1. zeddy says

    Tell that to the gay people that are tortured you stupid propaganda witch. AND most Americans feel that the USSR should have been bombed while we had the chance.

  2. CPT_Doom says

    So, I guess we all know where the old Pravda staff went after the fall of the Communists.

  3. disgusted American says

    wow- just wow…Im honestly shocked – I used to watch RT a lot….and watched the Alona show, she’s now on Current – but this throws me off – RT usually came off as Progressive

  4. MikeKV says

    So, since the gays in that part of the world apparently ‘enjoy’ their life of suppression, and ‘carry on as normal’ (for them), we ‘Westerners’ ought to just be happy for them and accept what’s being done to them?

  5. IJelly says

    You have laws that criminalize people’s existence, and this horrible person passing herself off as a reporter has the nerve to argue that it’s all OK because:

    A. We don’t enforce it as much as we could
    B. The majority of people support it

    These folks are monsters.

  6. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    Vile apologist for an inexcusable criminal government. I hope the Olympics are huge failure and embarassment for the Russians. They deserve it.

  7. Geoff says

    I suppose all the video proof we’ve gotten of violence against the Russian LGBT community is “warped” also. Seriously?

  8. says

    This makes be sad and angry. If I was was on the fence about boycotting Russia before then I am most certainly committed now.

  9. Merv says

    If RT ever had any credibility, it’s now completely gone. That piece was propaganda of the first order. If there’s any justice in the world, Tokyo Rose there will never hold another job in the world of legitimate journalism.

  10. Rich says

    Where did they find that British queen! What a dipshit. Texas = Russia seriously. What would happen to a Russian Wendy Davis in the Duma. Queen needs to get out of the bars, bee is in her bonnet and there is not much under that bonnet apparently. Soviet TV speaks.

  11. Joe says

    LIARS! If a majority of Russians do believe that homosexuality is a danger to children, they’ve clearly been drinking too much. Of course getting falling-down drunk in front of your family and children is an old Russian tradition – no law against that!

  12. Smeejay says

    It is time, PAST time, for EVERY American artist from singers to actors to painters to DJs so STOP playing in and taking money from a country that vilifies and terrorizes it’s LGBT citizens. Next, I think we need to get Gaga and Madonna and Liza and Cher and Bette and EVERY top DJ to have a massive three day music festival in Croatia or Macedonia or one of the former Soviet countries that is struggling to make human rights advancements for their citizens to raise money to fight these criminals and relocate those Russians that want to leave.

  13. Bill says

    @CPT_Doom: There was a joke going around the former Soviet Union (when the government wasn’t listening): “There’s no news in The Truth and no truth in The News.” It turns out that “pravda” means “truth” and “isvestia” means “news”, and both of those were the names of official newspapers, “Pravda” for the Communist Party and “Isvestia” for the government-sponsored newspaper.

    Guess it is time to recycle those old Russian jokes!

  14. Jeff says

    America’s view isn’t warped. I live in Canada and Ireland and my view is the same as theirs.

  15. walter says

    sorry just more of the same old russian propaganda . like stalin wasn’t really such a bad gut, probably won’t be when compared to putin. putin has just managed right under russian noses managed to kill their freedoms and bring back the dictatorship they fought so hard to keep rid of

  16. Gestly says

    Gays are the “canary in the coal mine”. Mark my words: this wave of oppression will not stop with the gays. Any ethnic or religious group could be next. The Nazi’s started with Jews, but pretty soon anyone who was not “pure Aryan” was liable to be tossed into Hitler’s ovens.

    What is happening really isn’t about the gays; they are just a convenient fall guy. This is all designed to divert attention from the declining personality xult of Vladimir Putin and the fact he and his buddies are raping the Russian people and their economy for personal gain. Vladimir, explain to me again how an “elected leader” becomes a multi-billionaire? The entire Russian leadership is a farce, nothing but a corrupt kleptocracy dividing up the spoils of a nation.

    The only difference between Putin and Hitler is Putin, with his nuclear arsennel, has the power to destroy the world.

  17. Vint says

    If only RT had been on-scene with cameras rolling to tell the three recently arrested Dutch tourists that the law is only a myth. . .

