Orson Scott Card: Obama Will Create ‘Urban Gang’ National Police

Orson Scott Card
Deciding to take a break from being a homophobic loony, the Ender's Game author is in the media for being a racist loony. In Orson Scott Card's own words

Obama will put a thin veneer of training and military structure on urban gangs, and send them out to channel their violence against Obama's enemies.

Instead of doing drive-by shootings in their own neighborhoods, these young thugs will do beatings and murders of people "trying to escape" — people who all seem to be leaders and members of groups that oppose Obama.

"Urban gangs" and "inner-city" have long been dog whistles for "black people" among racist conservatives. Though Card mentions in his essay that he's engaging in an "experiment of fictional thinking", it's telling that he regards his paranoid political fantasy about Obama being in charge forever with a personal gang army as plausible, even though it is nothing of the sort.


  1. Soren456 says

    I don’t know why he continues to write. He could make zillions with his psychic abilities.

  2. jjose712 says

    He is so absurd. I thought his PR will keep him shut till the release of Ender’s game, but he seems unable to keep his mouth shut.
    He is a lunatic, and i think Lionsgate is going to regret to be linked with him

  3. Kevin says

    It amazes me that anyone gives him an outlet for his outlandish ideas, much less his writing. Can’t we just stop covering him, in the hope he’ll crawl back under a rock?

  4. woodroad34d says

    basic schlubby nerd trying hard to overcome the (apparently much needed) bullying he got as a child. Very Karl Rove; hateful, immature, and irresponsible men/children

  5. AggieCowboy says

    Card has the US of A mixed up with Putin’s attempt to recreate the USSR by “unofficially” sanctioning gangs of vigilantes to strike terror into the populace.

  6. ToddKnows says

    Good sci-fi is timeless.

    Bad sci-fi, I mean, really awful and forgettable sci-fi, takes it’s cues from weird petty fleeting trite political sloganeering.

    The media is great at making nobodys somebody for much longer than the 15 minutes they didn’t deserve to begin with.

  7. Michael says

    I take it this guy hasn’t updated his look since 1974. It even looks like his mom still cuts his hair with a bowl. Just pathetic. No wonder he hates men who find other men pretty.

  8. Robbie Horn says

    I guess he doesn’t want urban audiences to see Ender’s Game.

    Shocking that someone on the NOM board is also a racist. Their strategy to divide gays and urban people did not work.

  9. Gordon says

    Once again, a good reason to never have anything to do with anything Orson Scott Card ever spews from mouth or word processor.

  10. fedorajoe says

    This is why it is so exhausting to hear people in the media describe Card as someone who “merely” disagrees with gay marriage.

  11. TonyJazz says

    I hear that Orson Scott Card has been to bed with Rush Limbaugh.

    Wouldn’t they be so cute sucking each other’s cock?

    Or, at least, more authentic…..

  12. daws says

    Excellent. More of this please, Mr. Card :) The more bad PR leading up to his film will hopefully lead to a bigger flop. I hope it tanks! /giddy

  13. says

    Another Mormon bigot to be sure. But he is right about one thing. Obama is making use of urban youth. Some of them he uses as thugs and some of them he hired to work on his billion dollar campaign.

    But I say at least it’s a job for these boys. It may be the only job they ever have.

  14. Polyboy says

    It’s is so pathetic that you’ve sunk to pretending to be Little Kiwi to air your racist screeds Rick.

    You’d think that the violent threats would have been enough, but now you do this.

    It’s rather pathetic and completely cowardly.

  15. Onnyjay says

    Read one of Card’s Ender books back in the 80s, thought it the tedious scribbling of a mediocre talent. Maybe “mediocre” was too generous.

  16. MajorTom says

    Clearly this is Obama’s true agenda. That is why he has already started organizing these urban gangs, and training them, and issuing them uniforms and…

    What? He hasn’t?


    Never mind.

  17. Koskalaka Maricón says

    Orson Scott Card…SMH! Honestly, do you have a multiple personality disorder. Your fictional stories are wonderful reads, but your public pronouncements are beyond fiction and are terribly offensive. How do you EVER expect to continue to make a living with YOUR name associated with anything?… ever!… Ever!!… EVER!!!

  18. mike/ says

    what are the odds that this is just another ploy for ‘buzz’ about the movie? doesn’t anybody what ‘Mad Men’? they’d f*ck anybody for a buck in the movie industry. they’ve shown it over & over.

    they’re not going to get my money, but they never were. i thought it was a stupid sci-fi story, poorly written & put it down, so why would i want to see the movie. Card really is not a very good writer…..

  19. FuryOfFirestorm says

    Obviously, Card’s “attempt” to woo gays into seeing his film failed, so he’s trying to make up the lost revenue by appealing to the Teabagger set. As long as he throws out an occasional insane anti-Obama rant from now until November 1, the lemmings will show up in droves.