Rainbow Flags Burned At Canadian Pride Event

FortRoyal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating the burning of two gay pride flags that took place last weekend at a pride celebration in Fort McMurray, Canada. The pride event in question was the city's first. According to CBC News:

A group of people took the flags from Bailey’s Pub around 11 p.m. Saturday and subsequently set fire to them in the parking lot.

Michael Kenny, vice-president of Fort McMurray LGBTQmunity, the group that sponsored the event, called the actions “saddening.”

“I think it makes a statement when you take a symbol of the LGBTQ
community here in Fort McMurray, you steal it and then you burn it
outside our venue’s main entrance,” he said.

“I think you do that because you’re
making a statement and you’re making a statement that people who
identify as LGBTQ aren’t welcome here.”

The Calgary Herald also reports that surveillance video from the pub shows the flags in question being stolen but not burned. Though Kenny believes the motives behind the incident to be hate-filled, he does not feel the actions of a few speak for the Fort McMurray community at large. Moreover, he stressed his belief that the flag burnings "will spark a wider public discussion addressing homophobia in the community.”


  1. Gigi says

    For those Americans inclined to say, “But I thought Canadians we all so nice…” don’t fear. Fort McMurray, Alberta is the Canadian equivalent of Bute, Montana. It’s not representative of the rest of the country.

  2. John says

    This is where I grew up, got out as fast as I could. I played the “straight game” until I was able to leave home. U.S. or Canada, these types of idiots are everywhere, it is true they do not speak for everyone. I’m not surprised it took this long for a pride event to happen, Fort Mac is the armpit of Canada. Still plenty of nice folks there though, not the flag burning kind.

  3. david from Edmonton says

    Even here in Canada we have these sorts of people. I am always amazed that they need to express their opinions in what tends to be a violent and intimidating action. You are entitled to your opinions and welcome to share them, I am free to ignore you and them and have no further debate on the matter. You are, however, not free to intimidate, scare or assault me or destroy my property, that is criminal activity and should and will be treated as such. The police need to do their jobs and not underscore the criminal nature of these actions and the level of intimidation is not acceptable. These people tend to be small minded, narrow minded an dangerously impulsive. It saddens me that in an enlightened and civilized society like Canada, we still have people who feel the need to act or behave like barbarians and goons.

  4. Hue-Man says

    Tar Sands rednecks making 6 figures, living in a boom town. 1 BR apartment rental $1,736/month. Single family home to buy (average for June, 2013) $784,961. (1 CAD = .97 USD)

    Despite all the legal protections for gays and lesbians at work, at home, etc., Canada has homophobes (and racists and misogynists and murderers and robbers). Most (sober) Canadians would say “So what?” to rainbow flags…

  5. marc says

    Born and raised in Canada and Fort Mac is a place I would never consider visiting ever.

    Not even if I won a free trip and $10,000 spending money.

    Fort Mac is a dump

  6. Audi-owner says

    Fort Mac sounds like the Canadian version of some southern hillbilly/rightwing town in Mississippi or North Carolina or some batshit crazy state like that. Well,I know to avoid that town on my next visit to Canada in 2 weeks!

  7. andrew says

    Those who burned the Rainbow flags did a great service to the LGBT Community. They remind us that the Rainbow Flag is an important and powerful symbol of LGBT Pride and Liberation.

  8. Hagatha says

    Don’t let reason stop you from making stupid remarks about the South. Of course, gay people being beaten or killed in the major cities of the West, Chicago, and the Northeast aren’t a reflection on he culture of those places, or the lawlessness of their population. Only when something happened in Dixie is it indicative of all southern people, well white southern people, well except when the perp is black, well don’t be a pest with particulars.

    Carry on.

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