Proposal For Nick Gruber’s Tell-All Book On Calvin Klein Leaks

The New York Post has obtained a copy of the proposal for Nick Gruber's "beyond shocking" tell-all about his life with former boyfriend Calvin Klein. Gruber, Klein's on-again-off-again boytoy, who last August was allegedly in talks to dish about Klein in a no holds barred book, has more recently had a change of heart, deciding not to move forward with the book, telling TMZ this past February, "I’m a nice person, not a mean person," even denying he ever intended to write such a book, telling Gawker's Michael Musto, "That was false information. I never said that I was gonna write a
book. I never would do something like that or hurt someone that I love." However, the book proposal attained by The Post, entitled "Obsession: My Life with Calvin Klein" seems to suggest that the book, though perhaps now defunct, was once a real entity. In particular, the proposal reveals how Gruber and Klein became entwined:

6a00d8341c730253ef01901e115792970b-800wiThe Bronx-born fashion designer was drawn to Gruber because he looked
like a younger version of himself. According to the proposal, the
escort and the fashion icon embarked on a sexting relationship. In March
2010, Klein sent a private G4 plane — complete with a cream and beige
interior and cashmere blankets — to whisk the 19-year-old from Kansas to
New York.

Once he touched down in the Hamptons, a limo was waiting to usher Gruber to the home of Klein’s ex-wife, Kelly.

There, Klein greeted Gruber at the door wearing a short-sleeve shirt and sweatpants.

“Hi, I’m Calvin, come on in.”

Klein took him on a tour of the home before showing him the guest house, which was filled with lit candles and a roaring fire.

According to the proposal, the pair had an epic lovemaking session.

“Not to sound arrogant, but I really think Calvin first started to fall in love with me that night,” the proposal says.

the pair stayed in different beds the evening of their first encounter,
everything was about to change for both the wealthy arbiter of taste
and the unsophisticated Army boy […]

“In a scene straight out of Pygmalion, Calvin goes to work transforming
his love interest. Nick gets new clothes, a new hairstyle and teeth.
There were meetings with a steroid doctor to help him keep his lean and
pumped look. His skin was resurfaced and he even gets speech therapy to
upgrade his speaking style,” according to the proposal.

The proposal also alleges that Gruber quickly felt stifled by his relationship with Klein and after a short-lived rebellion against him, a steady abuse of cocaine and an arrest for assaulting a friend who allegedly grabbed Gruber's crotch, Gruber entered rehab:

He agreed to enter the Meadows, a posh Arizona rehab center, and
Klein, once again, was his generous benefactor. But Gruber soon realized
that nothing in life is free.

When Klein flew out to visit during
“Family Week,” he took Gruber to a local motel for a sexual encounter
while on a four-hour pass.

“I really thought he was there because
he cared about me and wanted to help me,” the proposal says. “But then
he checked me out of the center essentially for a booty call, and I
thought that was all he really cared about.”

After completing
rehab, Gruber moved to a sober living facility. He didn’t stay for long:
Klein, the proposal claims, had the staff keep tabs on him.

Former boyfriend John Luciano, who Gruber began seeing after leaving rehab, doesn't understand Gruber's about-face on the book proposal:

"The refreshing part of Nick is that he was very open about who he was
and not ashamed. To me that was one of the best parts of
Nick. I don’t know who is advising him. They are trying to turn a cook
at Applebee’s into a top chef at Per Se."

In addition to denying the tell-all's existence, Gruber recently announced he is straight and got into something of a PR scuffle with porn entrepeneur Michael Lucas over his protestations of heterosexuality at a party on Fire Island.


  1. says

    I’ll give you the Cliff’s Note version:


    “So, I, Nick Gruber, decided that if Melania Trump can make millions of dollars guzzling approaching-geriatric semen, then surely I could, too. Turns out it’s not as easy as it sounds, and I eventually got bored of being a kept thing. The good news is that Calvin and I are both equally shallow and vapid so even though we’re quarreling now, we’ll probably hook up again at a later date. Most likely when I need some more cash. Anyway, buy my book. It’s going to be printed in a font big enough that even I’d be able to read it, if I was actually able to read. But the point is, while drinking male-ejaculate for a living may seem like a dream come true (no pun intended, i’m not clever enough to be punny), it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be – especially if it’s pretty much the only thing you’re capable of doing.”

    there. i saved y’all the time it would take to read it.

  2. Bart says

    “I’m not gay!”

    Sorry Nick, you’re not interesting, you not very ethical, you’re not very smart, you’re not even very good looking. But you are gay.

