1. Esther Blodgett says

    My immediate reaction is that things like this don’t take 15 years to surface, and when they do get revealed, even if true, they don’t surface in a book, but in verbal interviews within a couple of years.

  2. KT says

    According to the review, the book is claiming that Shepard was HIV positive, and a meth user entrenched in a drug underworld and suffering from sexual trauma. This is how people like Brian Fischer and the Westboro assholes think all gays are like. This sounds like a right wing hit piece. I’m pretty sure if all that was true, it would have come out at the time of the murder and trial.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    When torture is used to murder a Gay person (by hustlers or “trade”) there is a message of hate involved–not just the act of killing. You don’t just stab a Gay guy 20 times. You stab him 65 times to make a point.

    It was a hate crime.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    When torture is used to murder a Gay person (by hustlers or “trade”) there is a message of hate involved–not just the act of killing. You don’t just stab a Gay guy 20 times. You stab him 65 times to make a point.

    It was a hate crime.


    Someone, somewhere will believe his speculations as the purest truth. Gays are evil and sordid, so there is no way that gay kid wasn’t in their view. Next book: Charles Manson was in fact the LOVER of the pregnant murdered Sharon Tate.

    It’s no wonder that the killer was homophobic and homophobes hide their true desires by hating them, but that is far fetched.

  6. says

    @KT, I’m not by any means endorsing the rest of this guy’s claims, but Matt Shepard WAS HIV-positive. He claimed to have been raped (gang-raped, I think) while on vacation resulting in his sero-status. I forget where the rape occurred. The only reason I say “claimed” is that I don’t think charges were ever filed.

    His HIV status is even mentioned in The Laramie Project, by the policewoman who was one of the first on the scene, got Matt’s blood on her, and had to be tested herself. She did not contract HIV.

  7. mike/ says

    the thing that concerns me is right at the beginning he clearly states that his research stems from an “anonymous” letter! would you trust an “anonymous” letter?

    as far as Matthew’s drug use & HIV status, his mother talks about in her book.

  8. IJelly says

    Mr. Mandell, it would be great if you could do a background check on the author. His story the type of language he uses makes this whole thing seem like a right-wing hatchet job.

  9. Bobby F says

    This disgusts me. I am so sad to know that Dennis, Judy, and Logan are going to have to work thru these lies and distortion of facts. Keep in mind, Laramie wants to pretend this never happened and when it is brought up, the people there want to turn this into something it never was. This saddens me so much. They murdered Matthew once, now they are murdering his memory. And this so-called writer wants to profit on the blood of Matthew Separd. What a miserable excuse for a human being.

  10. Dave says

    Seconding what others have said: Matt’s HIV status has been public knowledge practically since he died. The Deputy who found him said in TLP that she had to take PEP because she was exposed to his blood while giving first aid.

  11. Fenrox says

    @Dan, a closed mind is a far more nuanced thing than you understand. This is not the same thing as denying that man evolved into it’s present state, this is not believing someone who is trying to make money on a dead kid.

    If it came out that Gandhi and Mother Teresa killed puppies and invented crack it wouldn’t change the causes they started and it would be perfectly fine to just forget the new information and laud your memory of a person. Cuz the actual Gandhi would be dead, so who cares what kind of person he is?

  12. says

    ” A young man who died because he was involved with the underworld…..of Laramie’s drug culture rather than because he was gay.”

    So he came up with this $hit to sell his book and it took him fifteen years to do so ?

    Of course this tool is being sponsored by the Christian Right or the American Family Association or the Koch brothers.

    For Andrew Sullivan to give the light of day to this nocturnal feral maggot doesn’t surprise me, unfortunately.

  13. IJelly says

    Just tried to find a bio or CV on Stephen Jimenez and wasn’t able to come up with anything – not even in the author profiles section at Amazon. Seems strange that a publisher wouldn’t release a basic bio for an author they were sending out on book tour.

    curiouser and curiouser

  14. DW says

    I hope the truth will prevail one way or the other. This may be a lesson not to hang an entire civil rights movement on one case. Hate crimes are everywhere even if they aren’t as dramatic as a crucifixion on a fence. If we rely too much on one example it’s easy pickings for those who want to discredit it.

