1. says

    This. Is. Simply. Stupefying. The overt myopia is simply so blatant as to be ludicrous. My sense is that we have been seriously let down by our self-appointed, former activist Leadership and are being overtly and obviously sidelined by our governments…all in the name of Money.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    No Sochii Winter Games watching for me and my partner. Not even replays. Sorry but you lose NBC and IOC corporate/broadcast sponsors. Good luck to our athletes but I’ll NOT be watching.

  3. Sean says

    More complicity and rewarding the rape, torture, beating, imprisonment, silencing, and MURDER of innocent human beings. The Olympics ignored it in Berlin and are ignoring it now. The difference now is that their complicity was ignored when the Nazis were tried, convicted and sentenced – it will not be ignored this time. The IOC executives will be right in line behind the Russian government to be tried, convicted and sentenced for their crimes against humanity. Whether it is hanging or prison, justice will be served.

  4. Mike says

    Yeah, sure! This is war! Not only boycott everything NBC! But boycott ALL the hateful sponsors Cola-Cola , Dow Chemical, General Electric, Mac Donald’s, Omega, Panasonic, Proctor and Gamble, Samsung, and Visa everyday. They have made it crystal clear that they put their own obscene profit above human rights. GAY RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS! Everyone must be involved . . .

  5. John Freeman says

    I don’t know about the current IOC committee, but in the past it has included at least one former nazi. What does that tell you about how honorable this organization is?

  6. GB says

    Get over yourselves. You’re all just bored and overinflated. A gay person not watching a sporting event is nothing novel, and it will all go off without a hitch. Somebody likes to be oppressed. Go f–k yourselves. Go read the comments in “Variety” about gay actor discrimination if you want to know what the world really thinks of you. And these aren’t Russians.

  7. jsb says

    The assurances are worthless since Russian officials, including Putin, claim there is NO discrimination taking place in Russia now, or in the past, against Gay people.

    If it looks like, sounds like, feels like discrimination, IT IS DISCRIMINATION!!!

  8. the milkman says

    You know, GB, you might take a moment to reflect upon whether it’s at all valid to compare some mean-spirited comments on the Variety website (um, really?) to the government-supported systematic rape, torture, and murder of an entire minority community. I, for one, would rather take my chances with a bunch of homo-hating commenters on websites representing emtertainment industry rade publications than face a horde of Russian neo-Nazi thugs with no jobs, no prospects, lots of time on their hands, and a burning need for a scapegoat to take their tiny, atrophied minds off the grinding poverty and deep hopelessness of their lives in that hot mess of a country.

    Oh, and I’d tell you to go f-ck yourself, but you’d need a d-ck big enough to see without a pair of reading glasses, you pathetic c-nt.

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