Anti-gay Evangelist Scott Lively: Obama Working with Satanic Gays to Bring About the Apocalypse: AUDIO

LivelyIn case you were unaware, Scott Lively, the anti-gay evangelical nutcase who takes credit for Russia's anti-gay laws, knows exactly how the world is going to end in the next couple of years. Luckily, he's willing to share snippets of his insight with the rest of us.

In an interview with right wing radio host Rick Wiles yesterday, Lively revealed that the Antichrist is currently in charge of the largest superpower in the world (read: Obama) and that homosexuality is "at the heart of the Antichrist kingdom." 


Humorously, Lively later argues that Vladimir Putin and his anti-gay regime remain Earth's last hope for redemption:

"We don't want to gloss over the problems that we have with Mr. Putin but by the same token he's the only world leader capable of standing up to the West and he is championing the traditional marriage and Christian values regarding the central moral issue of our time that no one else has the capability to do what he's doing. Really there's a chance here for him to inspire all the morally conservative countries of the law to adopt a similar law that he just adopted, his country just adopted and really have a chance maybe to roll some of this terrible agenda back."