  18. andrew says

    “The law is simply in place to protect children from the evils of homosexuality”, what evils? Do they ban the discussion of heterosexuality in public because some heterosexuals are bad people? Oh yea, the heat is on. The whole world is watching and the apologists for Russia’s authoritarian government are bending over backwards to try to defend bigotry and discrimination.

  19. Lucas H says

    Interesting. Notice how, in the very last sentence of this video, she slips in that little factoid about being detained for 15 days. Like… Oh but yeah, there’s that.

  20. Lucas H says

    And one more thing: the fact that a camera wasn’t allowed inside a gay bar DUE TO THE FACT that its owners were concerned about the safety of its patrons, lest they get identified, says a LOT.

  21. Joseph says

    This was just staggering to watch. I don’t wear to start.

    The first thing that comes to mind: I live in Texas and, trust me, it is NOTHING like Russia. The gay bars in Texas aren’t hidden behind gates; instead, they fly rainbow flags out front and have full windows for everybody to see who’s inside.

    And the key difference: I taught high school for 2 years here in Texas, I was openly gay, discussed gay issues with my students, etc. It is not against the law to do that here; I was not fined, I did not go to jail for 15 days.

    What an appalling, horrifying video to watch.

  22. TimD says

    I am glad this is getting so much attention. As another poster said I sometimes watch RT because I watch a lot of global English language news. The UK guy is totally off, he is just someone making money and does not care about the law. Yes there are worse places to be gay than Russia, but Russia borders the EU and hopes are higher for its citizens. I agree with the poster who said Putin is using “anti-gay” messages to divert attention away from his miserable policies and dictatorship. If the Olympics proceed I do hope gay Olympians and visitors are fined or detained for 2 weeks so people see the law in action. The international community does seem to be making some waves about the Olympics — not sure where that will go — but that is why RT ran this propoganda piece to say “Oh Russia is just a fine place to be gay.”

  23. Bill Perdue says

    RT serves the same function as the old Soviet Pravda and Izvestia outfits: disseminate positive news about Russia and negative news about the West. Of course stylistically it is vastly superior to Pravda or Izvestia. It became popular on YT because some of the negative propaganda about the West was accurate (e.g., corrupt banks) and because it peppers the propaganda with interesting videos, including spectacular footage of the meteor strike a few months ago or of the Japanese tsunami.

    So RT has some interesting videos and occasionally its propaganda may coincide with truth. But it is not a trustworthy news source, and this apologia for the Putin/Russian Orthodox Church theocracy is proof.

  24. Mark says

    Go to the vid on YT and down vote it. Show them that their propaganda is not persuading anyone.

  25. calcifer says

    “Go to the vid on YT and down vote it. Show them that their propaganda is not persuading anyone.”

    But that means giving it hits… /dilemma

  26. Bill says

    @Gestly: to be fair to Putin, he seems to have signed it, but I didn’t see any claims that he pushed the bill or asked legislators to pass it. He didn’t do anything to try to stop it, though. At least not pushing it would make a comparison with Hitler an exaggeration.

    In reply to a suggestion by Hillary Clinton that Putin had no soul, Putin reputedly said that “At least the state figure should have a head.” Some have suggested that he is a sociopath.

    One thing the U.S. can do is to collect a bunch of questions regarding whether particular actions are legal or not under Russia’s new law, and demand that the Russians provide answers so our state department can issue guidelines for American visitors who are unfamiliar with Russian concepts of what constitutes “propaganda”. Then we should hold them to it. They’ll be hard pressed to explain how wearing a rainbow pin is propaganda directed at children, and if they just assert that it is, they’ll look ridiculous.

  27. millerbeach says

    Their nation is broke, no system in place since the fall of Communism, the mafia is out of control, and they are worried about gay people? Wow…talk about rearranging the deck chairs of the Titanic…let’s just wait until they sink.

  28. StudioTodd says

    So the fact that Russia’s archaic understanding of sexuality has not changed in 10 years is supposed to make me less concerned about their new wave of anti-gay violence or less opposed to their anti-gay legislation…how exactly?

  29. David says

    This channel should be dropped from every cable and satellite service. Why give them money to say this?

