1. MIke says

    I read an interesting piece once on a flight. Out of all the celebrity fragrances the most popular by miles has been “Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds”. All other celeb fragrances enjoy fleeting popularity then drop after 5-10 years. But not Liz. Oh well, hope that was more interesting than One Direction.

  2. mike/ says

    @ MIKE – “White Diamonds” almost killed me! honestly! the 1st time i came in contact with it i was on the floor, in tears with a major asthma attack that they had to call an ambulance & take me to the E.R.

    i actually wrote to Ms. Taylor to tell her what happened but didn’t put any blame. i was/am just allergic to it.

    not really expecting a reply, she herself sent me an incredible note apologizing & saying being asthmatic herself she understood completely. she also said something really interesting in that most women didn’t know how to wear “White Diamonds”. they spritz til the bottle is empty! you only need a little she said.

    and you’re right, it is still a big seller; i have to be careful – i can now smell it a mile away!!!!!!

  3. Eikki says

    This is becoming ridiculous. What does this boy band have to do with any sort of gay issue? Why do they show up on this site constantly? Please, just stop.

  4. WOW says

    Oh please! All you bitter queens complaining would be the first in line to screw any one of these guys. The reason there are articles on here about them, guess what? They have a huge gay following. So stop with your faux outrage girls!

  5. Zeta says

    @Wow, apologies but speak for yourself. I’m not into children, and I’m not into fake bisexuals/fake homosexuals. The first post by NorthAlabama is on the money.

  6. WOW says

    @Zeta, you are just upset they aren’t really gay. Get over it. Don’t tell me the only ones buying their music are just teenage girls! I’m sure there are lots One Direction songs in plenty of Mp3 players among the whiners on this site. As for their age, I’m just as shocked as you that gay guys would lust after twinks. That must be something new to the gay world?? Sarcasm.

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