  15. Bobby F says

    And in a lot of ways, Andrew Sullivan is as much of a loathsome self-hater as Bret Easton Ellis.

    DW, suck it. The federal Hate Crimes Act has more than one person’s name attached to it, you ignoramus.

  16. Yeek says

    Hmmm. I’m not gonna say “I don’t care” because we should always care about possible errors in what we believe or know. It is rather hard for me to see how Shepard’s HIV status has much relevance to the story no matter what happened.

    On the flip side, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. A person’s word means nothing. One thing is certain: a lot of people aren’t going to be happy about this. And a few are.

  17. Zack says

    Almost the entire The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later show is about discounting this jerk’s claim. I can’t believe he’s still getting press, and from Sullivan no less. What a tool.

  18. PETERZ says

    I suspect that this “researcher” is a fraud, bent on smearing a Gay martyr through heresay and justifying further conservative anti-gay rhetoric. Something smells, here — 15 years later, and they’re trying to re-frame this heinous murder as a rumored drug-related crime? Nuh, uh, I ain’t buying it. That’s like justifying the KKK’s church bombing because the four girls were rumored to be in an after-school prostitution ring.

  19. Stephen says

    Having been a bartender in a big city gay community, and in some the seedier hustler bars, this story REALLY makes more sense to me. Regardless, this man does not need to make money off of Matthews death.

  20. Rick says

    Oh, no, what are the “good liberal” apologists going to do now that their one single example of gay-bashing by a white male is being taken away from them…..leaving them with the unadorned reality that just about all physical attacks on gays are perpetrated by blacks and Hispanics?

    Turns out that Matthew Shepard was simply a victim of the kind of viciousness that is so typical of gay men’s behavior towards each other….

    Surprise, surprise.

  21. TampaZeke says

    It’s interesting that his killers were up for the death penalty and knowing that their case was getting extra attention because of the anti-gay hate angle they NEVER presented any of this information in their defense.

  22. etseq says

    Andrew Sullivan gave the book a blurb for Amazon. You know why? Sullivan doesn’t think hate crimes should be illegal because he is a conservative so Sullivan is using this jerk as a subtle way to undermine hate crimes. Just like Sullivan believes black people are inferior, etc. What a jerk.

  23. Daniel says

    As I did some searching for actual information, rather than rumour about Shepard’s HIV status what I find is a lot more rumour. This seems like something that, if it were true, would have been verified by the post mortem. Until I see what this guy’s actual evidence is I don’t see a reason to believe what he says. It’s not “having an open mind” to believe everything you hear before you find out where he got the information.

  24. Derrick from Philly says

    @”Oh, no, what are the “good liberal” apologists going to do now that their one single example of gay-bashing by a white male is being taken away from them…..leaving them with the unadorned reality that just about all physical attacks on gays are perpetrated by blacks and Hispanics?”

    Anthony Milano, Brandon Teena, Lawrence King, James Craig Anderson, Gwen Arauyo–all murders of LGBT folks by White men ( a boy killer in the case of the Lawrence King).

  25. says

    “For Andrew Sullivan to give the light of day to this nocturnal feral maggot doesn’t surprise me, unfortunately.”

    “And in a lot of ways, Andrew Sullivan is as much of a loathsome self-hater as Bret Easton Ellis.”

    More, actually. Yet he has a vaunted media platform that BEE will never have. Nearly threw up when I saw Patient Less Than Zero on Anderson Cooper 360 last night. I’m sure he’ll be hawking this book on that show — complete with a Jimenez interview — in next to no time

  26. Rick says

    @Derrick As this case demonstrates, there is a difference between “crimes of passion” involving two people who know each other and random attacks on the part of strangers who are motivated by nothing other than hatred for a group of people.

    I don’t know the details of those other cases you mentioned, but I strongly suspect that there were circumstances similar to those being exposed here about the Matthew Shepard case, that the murderer knew his victim personally and had some kind of PERSONAL issue with him, whether it had to do with “love”, sex, drugs, or something else. Not that that makes murder acceptable, but again, that is very different from an actual hate crime that is based on nothing but having an issue with a (stranger’s) sexual orientation and hating ALL people with that orientation because of their orientation.

