NEWS: Lohan’s Interview, Gaga V. Perez, Hostages, Ambush In Egypt, Public Sex Boxes

Road During a post-rehab interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lindsay Lohan confessed to being an "addict", and blamed the start of her troubles on the success that she met immediately following the release of Mean Girls
Lindsay Lohan

Road Conflict in Egypt continues to rage on as an ambush claimed the lives of 25 soldiers earlier today in the Sinai Peninsula. 

Road Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton took to Twitter yesterday in an apparent feud after Hilton allegedly tried to enter Gaga's apartment. 

Road Gaga also released the video to her new single, "Applause" today. 

Road The U.S. Navy released a guide for gay service members about same-sex partner benefits

Road Oscar Pistorius appeared in court earlier today and apparently wept during his hearing. His trial is set to begin on March 3rd. 

Road A hostage situation continues as an armed man keeps several people captive in the German city of Ingolstadt.
Twitter Feud 

Road Ashton Kutcher's jOBS didn't seem to draw very many crowds this weekend. They were apparently too busy watching The Butler

Road At least 37 people were killed in Bihar, India when an express train crossed tracks at a remote station. 

Road Mexican authorities have captured the leader of a major drug cartel: Mario Ramirez Trevino. 

Road Alexander Skarsgard bared it all on last night's episode of True Blood (ALERT: link contains spoilers). 

Road Sen. Rand Paul, who has vowed a "government shutdown" as Obamacare laws take effect, confessed yesterday that he "doesn't think it's a good idea."

Road Prostitutes in Zurich will now be able to offer their services under the cover of private drive-in sex boxes

Road Apparently, Prince has no problem taking a joke

Road Beyonce dares you to hate on her new hairstyle.

Road Nick Jonas is apparently putting his beefy bod to work for a good cause.

Road While Princess Diana has been dead for over a decade, conspiracy theories surrounding her death are still alive and well. 

Road Russell Simmons had no idea that a "Harriet Tubman Sex Tape" might offend a few people.


  1. Miao says

    My father, who was a huge fan of Diana, still thinks the British Royal Family is somehow behind her death. As with all conspiracy theories, I think that’s a load of rubbish. (Sorry, Dad.)

  2. mike/ says

    regarding the ‘drive throughs’ – i wonder if they have ATM’s with them? condom dispensers? showers? snacks? i said ‘snacks’. get your mind out of the gutter……..

  3. MIke says

    Love Dlisted’s take on two publicity seeking maniacs. Who in their right mind thinks Gaga is afraid for her life from Perez? She’s damn irritating now. Honey, fans move on. Adele. Katy Perry. Get over it, you’re still more successful than 99 percent of the acts out there. What an insecurity complex.

  4. GB says

    I really was temped to send you the sex boxes story as a tip. But these tips seem to be a waste of time. They are news gifts, but there’s no giving back.

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