1. says

    Great Story. Proud and happy for the new couple. That Mayor is a big, big man in more ways than one and obviously a supporter of our cause.
    Damn sure would like to meet Braddock Mayor John Fetterman and thank him. He is my kinda man. Very impressed with his style and look.

  2. jamal49 says

    Nice story and all and the mayor is surely a courageous and principled man.

    But the way KDKA reports the story! Maybe it is me and I am “bias-sensitive”, but when setting up who the couple is, the KDKA states:

    “…..and what they say is a deep love for each other.”

    Now, why couldn’t it be reported thus: “John Kandray and Bill Gray of Regent Square have been together for 11 years. They share a house, two dogs and a deep love for each other.”

    The whole reporting cast a dubiousness on the reasons why the couple is marrying, principally that they love each other. It should not be reported as a “so they say” type of comment.

  3. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    “Just Do It” would be a good slogan for marriage equality in Pennsylvania (if it’s not already taken).

  4. JakeAZ says

    I love these moves! Here in AZ The tiny artsy-fartsy town of Bisbee decided to do civil unions, and now Tempe is considering the same. In PA, the counties outside Pittsburgh and Philly are saying Eff Ewe to the state, the AG says “Meh” and the Gov (Corbett) is MIA. Heh.

  5. Francis #1 says

    I think this is awesome, seeing city officials now in two Pennsylvania counties and the state’s AG standing against inequality. But what’s going to happen with these couples issued marriage licences? Basically, these licences amount to symbolic gestures. They’re not actually recognized marriages under Pennsylvania state law. Whether they’re ruled void or not, Pennsylvania state law does not recognize any of these marriages as marriages.

    I know these couples understand the situation but it would be awful to see these marriages voided and take away these special moments for these 60+ couples who have received licences.

  6. reality says

    I’ve actually heard Mayor John Fetterman speak before (about AmeriCorps at The White House) … Good guy!

  7. Mary says

    Sorry, but you can’t defy the law because you think “it’s time” for the law to change. This is why we have the political process. I know that acts of defiance like this are satisfying emotionally to people, nut this isn’t the way to go. It would be sad to see the good will that is building up toward gays be squandered due to this type of activity. Like it or not, the majority is still working it’s way out of homophobia and is likely to view law-breaking in a negative light.