  27. Donna says

    I will watch the interview, but it seems far fetched. I’ll go with whatever the facts are. But there was a full trial of both defendants. They testified that dislike of Matt’s sexual orientation was one motive behind the attack. And there has never been any evidence that either guy knew Matt prior to the attack. It would be surprising indeed for this Jimenez guy to divine that one of the killers had a preexisting relationship with the victim. The police and DA investigation of 2 capital murder cases would have revealed this long ago and McKinney himself would have volunteered the information as a mitigating factor.

  28. EchtKultig says

    Amen Derek. I was just discussing with a gay friend how 95% of the homophobia I’ve encountered in the corporate world has been from other white men, not minorities.

    BTW…Sullivan just stole his crown of “most annoying gay media figure” back from Johnny Weir.

  29. IJelly says

    @Rick. “I don’t know the details of those other cases you mentioned, but I strongly suspect that there were circumstances similar to those being exposed here”

    Derrick gave you the relevant cases, take 2 minutes and actually look up what you’re talking about before you make claims about a whole class of people.

  30. Bernie says

    this is so disrespectful to Matthew and his family…..this guy’s story sounds way too much like the fiction it is……heaven forbid a gay man be murdered and strung on a fence for being gay and not be in the drug scene…….

  31. Derrick from Philly says

    @ Rick,

    you want “random cases” of Gay-bashing ending in fatalities:

    Juliane Williams and Lollie Winans were a Lesbian murdered on the Appalachian Trail.

    Mollie Olgin and Kristene Chapa a teenage Lesbian couple murdered in a park in Texas. Take a look at the police sketch of the suspect.

    Rick, I believe most Gay-bashings are INTRA-racial. And when the bashing of Gays is fatal it appears it is almost always someone of the same race.

  32. Mike says

    The murder of Matthew Shepard was a horrendous HATE CRIME of a wonderful young gay American that justifiably tugged at the heart strings of an ENTIRE nation! This morally bankrupt excuse of a book will probably see its initial grand opening at a few squalid dollar stores which is much more then it really deserves . . .

  33. andrew says

    That was painful to read and hear. Stephen’s credibility and whether he has an axe to grind must be investigated. However if what he writes is true, it is good that the truth be known. In life you often learn that people you have come to admire were flawed individuals. How many idealistic liberals like me were saddened to learn that our heroes JFK and MLK were unfaithful husbands and womanizers. Life goes on and we remember our flawed heroes for the good they did.

  34. jamal49 says

    Stephen Jimenez, you are a low-life, a sleazy whore, the dregs of the earth. If this isn’t the most horrible act of a desperate scumbag I don’t know what is. Slander a dead man with NOTHING, no proof, no evidence, just speculation and hearsay, all so you can sell a book and redeem the fact that you are a mediocre failure. You’ve sealed your fate with this one, Jimenez.

  35. Rick says

    “Amen Derek. I was just discussing with a gay friend how 95% of the homophobia I’ve encountered in the corporate world has been from other white men, not minorities”

    Oh, please. First of all, 95% of the men in the corporate world are white, so–duh!–of course, most of the homophobia you will encounter will be from them.

    Secondly, garden-variety homophobia is a far cry from attacking someone physically with the intention of doing them bodily harm or even killing them.

    Thirdly, ALL advances of gay rights–at the Federal or State level–have been due almost entirely to the initiative being taken by straight, white males, not by women or minorities.

    I realize that there is no limit to the lengths some on the Far Left will go to try to cover up the truth–that racial minorities are far more homophobic than whites are and that men are becoming less and less homophobic even as women are becoming moreso…..but the evidence is becoming so overwhelming that you are going to have no choice but to face up to reality, sooner or later, as much as you hate to do so.

  36. Rick says

    “Juliane Williams and Lollie Winans were a Lesbian murdered on the Appalachian Trail.

    Mollie Olgin and Kristene Chapa a teenage Lesbian couple murdered in a park in Texas. Take a look at the police sketch of the suspect”

    Lesbians, Derrick. Not the same issues at all as with gay men. It is instructive that you apparently could not come up with any examples of random attacks by a white male or a group of white males on a gay man that they did not know strictly out of homophobic motives.

    Very instructive.

