AFA’s Bryan Fischer Claims Gay Activists Are Modern Day Nazi Stormtroopers: VIDEO


American Family Association spokeshater Bryan Fisher yesterday rehashed his claim that gay rights activists are modern day Nazis who seek to do to Christians what the Nazis did to the Jews.

Fischer, who knows "for a matter of historical record" that Hitler's top stormtroopers were all gay and that the Nazi Party started in a gay bar, says that the "thuggish, totalitarian, and repressive" tactics of gay rights advocates are proof of their Nazi roots:

"That's what homosexual activists want to do today. Not physically, but through intimidation and legal action and harassment do the same thing to Christians today. They are not content to 'live and let live.' They've go to punish. They've got to destroy. They've got to eliminate. They've got to marginalize. They've got to neutralize. They've got to completely silence any voice that defends man-woman marriage and the abiding truths of the word of God."

What about you? Have you fulfilled your marginalizing, neutralizing, and silencing Christian quota for the day?