1. Fenrox says

    You know a lot of people are really freaking obvious when they bash someone for being better than they are and are basically having a little tantrum online and acting like such a brat, it’s almost always more telling of your insecurities than it is the validity of whatever you said.

    That said, Lance Bass is ugly and that guy MUST be a famewhore or golddigger (Does Lance have any money) to want to hit that.

  2. colin says

    I don’t think the so-called “negative” comments are jerky. Let’s put this into perspective. Bass, who hasn’t done anything of note – that I know of; please enlighten me if I’m wrong – except for fame-whoring himself out here and there like a dime-a-dozen Bravo reality housewife.

    As for fame-whoring out his marriage proposal, is this really any more significant than Gay Al proposing to Star Jones, for example? I don’t think so.

  3. alex says

    It seems that most of the negativity comes from people who expect gay celebrities to be activists. Lance has always been more involved in environmental and animal charities than LGB ones. That pisses off the people who think that being gay should always be the most important facet of a multi-dimension human being.

    As for Lance being a gay activist, I’m glad he doesn’t take on that role. Not everyone is suited to make speeches and try to battle homophobes on TV news networks. (I’m an NSync fan, so I’m not trying to be mean.)

    It’s a no win situation, really. Those people that are mad that Lance isn’t an activist probably would be the first to criticize him if he couldn’t hold his own on TV when a NOM representative called him horrible names.

  4. John says

    If one would listen everyday to Dirty Pop on Sirius XM one would like grow to really be fans of Michael and Lance. They are both super nice guys. Lance never has to work another day in his life with his N’sync earnings but he has been working very very hard to bring a number of projects to fruition, several which are finally taking off this year. I think that is not a good photo of Lance and they are both make a very handsome couple.

  5. Tom says

    Lot of hate on this page – and I get it. Lance is…what? A singer? Not anymore. Film producer? Yeah, that didn’t work out. The gay community’s Kim Kardashian? Sure looks like he’s headed that way.

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