  37. ratbastard says

    Why is it impossible Matthew Shepard [RIP] was a druggie and HIV+ due to sexual [I hate to use this word, but can’t think of any other off the top of my head] promiscuity? What happened to him was horrible and … NO, HE DIDN’T DESERVE IT… but everyone reading knows Matthew was automatically and immediately made a martyr and a saint by professional gay / progressive establishment advocacy types. So much of what is reported on in the media, on blogs, is inaccurate. I was reading up on Columbine last week and it is in fact absolutely untrue either of those young men were ‘bullied’, in fact they bullied others. Turns out to be basically a story about a teenage psychopath and his hanger-on co-hort. Nothing more than that. Yet it’s now enshrined as something quite different. And this was done deliberately from the moment the shooting occurred, for political and ideological reasons.

  38. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “It is instructive that you apparently could not come up with any examples of random attacks by a white male or a group of white males on a gay man that they did not know strictly out of homophobic motives.”

    Oh, yes, I can. Me. Twice.

    How do I know the incidents were more homophobic than racial? Because of the location where they occured–coming out of the park at 3:00am. Many Black Gays never report Gay-bashing by White men. They’re either ashamed of where it happened or they’re ashamed that they allowed it to happen.

    And the very attack you initially commented on in this discussion was not random. Matthew was acquainted with atleast one of the men who tortured him leading to his horrible death.

    And what do you mean the anti-Gay attacks on Lesbian women are not the same issue? The issue is hate.

    Nevermind I’d rather you not answer the question. Please don’t.

    And how could I forget my friend Don Belton. He was brutally murdered in Bloomington Indiana. The murderer claimed “Gay panic”–even though it took him a few days to decide to kill stab Don to death.

  39. bobbyjoe says

    Yes, because SO many drug related murders by someone’s lover end with someone tortured and tied to a fence like a scarecrow in the middle of nowhere.

    You don’t even see fiction like this on shows about drug kingpins like “Breaking Bad” or “The Wire,” but, oh yeah, a couple of two bit hoodlums are gonna go to the trouble of pretty much crucifying a kid because of, um… what exactly? Shepard was the “Walter White” of Laramie or something?

    In Stephen Jeminez’s next book he’ll reveal how the JFK assassination was actually a suicide.

  40. BETTY says

    OMG Rick will you troll somewhere else? Or get a life already.

    Speaking of trolls, over the past several years there used to be a poster who would trot out the very same so-called “facts” about Matthew and post them all the time on this board. Just putting that out there.

  41. jjose712 says

    The competition for the most stupid troll of this site is really hard.

    Frankly, if anything this guy says were true, it would be public knowledge years ago.
    The public eye was on this case, the killers used gay panic as a excuse and not some drug dealing when being under the influence could give them an advantage.
    This is nothing more than a book to make money, and probably will end with this guy sued by Matthew’s family

  42. Jeff Hanna says

    Instantly attacking and discrediting this writer shows rigid defensiveness rather than open-mindeness. Maybe there is an interesting story here, one not so neat as the official version. I’ve no idea but am curious.

    Remember a TV news story hosted by Elizabeth Vargas airing about a year or so after the verdict that probed Matthew’s possible involvement in drug dealing and the part that may have played in what happened? LOTS of fury and “how dare you! reaction – just like here.

    People don’t like their comfortable assumptions challenged.

  43. Dback says

    The “Matthew Shepard was just a drug deal gone wrong” angle was shown on 20/20 and was raked over the coals for its shoddy journalism, as was a similar article in NEWSWEEK. Both were addressed in the “Laramie Project” sequel, and discounted. (If there had been any further evidence it would’ve come out at the trial, or in Aaron McKinney’s subsequent interview, and McKinney said that though he’d seen Shepard enough in the past to recognize him, he didn’t know him.–certainly not as a drug customer). Aside from anti-depressants, there’s no evidence that Matthew Shepard used drugs or ever bought them from McKinney or Henderson.

