The Paths of 170 Years of Hurricanes Combined Into One Map: PHOTO


Created by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this stunning image charts the nearly 12,000 tropical cyclones that have occurred across the globe since the NOAA began keeping a record in 1842. The team used colors to help show patterns in the density of storms affecting a given area.

The group also produced a second map showing storm intensity and an interactive map that allows you to track individual strom paths throughout history. 


  1. AriesMatt says

    Wish I could post the screen shot of the hurricane paths where I live (MS Gulf Coast). The 150 mile radius around where I live is almost solid with lines cris-crossing in every which direction from past hurricanes. We’re used to it, though.

  2. says

    Maybe ’cause of the Andes, Merv? For whatever reason (I’ve always chucked it to hearing someone say it when I was a kid), I am under the impression that Peru, for instance, has a much colder climate than it would otherwise because of the Andes. Something about the mountains not allowing the warmer winds from the east to pass west….

  3. Hagatha says

    The hurricanes which hit America are generally of a pattern that originates just west of Africa. The upper level winds are the “steering currents”. The water has to be extremely warm as well. So the hurricanes generally follow the same path as the trade winds. Africa across the Atlantic, up the Eastern Seaboard, and the sometimes back across the Atlantic towards Europe.

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