  30. David says

    This channel should be dropped from every cable and satellite service. Why give them money to say this?

  31. Benjamin22b says

    Yeah, I take it I’m not the only one who was sorely tempted to watch the vid just to get good n’ outraged… but didn’t, to avoid giving RT any hits (I did that with their meteor stories too, snif)!

  32. disgusted american says

    Gays love to play the victim.

    Posted by: George | Aug 5, 2013 10:36:48 PM

    Really George? Soo when has it been illegal for heteros to hold hands, discuss thier families, show thier pictures of thier loved ones? When was the last time heteros were threatened with thier children being taken away?

  33. Charles says

    This network started out trying to be the Russian Al-jazeera, but ended up like a Russian Fox News with less subtlety. Unwatchable.

  34. choo2 says

    the english gay guy interviewed in the video can stay all he likes in russia… but i’m definitely not going there… no way… as in NO WAY!!!

  35. Bill says

    @Michael: supposedly when someone tried to get rid of one of Hitler’s subordinates by claiming the guy was Jewish (the Nazis’ definition was fairly broad so a distant Jewish ancestor would be enough), Hitler supposedly said that he would decide who was Jewish and who wasn’t.

  36. Scott says

    This is why I quit watching any RT news clips-Because while they might’ve held a progressive view on some things, they went overboard on others, and espoused conspiracy views, anything literally to make Western governments look bad. Which usually sounds like a conservative conspiracy, but in this case, it is true.

    Russia is so f*cked up. It really is.

  37. Frankly Black says

    You know, our own government is doing so many horrible things, in secret, with secret courts, with massive taxpayer funded systems to spy on all of us in epic proportions, I just can’t help wondering if we’re being, well, manipulated.

    How about we clean up our own filthy, sleezy, unconstitutionally spying on everybody’s freakin’ emails and web browsing habits government first, THEN let’s tell everyone else how they should run their own countries…

    Where’s the outrage at what we’re doing that’s criminal ?

    Oh yeah, we can and have done no wrong, because we have a lot of money and guns and willing “patriots” to send everywhere and create and exacerbate the problems we rail about.

    We have secret courts, secret investigations, secret places to whisk people off to without any legal recourse, and you think Russia is a problem worth getting upset about ?

    It’s so easy to look abroad for someone to blame, isn’t it ?

  38. Barca says

    Everytime I travel abroad RT is typically the other news channel next to CNNi and has always appeared progressive to me. Maybe it’s gone so far to the left it circled around and ended up on the right. The lack of facts is surprising

  39. SAYTHETRUTH says

    They are 70 year behind. The problem being that 70 years behind in Russia means 120, given they already were behind in those times.

  40. ToThePoint says

    Yeah, we should protect the gay kids from the evils of their own homosexuality. Does this stupid MF have any idea what he is doing?! How can someone so effing stupid become leader of Russia……oh, yeah that’s right…..they are RUSSIANS after all. Glad I ain’t one of them, they are worse than repugs.

  41. Rich says

    Well done RT.Im fed up with minorities thinking that they are owed something.Gays and lesbians are a protected species now and some are almost predatory,they expect us all to be like them and to be fair they have more rights than the rest of us.Why do they constantly shout from the rooftops about how hard done by they are?
    Gays are getting more militant with their new found power and its about time that they realized that there are other people on the planet.Its about time that they are forced to realize that we all have to live by the law and that they are restricted like the rest of us.
    Im sure this comment will have them bleating.Well shout as loud as you like,but remember you might shout too loud in the wrong place one day.

  42. D says

    If you don’t like it sit your fat asses in your own country. its their country their laws who gave you the power to decide what’s right and wrong. at least they still got their morals

  43. KxWaal says

    That’s weird… I used to watch RT America all the time – the Alyona show and Thom Hartmann in particular (Alyona’s on Huff Post TV now) – Both shows were EXTREMELY progressive for American media (I’m an Anarcho-Commie, so it was still to the right of me – But certainly to the left of say MSNBC or CNN) – They were certainly in favour of gay marriage/gay rights in general…. Is RT America different from the original RT? I’m pretty shocked to see this…