    Yes, Matthew Shepard was HIV+. Yes, he was gang-raped in Morocco by a bunch of youths. Yes, he struggled with depression and was too trusting of people, and too free with his money. None of these things dispute the facts of the case which still stand and have not been disproven: he was targeted by McKinney and Henderson–who specifically singled him out because Shepard was not only gay, but short and slight of build–and taken outside under friendly false pretenses; once in the car, they repeatedly beat Shepard over and over while driving him out to the fence, and tortured him. He offered them money; they refused. He begged for mercy; they refused. (They even took his shoes.) They tied him to the fence and left him to die. And they beat him so badly that, when his body was found the next day, his face was so swollen and bloodied that he was unrecognizable, except for where the tearstains had left tracks.

    Anyone who further exploits Matthew Shepard or dishonors his memory deserves to have what happened to him to happen to them.

  44. Icebloo says

    Haven’t the Shepard family been through enough torture already ?

    This cun# is just trying to get himself some fame and free promotion to make money out of someone’s murder. What a horrible, evil monster he is !

    I don’t care if Mathew was gay or straight, HIV+ or HIV-, young or old, black or white – NOBODY deserves to be murdered and NOBODY should be making money from it !

    Gay news sites like this should stop giving this ugly man free promotion ! We should come together to protect our own just like Matt’s friends did with their white costumes to drown out the protestors. Matt, his family and his memory deserve better !

  45. etseq says

    FYI – This guy was the same freelance reporter that worked on the ABC hit piece. He has been at this for years. Apparently, right after Matt’s death, this guy contacted the family and was very aggressive in wanting the rights to do a play about what happened. When they turned him down, he became obsessed and vindictive. He also helped the attorney of one of guys convicted (the same one he now says is bisexual) to try to get early release. So, put the dots together.

    I just hope Andrew Sullivan burns in hell.

    PS – There also some idiots on the queer left who don’t like hate crime laws because they don’t like the “prison industrial complex” so they have been attacking Matt in similar ways for years hoping to discredit hate crime laws. Talk about ideological blindness

  46. Ajani says

    I am from Colorado. While the allegations this guy brings up aren’t technically baseless (Matt was no angel), they are wrong. Out of respect for Judy in particular, who has been one of the biggest, brightest shining stars in our community, this guy should go away.

  47. Bill says

    @Bobby F (to a limited extent) @JackFknTwist @PETERZ: Don’t assume this author is some anti-gay bigot. A lot of people fool themselves by coming up with a hypothesis based on very limited and possibly misleading data, and then look for evidence that supports their hypothesis. The result is that they end up wasting a lot of time and effort fooling themselves. It can be out of ignorance or stupidity rather than malice.

    By contrast, what really competent people will do (for example, those engaged in scientific research) is to try to find tests that can disprove their hypotheses. So, if your hypothesis is that some guy has been a heavy drug user for years, and you find that he’s never shown any symptoms typical of drug use, do you are ignore that or say, “wait a minute – most guys who use drugs that much have medical issues as a result that we aren’t seeing here – why aren’t we seeing that?”

    What this author might have done is to have somehow came up with a crazy idea, and then spent umpteen years trying to amass a books-worth of tidbits that are consistent with that crazy idea, while spending zero effort trying to disprove his crazy idea. That it took him so long isn’t surprising, particularly if he is completely wrong: if your crazy idea is wrong, finding coincidences that are consistent with your crazy idea can take a long time.

  48. wheelie81 says

    I;m willing to give the guy a chance to make his case considering his “claims” aren’t so beyond belief, but I will need to see a hell of a lot more evidence than just his word.

  49. says

    There are times when attacking the messenger is appropriate and justified.
    Many of the posters above have the same contempt for Sullivan that I have.
    He always looks for the caustic bitter twisted angle so that he can show us all how wrong and gullible we have been.

    He is no friend of the gay community and is a self loather bent on exploiting any manipulation of the truth he can get away with.
    He may have made a quarter of a million by opening his private blog…..let’s see how long that lasts.
    But he is a right wing ex-pat British conservative and more than willing to serve his masters…. especially the establishment of NY or Washington.
    And no, his occasional visit to P’town doesn’t make him one of us.
    Now he has this idiot writer for a further manipulation of a tragic event…..what a great sensational angle he has found……no matter if there is no evidence whatever to support this garbage.
    * Andy, please reassure me that you don’t know Andrew Sullivan personally.

