The OXD Mirror: New Music For 8.30.13

Chris Malinchak – 'If U Got It' 

While Chris Malinchak's 'If U Got It' was actually leaked onto the internet late last year, it's only now being released as his second single and the song quickly rising the charts after being deemed an essential tune by BBC Radio 1's Pete Tong. The song's melodic pianos are complemented by soulful vocals, making it a beautiful follow up to his iconic 'So Good To Me' which was also christened an essential tune by Tong last year. 

Holy Ghost – 'Okay'

Holy Ghost's Dynamics is ready to release on September 10 and they just recently shared this new album track to whet everyone's appetite. 'Okay' shows off the softer side of Holy Ghost, with a synth heavy sound reminiscent of their previous effort 'Say My Name.' It's a smooth pop song which effectively mirrors the tale of the push and pull of a relationship that you just can't let go of, even though all senses say you should.

Lemonade – 'Skyballer' 

With a name like Lemonade, it's a no-brainer that the band's music is made to be enjoyed in the summer. Their latest work, 'Skyballer,' proves that rule once again as a tune full of whistles, pianos and tropical melodies that will have you holding tightly onto for these last few summer days. 

Mellow Baku & The Friday People – 'The Messenger'

After originally being released in 1999 on Jose Padilla’s Café De Mar Vol. 6, I'm grateful that the 'The Messenger' is being re-issued under the Mellow Baku & The Friday People moniker. The song starts out mellow, with etherial vocals seducing you along with the beachy vibe until a full, energetic chorus kicks in around the 1:20 mark. The golden tune features soulful vocals and beautiful harmonies, complemented by an infectious afro beat.

Tensnake – '58 BPM feat. Fiora'


This song is what the end of summer is all about. '58 Bpm,' by Hamburg's Tensnake (Marco Niemerski) is the epitome of a slow burner (at 58 beats per minute it should be!). Featuring vocals by Berlin's Fiora, the track is a languid sensual paradise, far removed from what Tensnake is known for, but perfectly enjoyable nonetheless.

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This week's post was written and curated by Ru Bhatt. Check out more of his music picks on his podcast, The Ru-Mix and on Made In Brazil.

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    Guess I’m the only one who thought Miley’s gig was a blatant parody and major put-down of the decrepit, tacky, commercial-music industry as it now stands. Shows you what I know…..

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