Wingnut Peter LaBarbera Charges Pope Francis With Naivete About ‘Aggressive Homosexual Agenda’

Peter LaBarbera, the President of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, recently wrote a statement to his readers concerning the personal comments made by Pope Francis about the church's stance on various social issues, including gay marriage and abortion. He was, of course, displeased with the Pope's relatively open-minded and open-doored statement. In fact, he writes of his fears that the Pope has been duped by the homosexual agenda to infiltrate the Catholic Church.  

PeterlabarberaRight Wing Watch reports:

According to LaBarbera, “Satan’s earthly minions” concocted a plan to bring gay men into the priesthood so they can “seduce and molest” boys in order to discredit and weaken the Church’s authority to condemn homosexuality. LaBarbera now fears that the Pope is giving ammunition to “pro-homosexuality and pro-abortion militants” to further their goal of bringing “corruption and destruction to many institutions.”

LaBarbera's impassioned analysis of the homosexual agenda explains the gays' 6-step plan in fuller detail:

I dare say that a more sinister plot to undermine the Catholic Church and its reputation could not have been carried out had Satan’s earthly minions spent $100 million devising one:

1. Homosexual men take advantage of more lax standards to enter priesthood.

2. Homosexual priests and male Catholic school officials use their authoritative role to seduce and molest mostly male teenagers and boys. 

3. Homosexuals like then-Archbishop Weakland and their sympathizers in the Church cover up priest abuses and transfer predators to new, unsuspecting parishes, where they molest more boys. 

4. The homosexual-predator scandal blows up in the media — alienating millions of Catholics from the Church and doing untold damage to its reputation and moral, spiritual and political influence. 

5. Homosexuals and liberal allies who advocate for acceptance of homosexuality turn around and say Church is now discredited because it harbored “pedophiles.” Meanwhile, Church officials resist full disclosure of the scandal, thus perpetuating it.

6. Lastly, “gay” activists and their liberal allies continue to insist that the male-on-boy priest abuse scandal has little or nothing to do with homosexuals — but rather was a “pedophile” or “ephebophile” (adult who is sexual attracted to adolescents) problem.

My hunch is that each and every one of those complicit Church apologists for homosexuality, like Weakland, would consider himself “more compassionate” and “more Christ-like” than “anti-gay Catholics” who have been scandalized by the homosexualist advances in their Church. Such is the arrogance of liberals. This despite the untold suffering of boys victimized by sexual deviants masquerading as pastoral guardians of others’ souls. 

It was only a matter of time 'til conspiracy theories began pouring in on this latest Catholic Church kerfuffle. LaBarbera's plan paints a particularly insidious portrait of the homosexual menace, one likely as difficult for us to believe as it is for anyone else. If only we could hear Pope Francis's rebuttal.


  1. QJ201 says

    Well the KKK was anti-catholic…and as recently as JFK there was this fear that catholic politicians would take orders from the Pope…

    What’s old is new again.

  2. JoseRVG says

    Does this moron realize that priests rape girls as well? And that those are a lot less likely to even be reported? Let priests get married and you’ll, eventually, get rid of men who just want to take advantage of boys (or girls) and teenagers.

  3. woodroad34d says

    This is typical Hanna-La Barbera cartoonishness…he’d make the perfect villain in a Johnny Quest cartoon. Ridiculous hyperbole, over-the-top reasoning (or lack, thereof); a comedic confluence of catastrophic characteristics.

  4. Bill says

    Well, one difference between the pope and the wingnuts is that the pope realizes that continually screaming “the sky is falling” when everyone can see that it isn’t turns you into a joke.

  5. bkmn says

    Did Peter, aka LaBabs, show up in his finest leather chaps with a video recorder to make his point?

    If not he is just getting huffy cause his tax exempt organization got shut down and he isn’t gettin’ any mo money from the fools.

  6. StevyD says

    Peter LaBarbera and others like him, including Opus Dei will have the Pope assassinated, lay the blame on a Islamic fundamentalist Homosexual cabal, then have Francis sainted to appease the laity, and then return the former Hitlerian Youth (AKA) Pope Benedict XVI to the throne of Saint Peter. It will become a best selling book before becoming a famous movie starring Tom Hanks. I Betcha By Golly.

  7. emjayay says

    Here’s how it really works and has always worked. I didn’t make this up but read it once and I think it’s totally on the money.

    Traditional Catholic families think the best thing ever is for one of their several sons to become a priest (not so much anymore – this is the historic view). All the brothers go after girls and get married to one of them and produce grandchildren (the other main goal in life for parents). One son isn’t so into girls and is into the church. He goes off to the seminary, a world of all men and other young guys, many of them gay even if they don’t understand that, where he can also establish a life with a place and social connection and esteem of other people without being married and producing a lovely family. This is the gay son. Probably most of the time being gay isn’t anything that even crossed anyone’s mind. So he’s a priest living a lonely life and has close continual personal contact with pretty sweet adolescent boys and no one else other than the elderly housekeeper. The altar boys ook up to him as a role model and close to God guy……

    No, I’m not saying all or most sexual predators are gay. I’m not saying that gay priests inevitably have sex with altar boys. A straight (apparently) priest in my parish when I was in high school ran off with the much younger parish secretary.

    The only way to fix the situation is to allow married priests.

  8. BC says

    Ultra right wingers don’t accept Obama? WRONG! Many Liberals can’t stand him either. There are Popes you like, and Popes you hate. We’re stuck with Presidents and Popes–until the next smoke screen.

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