  50. Sam says

    There is an excellent and sobering essay in the Advocate/Oct 2013 by Aaron Hicklin from his reviewing the book. This article brings the Matthew Shepard event into perspective no matter how one feels about Mr. Jimenez or not having read the book yet. And as the discussion continues the truth will prevail.

  51. steve talbert says

    I don’t get why people think this guy’s accusations are so bad. It all sounds plausible to me. Maybe the guy was a closet case and found out Matt was HIV+ and got scared.. or angry that he actually loved him.. I don’t know. I do know that people taking drugs are trying to escape some aspect of their “normal” life and hustlers are desperate. Prostitution, however, is as old as civilization and isn’t bad if everyone is an adult. Same with porn actors. Not everyone has the same idea of what is “morally wrong” or “naturally human”. All I know is the murder was horrible for whatever reason.

  52. Jason says

    What you said.
    Even if he was involved in drugs, what happenned to him was a tragedy. He was tortured because he was gay. Even if his attacker was a closeted homosexual it makes the matter worse. There is no guilt by association here. Killing a person out of hatred for their sexuality is sick. This book is seeking to profit from grief and our personal fear while also casting gay people in a distinctively “other” light. It’s pouring salt on the wound.

  53. Kyle M. Sullivan says

    This is disgusting. Matthew Shepard was beaten and tied to a fence and left to die by some little assholes who didn’t give a damn about him. He lived for a week, in that position, and this m-fing SOB wants to make money off that? He wants to f’ing MINIMIZE that?

    It’s times like this I’m glad I don’t own a gun, because I’m halfway afraid I’d use it. Not to kill, just to castrate.

  54. FFS says

    Using drugs doesn’t make you part of any “underworld.” You’d have to go all the way to Columbia to find 21-year-old white twinks participating in “underworld” activities.

  55. Anirban (aka Abner) Bhattacharya says

    I spoke on April 16, 2014 to Sheriff David S. O’Malley about Book of Matt and gave facts about Methew Wayne Shepard being a child molester and drug dealer. He predictably said Book of Matt should be called Book of Lies, that he did investigation & hung up on me without explaining why it should be called book of lies. He has no rebuttal. Chief O’Malley said he is offended by Stephen Jimenez’s book but he’s dishonest.

    Sheriff David S. O’Malley, Cop Regina S. Fluty and Sgt. Rob J. DeBree’s all have been portrayed in Laramie Project and Sheriff O’Malley is a friend of Judy L. Shepard. But their job as cops after to they found M.W. Shepard’s comatose body was to solve M.W. Shepard’s murder and they quickly found and arrested the 2 who did this. After that their job was to help prosecutors prove the 2 men guilty of murder which they did. Since M.W. Shepard is dead, he can not be arrested and prosecuted for any crimes he committed before October 1998. I don’t believe the 2 cops investigated whether Methew W. Shepard was a drug dealer because there was no need to because he is dead and can’t be punished for it.

    Sheriff David S. O’Malley, Regina S. Fluty and Sgt. Robert J. DeBree all know as cops or former cops that you don’t always know the secrets a person has in their life. All know that most criminals try to keep their crimes secret esp. from friends and family as they don’t want to be caught. Many times when it’s discovered a person is let’s say a child molester, it’s friends and family who get surprised because a child molester is unlikely to admit that they commit this crime to their friends and family. Sheriff David S. O’Malley and Sgt. Robert J. DeBree in their lives have arrested drug dealers and they know how it’s the family and friends who get surprised after they learned some1 they know is a drug dealer.

    I don’t think Sheriff David S. O’Malley and Sgt. Robert J. DeBree are honest criticizing Stephen Jimenez as bias is meddling with facts especially again as Sheriff O’Malley is a friend of Judy Lynn Shepard. Sheriff David S. O’Malley and Sgt. Robert J. DeBree know that it’s unlikely Methew W. Shepard told his friends and family that he was a drug dealer, because both have seen many times as cops as how criminals usually keep their crimes a secret esp. from their friends and family. M.W. Shepard kept it a secret. Even if Methew W. Shepard did tell his friends and family that he sold drugs, don’t think his family will admit this ugly truth about him, as they had tried to hide the fact that Methew Wayne Shepard molested 8 year old boys and got counseling for it. Both Sheriff David S. O’Malley and Sgt. R.J. DeBree know as cops that they don’t always catch all the criminals. Stephen Jimenez to repeat interviewed over 100 witnesses and he did a 13 year investigation. He went into bars, interviewed drug dealers, junkies and they verified that both A.J. McKinney and M.W. Shepard knew eachother and that M.W. Shepard had a secret life as a drug dealer/courier.