  3. Jack says


    Why is it so tough to believe that a straight guy would take money for gay sex? Come on. Gay men have married straight woman and fathered children. It’s 2013. Viagra is available for straight guys who need to get it up if they aren’t excited by men.

    This is no different than some young woman who hooks up with an old guy for money & security.

  4. says

    Please. Everything that man-whore says is a lie, including “and” and “the”. He had plans for a tell-all since the day he met CK. He’s only keeping the book under wraps as long as Calvin showers him with gifts. Once Klein smartens up or gets a younger, better looking boytoy, then Gruber’s going to dish the dirt and cash in.

  5. woodroad34 says

    “According to the proposal, the pair had an epic lovemaking session”

    “But I’m straight, I’M STRAIGHTTTTTTT!”

    Yeah, straight boys don’t have “an epic lovemaking session” with another man. Hooker!

  6. turrino says

    I feel embarrassed and sad that Calvin Klein (and many other men his age) are so shallow and desperate that they go after companions who are young enough to be their children. It is pathetic. What could they possibly have in common??? Whether they are straight (like Don Trump or Larry King) or gay like Klein, it makes them look like shallow, sad losers.

  7. MickyFlip says

    Sadly, I know someone who’s very much like Calvin Klein just not extremely wealthy like him. But that age gap sure isn’t a problem. Especially when he can provide for the young ones and they need it. Until they’re bored with him. And then it all starts over again..

    Wash, repeat, rinse….

  8. Buckie says

    “The Bronx-born fashion designer was drawn to Gruber because he looked like a younger version of himself. ”

    It’s an old story. Narcissistic, rich, fag basically uses a young, naive, stupid, hot mess.

    Both are repulsive, but youth gets a pass because the old troll should know better and is a real douchenozzle, deserving of neither pity nor respect. Stop making excuses for him.

    The cool think about the progress this last 20 years is that gay people are doing “normal” things, like finding a mate, raising families, getting decent jobs, getting involved in their communities, and eschewing the stupid past stereotypical tragic fagot life style of drugs, sex, and incestuous relationships that was so self destructive, yet defended, almost rabidly, as THE definition of “gay”.

    And Kiwi, STFU, you stupid little punk, you have NO CLUE what things were like 10 years ago, much less 20, you idiotic Canadian media whorelette wannabee.

  9. david says

    “The Bronx-born fashion designer was drawn to Gruber because he looked like a younger version of himself.”

    Omg. Seriously? He deserves to get screwed over then.

  10. MaryM says

    There is nothing morally wrong with prostitution.

    So Nick Gruber is entitled to make as much money as possible from his ‘relationship’ his decrepit, geriatric lover.

  11. j says

    the most interesting story on nick g will be written in 10 or 15 years when he is nearing 40, – probably not so cute anymore and where? doing what? that is the story I want to read – unless he lucks out and gets some rich dude to marry him.

  12. Paul says

    I love this little trainwreck. I normally can’t stand stupid people, but I feel like if I met Nick at a party, I would just stand there in awe of his vapidness and soak it all in as excellent comedic theatre.

  13. BRAINS says


    Please stop writing about this “STREET WHORE”, and just maybe he will crawl back to the trailer park of which he belongs!

    This fixation in our community on trashy porn stars and whores gets to be a bit disconcerting. Can’t we discuss more beneficial matters, and better role models?

  14. Fenrox says

    I would love to read this book, especially if it was written mostly by other not Nick himself. What a fascinating situation, plucking a kid from the boonies and psychologically torturing him and molding him into the crazy you see before you. I fully understand his blow up at michael lucas now, I’m surprised he could be around any rich dominate man without breaking down.

    I hate that you guys discredit him for being a whore, one, that’s hypocritical, I am sure most of you are whores. Two, since when and HOW could a whore have a boring story? Sleeping with powerful, broken men? I mean look at Calvin here, he has the foresight and experience that it seems almost mechanical, like a boy-toy machine. But why didn’t he keep Nick away from drugs? He had to know that this would happen. Also I think they do look alike, so Calvin got off on creating and destroying a younger version of himself. Face it, this is interesting.

  15. Hagatha says

    The photo of Gruber and Klein in close-up shows the whole story. Klein and Lauren both worship WASP people and tastes but Klein has surgically and cosmetically altered himself to look like Gruber.

  16. Tobias says

    Everything about this story is embarrassingly stupid. And I don’t know what Buckie here is so angry about, but he sure sounds like someone who’s never had a boyfriend.

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