1. ratbastard says

    And how do we know they weren’t drunk and obnoxious? Lesbians and gay men aren’t capable of being disorderly and abusive? Yeah, they are. It’s a she said/he said thing. And to his credit, he waited until another cab took them away.

    And WTF is it with pine trees in the northwest? Is that the only damn trees you guys have up there?

  2. Zeta says

    “Ahmed Egal” – sounds like cultural differences, possible religious differences. Yeah, Ahmed should counter-sue just to be on the safe side.

    There’s a lot more to this story. This isn’t the same as ‘I tried to hail a cab, but none would stop’.

  3. Sam says

    I am sure cab drivers deal with drunk/high people all the time, especially late at night. As long as they are not disturbing the driver, “consuming” in the cab and they pay their fare when they reach their destination, a mild disturbance is just “part of the job”.

    If he was fired, chances are, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

  4. renovato says

    Ratbastard – Didn’t bother reading the original report did you, the entire cab ride was recorded AND the couple were picked up by a police officer who drove them home after the cabbie had ejected them at the side of an interstate highway then claimed they had not paid the fare. I think the actions of the Portland Regulatory Authority would indicate that your comment is bullcrap.

  5. Gigi says

    @HOWARD — “I actually kinda agree with Ratbastard!” That’s not something we hear every day. Guess there’s a first time for everything. As far as whether or not they were drunk – as far as the cab company is concerned, it doesn’t matter. He driver forced the women to get out of the cab along the highway. Not only did he not take them to their destination, which is against company policy, he put them in harm’s way.

  6. Hagatha says

    This is how it works people. The moslems move here and then try to assert their cultural stupidity in our culture. We have seen this when a cabbie refused to carry persons carrying alcohol, dogs, etc… and then had the audacity to ask for a religious exception to the laws which regulate cab drivers and protocols at the airport.

  7. Mike Ryan says

    Oh my my my … here in San Francisco a permit is called a Medallion (as Daphne Moon would say: “I don’t know why…” but those puppies are like gold and cost around $300,000 with waiting lists 15 years long. Disrespect a passenger and you’re putting your livelihood on the line. What a fool the NY Taxi driver was.

  8. jjose712 says

    They were picked by a policeman, if they were drunk there would be reports about that.
    And what a samaritan waiting for another cab for them, wait, that’s not what happened, he talked to the other taxi driver to convice him not to pick the women.

    And by the way, the first article said that the whole thing was recorded. I doubt they would revoke his license without any prove

  9. ratbastard says

    No, it’s still not at all clear exactly what occurred:

    –But Egal said he stopped the car and called 911 because the women were being abusive.
    “These people are real, real drunk. And so mean,” he said during the 911 call. “And I’m getting tired of it. They want to jump out of the car.”

    –Egal said the women got out of the vehicle and he waited as another Broadway Cab driver arrived. After speaking with Egal, that driver also refused to give them a ride.


    The cab driver called 911, and he waited for police and another cab driver to arrive to presumably to take these women on their way. That cab driver after assessing the situation also refused to take them, it was then the police presumably drove them somewhere.

    It’s not illegal to be drunk, and the women could have calmed down [presuming they were disorderly in the cab], at which point police would not not have any reason to arrest the women if they were ‘out of control’ in the cab. So no, they aren’t off the hook.

    And the city says antigay discrimination had nothing to do with their decision, only the fact it is illegal for a cabbie to refuse a fair.

    You couldn’t pay me enough money to be a cab driver. You must accept anybody who wants to get into your cab. That must be one of the most dangerous professions in the country, and for sh*t pay.

  10. Maleka says

    Ratbasterd: Obviously, you didn’t read the whole story. The 2nd cab did NOT take them away….he also refused. Also…please don’t visit here, we have enough of you idiots. Are you from Cali?

  11. ratbastard says


    You obviously didn’t read and comprehend what I wrote.

    And no, I’m not from California; worse, I’m from the northeast. And I lived in L.A. [gasp! clutch the pearls] for a while.

  12. Klien says

    So happy. Good for them! No more discrimination for gay people.

    BTW Zeta and Ratbastard are the same homophobic troll. Time to expose the trolls now!

  13. millerbeach says

    Wonderful news! Now, that cabbie can eat his hate for dinner. I wonder what wine goes with hate? Never mind, as the rube will probably be on a water-only diet for quite a while. Oh, and good luck at getting any other job in Portland, Ahmed, since the whole world now knows who you are. Good luck, buddy, you might be allowed to take out the trash or clean toilets. Remember that when wondering where your life went tragically wrong…all in the name of hate. Enjoy!

  14. Acronym Jim says


    Yes, all Oregon has is deep, dark, forbidding coniferous forests. It’s big bad pine trees from horizon to horizon. You wouldn’t like it at all. Considering your aversion to conifers, I would strongly urge you to avoid my state altogether.

    I only have your best interests in mind.

  15. teeveedub says

    Also lost in this discussion thread is the fact that the cab driver left these two passengers on the side of a busy freeway. Whether they were drunk or sober, or whether they were gay, straight, or anywhere in between may not be the reason the cab driver lost his permit. He put the lives of these passengers at severe risk. I’d like to ask anyone who is defending this low-functioning bigot if they think it’s OK for any cab driver to insist that any drunk passenger get out of their cabs?

    And, as long as everyone else is piling onto “ratbastard,” it seems clear that the sum total of your experience with the Northwest must have come from Grimm (and maybe a few Twin Peaks reruns). I can confirm that there is as wide a variety of trees in the Northwest as you are likely to find anywhere. There. Now you don’t need to come here.

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