    Again, Sheriff O’Malley and Sgt. DeBree interest in October 1998 was to solve the homicide and to help prosecutor Mr. Rerucha prove the 2 men gulity of murder. I don’t think Sheriff David S. O’Malley, Sgt. Robert J. DeBree and any1 else in the Albany County Sheriff’s Dept. investigated M.W. Shepard’s background because there was no need to. Sheriff David S. O’Malley and Sgt. R.J. DeBree’s critique sounds like they are dishonest, delusional or both esp. again as Sheriff f O’Malley is a friend of Judy L. Shepard and Chief O’Malley, Reggie S. Fluty and Sgt. DeBree are portrayed in Laramie Project. JC Marsden (executive Director of Shepard Foundation) and Tiffany C. Hunt are portrayed in Laramie Project. Both JC Marsden & Big Island Chronicle Tiffany Camille Hunt sees nothing wrong with Methew W. Shepard selling drugs and molesting children so their view is rubbish. Big Island Chronicle Tiffany Camille Hunt abuses her 2 children so Big Island Chronicle Tiffany Camille Hunt thinks child abuse is OK.

  56. Anirban (aka Abner) Bhattacharya says

    I read Book of Matt by Stephen Jimenez about Methew Wayne Shepard. The book discloses ugly truths of who the victim was-most of it old news such as him being a junky (old news), but the new information is that the victim was a drug dealer. Stephen Jimenez who is homose interviewed over 100 witnesses and found ugly truths about the victim. While Stephen Jimenez has a pro-homose bias and tried to be sympathetic to the victim, he wrote ugly truths including in Shepard’s family.

    -Metthew W. Shepard was himself a victim of child molestation and when Metthew W. Shepard was 15 years old, he was arrested for molesting 2 neighborhood 8 year old boys-M.W. Shepard got counseling for it.

    M.W. Shepard in August 1998 (2 months before his death) attempted indecent exposure on a Cody bartender and bartender defended himself by decking M.W. Shepard. The next day, M.W. Shepard falsely accused the bartender of homosexual gang rape. When medical tests disproved M.W. Shepard, the excuse Methew W. Shepard gave to cops was that he was drunk, had PTSD and could not remember. M.W. Shepard was also once banned from a bar after a drunk M.W. Shepard committed assault and battery on the bouncer by grabbing bouncer’s crotch against will. M.W. Shepard should have been arrested and convicted by jury for those 2 incidents.

    -M.W. Shepard knew his killer A.J. McKinney and there are witnesses who saw both of them together numerous almost a year before he was killed. M.W. Shepard had a secret life as a drug courier/dealer. You don’t always know the secrets friends and family have. If a person is a drug dealer, then they are usually not going to tell their friends and family that they do this. But for me, him being killed and why he was killed is a minor topic. While homose groups complain about Stephen Jimenez saying the murder case is complicated and possibly not a hate crime, I think that is incidental-main reason homose groups are offended by Stephen Jimenez’s book is because he talked about the ugly truths about who M.W. Shepard was.

    The weak criticism people make is that Stephen Jimenez interviewed drug dealers, junkies, and that he went into bars where drugs were sold, to learn about M.W. Shepard being a drug dealer. That is a weak criticism because that is who Stephen Jimenez would have to interview to learn this. M.W. Shepard being a junky is old news as he had told his friends such as Tina LaBrie about his drug problems and M.W. Shepard’s lover Tristan (Ted) Henson admits that M.W. Shepard used drugs and that he knew 1 of his killers. M.W. Shepard being a drug dealer was something he likely kept secret from his friends and family because honestly, if a person is selling drugs, they usually aren’t going to tell their friends and family that they commit this crime. Even if Metthew W. Shepard did tell his friends and family that he sold drugs, don’t think his family will admit this ugly truth about him, as they had tried to hide the fact that M.W. Shepard molested 8 year old boys and got counseling.

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