1. Zlick says

    What people think we’re all like this? Sheesh! Some people like hair, some don’t. Some like it here and not there. To each their own applies to all peoples. And I personally find men who don’t manscape just a bit to keep things neat to be kinda gross, and it’s one reason why it’s better to be a gay guy than a straight girl. Heheh.

    (And my personal grooming preference for some sexy smoothness does not reflect on the entire LGBT community-at-large. Sheesh.)

  2. Zlick says

    Yeah, the video was a cute – (not really all that funny imo) – comedy routine. But of course, um, the subject matter it brings up is really one of d’uh things to discuss in relation to it.

  3. Greg says

    Between nair and the razor, I somehow manage to get all the hair between the balls and the neck (because I like my V neck to show smooth skin.

    Some like hair. Some like nair. It’s a good. Actually it’s not good when you go for a waxing and an escapee from the East German Olympic sports program waxes as if judges were scoring her. 6.0 for being ruthless and efficient.

  4. Dave says

    I’m all for hair in its growing places…but as a runner I discovered years ago that I MUST shave my scrotum or risk a nasty heat rash during summer running months.

    So some grooming isn’t for vain or societal reasons.

  5. John says

    Trim, but don’t shave it off. I like fur too. I was pissed to see Wolverine is now waxed. WTF? Isn’t he supposed to be furry?
    Bravo to sexy Henry Cavill for keeping it real. Unless you have a *ucked up hair pattern I say, except trimming, leave it alone!

  6. emjayay says

    For some reason the whipped cream sundae style shaving cream was quite amusing. Yeah, cute and amusing. Lighten up some of you.

    The camera in the bathroom was handheld. No doubt by Austin Bening.

  7. Kyle says

    The only part of that body that should be shaved is that sad-ass patchy beard…. okay and maybe his balls. Nothing like licking and doing all sorts of things to a scrotum that doesn’t have the mouth feel of ’70s era shag rug.

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