1. Jay says

    Mr. Lively is exhibiting psychotic behavior. I hope someone close to him can lend him a hand and help him.

  2. Miguel R. says

    Who am I to judge? I thought Cheney was the antichrist and that he was working with Bush and the Evangelicals to bring about the Apocalypse. I think my theory was closer to the truth, though.

  3. trees says

    I always thought the Anti-Christ had a head that looked like an overstuffed melon with white fuzzy mold around the edges and with one arched eyebrow and crazed eyes.

  4. says

    you afraid big boy ? tell Americans how the sky falls, the earth bursting, arc-angels whacking off our heads, devils sucking our souls…Lets see if any average Americans believe your monsters stories.

  5. Eric says

    Christianity, as it is widely interpreted in the West, is an apocalyptic religion. This means that most Christians should, in fact, be praying for the Apocalypse to come sooner rather than later, since it is the very thing they believe they have been waiting for for thousands of years. Warning Christians that anyone might be hastening the Apocalypse is like warning an ice cream company that summer is coming right quick.

  6. Mary says

    Considering all the time that Barack Obama spends trying to destroy the West, promote socialism, implement the homosexual agenda (whatever that is) and plan the Muslim overthrow of the U.S. ,it’s surprising that he has time left to groom himself.

    (sarcasm – for those that didn’t get it!)

  7. Kev C says

    RMC, Scott Lively is an antifascist who compares gays to nazis, in the long tradition of antifascists, including modern ones.

  8. theotherlee says

    @LittleKiwi ..

    It’s funny you should mention Unicorns… were you aware Unicorns are in the bible?

    “Isaiah 34:7
    And the unicorns shall come down with them, and the bullocks with the bulls; and their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust made fat with fatness.”


    But, yeah, I do have to echo some of the other comments.. something that I have never understood.. “The end is coming!!” Should be an exclamation of exaltation… because that means Christ is returning, and they all get to go to their special happy place with the Sky Daddy, and be in his presence forever, and ever and ever… I do like the Ice Cream company and Summer analogy. I think I’ll use that in the future, myself! LOL

  9. danswon says

    It’s farcical that people are sent to prison for making jokes on Twitter and yet this monster, among others, and the WBC, are given free reign to spread their hatred and try to encourage others to violence

  10. JMC says

    I don’t know about you guys, but if I were in bed with Obama and Satan my (homosexual) agenda would be full of plots much more superficial than bringing on the apocalypse. Certainly, Britney Spears would be #1 on iTunes right now and Henry Cavill would be a taken man for starters.

  11. Rad says

    I wholly concur; this is either the face of religious mental illness or the top of the GOP ticket for 2016.

  12. TemplAR says

    We should not ignore people like this. These people are increasingly dehumanizing us using religion and then we have straight allies make crude gay jokes at james franco’s roast, or make us into stereotypical figures in tv shows etc. You know what I’m talking about.

    But, as long as Andy Cohen and Anderson have talk shows all is ok for us gays,

    lol wow.

  13. Chazwm says

    This man is not just ‘crazy’ as some folks here think. He is antidemocratic, he is a religious fundamentalism fanatic, and he has been working at this for a decade or more. He has stepped forward where previous fanatics like him have failed to galvanize highlevel political power. He influenced antihomosexual laws in the legislatures of Uganda and of former USSR republics…long before Putin has also picked up the antihomosexual banner from the legislature in Russia. Now his efforts have gained true political power thanks to Putin. We will see and hear lots more from Lively, I am certain…

  14. Jack M says

    If he thinks Putin is setting such a good example, he can get on the next plane to Russia and never come back. It’s like they say – America, love it or leave it!

  15. F Young says

    “Somebody really does need to put a bullet in that Hitler wannabe’s filthy head.”

    While I agree that Lively is a monster who would do unimaginable evil if he gained the power that he seeks, it is never okay to murder someone. RMC’s comment should be removed as a violation of comment terms.

  16. TemplAR says

    Hey F Young

    He has already done imaginable evil. Look at what he has done in Russia – home to 100 plus million people and large parts of Africa.
    His evil will live on for years to come. I HOPE he is found guilty for crimes against humanity. People like this cannot be allowed to do what they are doing under the banner of Religion anymore. No more of this !

  17. anon says

    There’s a long tradition of fringe Christian talk like this, but it normally gets no mainstream press. Christianity is forever under siege and in need of a powerful defender. In this case, the defender is a Communist who has politically allied himself with the Russian Orthodox Church, but whatever.

  18. says

    If I had a dime for every end of the world prophesy I’d be a rich man.

    And what happened last Dec. with the end of the world and the prediction of the Mayan calender ?

  19. Mary Ann says

    if you look at how unhealthy and obscene gay pride marches are – nudity, drag queens, making fun of religion, and displays of S and M – maybe Scott Lively is correct about how sick the homosexual movement is. These obscene parades are done in front on children too. There is something very sick about that too.

  20. Mary Ann says

    if you look at how unhealthy and obscene gay pride marches are – nudity, drag queens, making fun of religion, and displays of S and M – maybe Scott Lively is correct about how sick the homosexual movement is. These obscene parades are done in front on children too. There is something very sick about that too.

  21. Leroy Laflamme says

    Well, I, for one, wish the damn Apocalypse would hurry up & happen already so that the righteous can happily go to their Just Reward & the rest of us sinners can get on with our sordid, hopeless lives in peace. Win-win for everyone.

  22. Alan says

    @Mary Ann

    Ah, the “think of the children” excuse. If you don’t want them to see a pride parade then keep them away from them. You want to know what’s really obscene? Dehumanizing an entire group of people based on who they love. You and Scott Lively are the sick ones.

  23. Jerry6 says

    On the day the POPE says to leave the Gays alone; HE has bigger fish to fry than the Gays. He also told the Priests to leave the boys alone. (There are enough gay priests that they can have their fun right within the Church.)