1. Cory says

    The bigger guy is definitely the star – he’s got a great personality and it doesn’t hurt that he’s very hot. The smaller guy just plays foil to the main attraction. Both seem extremely nice though.

    I also watch Joe Santagato’s channel, unfortunately he’s straight, but if he and Mark somehow became a couple the internet would explode. For once I’d like to a gay relationship that features two equals instead of one standout and…a nice guy.

  2. freddy says

    Sorry if this gets posted twice, but, Cory, I respectfully must disagree.

    I am usually into (and hairier), but that “smaller guy” is, to me oddly, insanely hot and super fuckable.

  3. Cory says

    Freddy I’m not really talking looks as much as personality. If you watch their channel you see Mark has charisma flowing everywhere and the other one, doesn’t. At all. Again, he’s super sweet though.

    But that’s why I said Mark and someone like Joe would really get the fangirls (and boys) going nuts. Two charismatic, ridiculously attractive equals would be nice to see for once.

  4. Contrarian says

    No comments on video two about why we kiss. What a surprise (not!). Yes, gays are like straight men in one respect. Put young good-looking people in a video and men, at least, will look at that first, be it hunks (for gays) or bikini babes (for non-gays). A talking nerd or a dowdy woman, no matter the subject of the video (except when it features a really cute animal co-star)gets far fewer views. Humanity is shallow or maybe it’s just testosterone having its way.

  5. MarTaize says

    Why is the original video, Awkward Kissing, blocked on YouTube for underage users? Nothing sexual in it, only two dudes kissing. What is up with YouTube’s TOS? They need to get with the times.

  6. Paul R says

    Why do we kiss?? Because it’s fun. I didn’t need to see that clip to know why. I’ve kissed probably 98% of my friends (male and female, straight and gay) on the mouth. I’ve kissed all of them somewhere. I often prefer kissing to sex.

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