1. Adamn says

    One wonders when Andy Towle is going to stop promoting no-talent females who masquerade as singers with the aid of Auto Tune. Britney, Miley and a million others are fakes.

  2. MIke says

    When did she become of peculiar interest to gays? After the pre-teens, the country fans, and the average 15-25 year old rejected her? I just don’t get why gay oriented sites do stories on her like she’s of interest.

  3. jjose712 says

    MIke: Well, she is very pro gay rights, and that’s nothing new.

    It’s obvious that some people on this site like the divas articles, and some doesn’t like them at all.
    A sensible person would skip an article that he is not interested, but of course this is towleroad so instead of that we get tons of bitching in the comments section

  4. deedrdo says

    i saw a video of her singing unplugged and her voice was beautiful and spot on in tune. i’m not a fan of her style of music but it is interesting (to me) watching her grow up and evolve.

  5. chris says

    Deedrodo, maybe you mean the youtube video of her singing a stripped-down “Jolene?” I’m not a fan and could only name one Cyrus song but I have to say, she can sing. Without autotune.

  6. alguien says

    i’ve grown to like her as a person (she’s one our more outspoken allies, she supported the occupy movement, etc.) but i’ll still never be able to get behind her dreadful music.

  7. says

    She’s 20 years old – she’s finding herself both musically and personally. But, of course, being in the public eye gives people carte blanche to call her a whore and so on. That’s more of a “yawn” than anything she’s personally done.

    And, yes, Miley is a gay advocate and isn’t quiet about it, she’s sex positive in the face of seemingly endless criticism (sounds familiar), and a lot of her songs can get read into as having gay themes. That’s why she’s written about on here. Plus, Dolly Parton’s her godmother.

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