and the most infamously corrupt administration ever, groaning about how homosexuals would end American society as we knew it.

  2. olympiasepiriot says

    “…not a high point of nineteenth-century politics…”

    WOW! No! It wasn’t. It wasn’t of 20th cent. politics, either.

  3. Paul R says

    Umm, that tape was released many years ago—2008 at least. It is not new by any stretch. It just happens to be featured in a new CNN documentary.

  4. Bill says

    And even worse, we (as taxpayers) were actually paying these flakes to spout this nonsense!

  5. says

    He’s entitled to his opinion! I don’t know why everyone hates on Nixon. He was a good President. America had problems, but least back then you didn’t have Mexicans pouring over your borders.

  6. Chris says

    Like always, the bigot doesn’t realize that by time Rome had fallen, they had fully embraced Christianity and criminalized homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

    The Roman Empire collapsed due to corruption, failed military campaigns, constant invasions, incompetence and being to large to manage.

    The Greeks fell? So? As has every other Empire that ever existed! The Spanish, Mongols, French, German, Russian, you name it. They weren’t champions of gay rights, so what happened there? In those instances the bigots will say “fate”, — In the Roman and Greek examples, it was “homosexuality and the wrath of god”. Cherry-picking bigots.

  7. Moz's says

    of the “five good emeperors” (literally called the five good emperors and have always been called such

    2 were known homosexuals

    the 5 good emperors cleaned out corruption in the bureaucracy, strengthened their borders, built aquaducts and other infrastructure

    Hadrian whose love is the stuff of legend

    and trajan the more lascivious lover of many young men

    Let alone the greeks wouldn’t even have lasted and spread hellinism without Alexander the Great …cough…. cough

  8. Moz's says

    PS; as mentioned rome fell after fully embracing xtianity

    + the lead lining of their aquaducts = heavy metal poisoning affecting sanity and mental functions sure as hell didn’t help

    the heavy metal poisoning from their water supply is looked at as 1 of the chief causes of rome’s eventual fall

  9. Garth says

    Imagine coming out in this climate, and knowing how Nixon and the majority of Americans felt about homes. But they did, and they experienced as much fun and sexual freedom as ever. That’s because before, this behavior was not tolerated at all. Oppression can be a plus. It brings out bravery.

  10. MateoM says

    Will, that’s because it isn’t the real kiwi. It’s Rick/Jason, who’s an actual republican and probably loved Nixon both because Nixon had no respect for the American people and was a raging homophobe. Rick/Jason has a hard on for vehemently homophobic republicans and scorns anyone who deviates from that preference. He’s a sad troll. Kinda like Nixon. It’s not a coincidence.

  11. NotA says

    This site has grown astoundingly boring, and will fade into irrelevance now that the marriage fight’s victory is just a matter of time. By all means, get all spun up about 40-year-old tapes of a long-discredited president, who is revealed (in tapes that have been in the public domain for years) to hold pretty much exactly the same positions about homosexuality as more-or-less the whole of Middle America at the time. By all means. That’s some good, interesting reporting, right there.

  12. LoneWolfen says

    Why is it that almost ALL of the comments sections I go to on the pages that I visit daily, are filled with negative feedback. Usually coming from those who do nothing and have accomplished nothing. Crabs in a bucket, and haters gonna hate.
    Bring something worthwhile, or just go away.
    Andy, you keep sharing whatever in the hell you want, it’s YOUR site!

  13. AG says

    I believe that it has been speculated that Nixon himself was a homosexual and that included his relationship with Bebe Rebozo.

    I believe that he also sought advice from a military man about how to kiss his wife, Pat, in public and make it look convincing.

    If I am wrong, I hope a Towleroad reader will correct me. I do not recall the source.

  14. Rexford says

    Rather interesting, though, that Nixon expressed interest in “two magnificent handsome guys”!

  15. Jason B.p says

    Nixon was a complete scumbag and deserves a special place in hell. Recently conversations by Johnson revealed that Nixon purposely gave information to the enemy to disrupt likely successful peace talks in Vietnam, knowing if Johnson pulled off a peace, Humfrey was almost guaranteed to win. Johnson never said anything. For the Presidency 10s of thousands of American,s and 100’s of thousands of Vietmanese lost their lives. It’s very interesting how tightly connected Nixon was to the Bush family. He was a protege of Prescott Bush. Interesting stuff here,

    Some even suggest Nixon and Bush, along with the CIA were involved in Kennedy’s assassination and Watergate was done because Nixon believed the Dems were going to suggest he had a hand in it and neede to know what their plan was.

  16. Garth says

    Sorry the world can’t be “Candyland” for you Lonewolfen. If you view yourself as a lone wolf that you shall be. We others will communicate freely. You might try a “How-To” or “Self Help” site if you can’t stand this minimal dose of the real world.

  17. leprechaunvict says

    Yep, agree with these 2 things:

    1) this was highlighted on Andrew Sullivan’s blog a few years ago

    2) that cannot be the real Little Kiwi above, perhaps I’ll try to find a way to let him know someone is impersonating him.

    — and to whomever is doing that, you are a sad sad little mole weasel.

