Out Gay Boxer Orlando Cruz Proposes To His Boyfriend On Facebook


Orlando Cruz, who came out as the first openly gay boxer in October 2012, is engaged. According to RYOT News, he posted a public video to his facebook account proposing to his boyfriend, Jose Manuel:

Said Cruz in Spanish, “Through the ups and downs we’ve had, you’ve always been there for your number, as one says. I’m
a little bit nervous, but that aside, I want to tell you and share with
your friends and my friends that if you want to marry me? 

“I want you to be part of my life and me part of your life, and it’s
what I want to do most, is to do this. It is an important step in my
life, a step that I think we have thought out and I want to do. I want
to share my life with you and want to be with you always, and support
you 100 percent, and you support me 100 percent. I like you a lot, I
love you and I look forward to your answer.”

It didn't take long for Manuel to respond:

Within the hour, Cruz had a response. In a 44-second video also posted to Facebook, Jose Manuel responds with a teary “yes.”

“I want to tell you, yes, I do accept and would like to marry you,
because I love you,” he begins. “I’m a bit emotional. I didn’t expect
(pause) to find your proposal (giggle) posted to Facebook,” he says

Both Cruz's and Manuel's videos have since been taken down from Facebook. Congratulations to the happy couple!

(Photo via Facebook)


  1. Mark says

    Very happy for them – Congratulations and much happiness to them.

    However, does anyone value or cherish privacy anymore?

    Why would anyone post a marriage proposal and response on facebook?

    Sounds like Mr. Cruz wants to spend his life with everyone not just Mr. Manuel.

    How desperate are people for attention?

  2. Justin says

    “I didn’t expect (pause) to find your proposal (giggle) posted to Facebook,” he says shrugging.”


    Best of luck to both of them!

  3. says


    I, too am waiting for the story. I keep refreshing to see when they are going to post it. As of this comment neither the advocate or huffpo gay voices have a story up either. I actually found out about this proposal and Darren Young from queerty.

  4. Jack M says

    Proposals are always sweet, but on Facebook? If I got a proposal that way I’d say do it again, and in person!

  5. G says

    I’m sure the proposal sounded lovelier in Spanish. Whoever translated it made him sound like an idiota…

  6. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    well, call me old-fashioned, but when I propose to my boyfriend, I intend for it to be face-to-face and to slip a ring on his finger when I do it.

  7. sundayboy says

    He proposed on Facebook? FACEBOOK? Well that’s a bit, that’s more than a bit, narcissistic.

    Don’t get me wrong I support any couples happiness but that’s just too ostentatious for me. It’s supposed to be the most significant relationship of your life, so you probably shouldn’t make your first overture on social media.

  8. says

    Beautiful! There is NOTHING tacky about letting the world know more about people like us, our reality, our aspirations and OUR everyday participation in REAL LIFE! I am so pleased they shared their feelings for one another with us (and everyone else). I love them for it, they are more than courageous they are a glimpse of who we ALL ARE! No more with the shame junktalk, por favor, it´s not chic to snear at one another. Leonard Clark Beardsley, Guatemala

  9. Rick says

    Wxcellent role models for young gay men and teens–two masculine men who, because they love men, are capable of loving a man–in sharp contrast to the effeminate, man-hating, woman-idolizing queens who are generally incapable of loving a man because of their hatred of men……

  10. Justin says

    @ Leonard Clark Beardsley, Guatemala

    You are clueless!

    No sneering is being done as people wish them well.

    “There is NOTHING tacky about letting the world know more about people like us, our reality, our aspirations and OUR everyday participation in REAL LIFE!”


  11. Rick says

    Isn’t it sad how fixated I am on the masculinity of others? I’m so obsessed with it that I come on this site every day to complain about the perceived effeminacy of gay men. It’s supremely self loathing and damaging to myself and others, yet I can’t stop. I’m so sad.

  12. Rick says

    I hate women, effeminate gay men, liberals and divas because they’re far more empowered and self confident than I will ever be. I’m supremely damaged goods, and that shows in every hateful, self-loathing post/criticism/attack I post on this site.

  13. says

    Being more “pacifistic” than the current government would be easy, being more hawkish would be difficult.

    All it would mean is that Hilary would have to assassinate fewer people with drones. Not a high bar really.

  14. Gabe R L says

    The fiance looks creepy to me. But I wish them happiness, even if it was a Facebook proposal.

  15. Marcus says

    LOVE him. Orlando has helped me accept being gay because he’s been such a huge inspiration for me. I’ve looked up to him for years and cried tears of joy when he came out and inspired me to accept who I am. THANK YOU ORLANDO!