  18. says

    The trolls can attack me all they want. I really don’t care. MateoM, you troll, as a queer man I can support whomever and whatever I like. I am not going to be boxed in by you.

    Nixon was a good President north and south. Canada liked him. My dad loooved him. And down south he didn’t let the US-Mexican border turn into a refugee circus like it is now.

  19. Bill Perdue says

    Republicans call us faggots, dykes, etc to our face and then stab us in the chest.

    Democrats wait until we leave the room to bad mouth us and then they stab us in the back.

    We need to continue to press both parties to pass ENDA or a CRA and repeal section two of DOMA.

  20. says

    Screw you Bill Perdue. You are a trans hating bigot and no one gives a crap about your opinions. K? Nixon was an awesome Prez. People say that he abused his power, but he was using it against people who deserved it. People like you.

  21. says

    Vintage presidential ignorance is amusing. Aristotle and Socrates were great thinkers, so…. But I digress. Just goes to show how far we’ve come…and far we’ve got to go.

  22. Bill says

    We’ve come a long way, baby. Think about it. We really have. (And yes – we’ve still got a long way to go!)

  23. anon says

    Yes, there was long-time rumor of an affair between Nixon and Charles Bebe Rebozo, and Nixon kept thinking everyone was out to ‘get’ him, so he did all could to keep rumors at bay. Pat Nixon’s drinking was also suspiciously coincident with such rumors, though it started early in their marriage. There was every evidence that while Nixon greatly loved Pat, she felt her marriage was a bit of a failure.

  24. michaelofthegreen says

    Wow, Kiwi, you had my heart until now. Sad face.

    I agree (mostly) about Nixon being a decent executive, but your views on refugees are abhorrent.

  25. says


    the troll posting anti-mexican bigotry under my name would do himself, his family, and the greater community a great big favor by sliding his no doubt still-virgin hole down onto the barrel of a shotgun.

    when one has nothing positive to say about themselves, they’ll waste time making up lies about others. it’s ok. it doesnt’ actually affect me, and i totally understand that the coward who’s obsessed with me has no life of worth to speak of or enjoy.

    the only good thing Nixon ever did was give us Patricia, who was a class act, in the face of a world of shame.

    anti-gay? quel surprise. this is the man who raped america’s healthcare system, which was already pretty sorry, and convinced millions of braindead republicans that the best way to run a healthcare system is to maximize profits for the wealthy companies, and give as little actual care as possible to the people who need care.

    as a Canadian, of course, that makes me want to vomit. healthcare run for profit? what a heinous and inhumane concept.

  26. Markt says

    Neither history nor philosophy were strong points I guess. Aristotle was not gay. I believe he wrote about the benefits of a loving family with wife and children – i.e., his own. Socrates was homosexual of course. But he died before Aristotle was born.

    Homosexuality was always allowed in ancient Greece – and some, like Walt Whitman, thinks that was a reason why it became great in the first place.

    The last 150 years of the Roman Empire saw Christianity as its official religion. Then Rome stopped skimming the wealth of its slave colonies and its economic might disappeared. It pretty much comes down to whether you can pay your soldiers; and whether average people feel they have a life worth fighting for. It must have been quite a come-down from the earlier fabulousness. they were depressed. Had Rome stayed gay it might have lasted forever.

  27. DC says

    I hate to break it to everyone here, but this audio is old news. I heard it a long time ago.

    Actually, I must amend my first sentence: I love breaking it to everyone here.

  28. HOCKEYJOCK says

    ‘Well, what do you think brought down the Roman empire, one of the most powerful civilisations in human history???’

    ‘……guys givin’ eachother handjobs when they were feelin’ a bit randy.’

    ‘OF COURSE…that MUST have been it! It’s the only answer which makes any logical sense. It wasn’t the economic context or constant wars…it was the handjobs!’

  29. BobN says

    “Nixon: The last six Roman emperors were fags. You see, homosexuality, immorality in general, these are the enemies of strong societies. That’s why the communists and the left-wingers are pushing it. They’re trying to destroy us.”

    At that very same moment, in a parallel meeting in an office in Moscow, men with a remarkably similar mindset in some regards were, no doubt, saying much the same thing, but blaming it on capitalists and decadent Westerners.

  30. Mary says

    Kiwi, no need to worry. We all know that the bigoted “Kiwi” isn’t you. The real Little Kiwi would never start a sentence with “He’s entitled to his opinion!”

    Also, I’ve been away from Towleroad for a while. Is there a new “Mary” here? Is this person the former “MaryM?”

    Nixon’s homophobia is no surprise. Houndentenor, you’re a real gentleman to excuse Nixon based on what America was like 40 years ago. But I can’t be as nice. Nixon was never a social conservative. Yet on THIS issue he decided to become a traditionalist? I think he was just looking for a way to seem more right-wing than he was. It was not costly at all to be anti-gay in that era. Almost ALL politics was anti-gay up until the early 1980’s. Unlike today when you can no longer even oppose the legalization of SSM without having to explain that you aren’t against gays as people, just gay marriage. It’s funny how times have changed. Now even the evangelical community has a significant percentage of people who believe SSM should be legal.