1. JMC says

    I GUESS it’s good Andy won considering he was the least morally reprehensible out of the top 3, but he’s still a super disgusting person. There wasn’t even time for Julie to properly berate and humiliate all of the trash in the jury, which is what I was most looking forward to watching..

  2. Nat says

    Hmm… so this gay guy on BB(and this show in general), who just looks sooo charming and a pleasure to be a around (not), gets attention yet the gay opera singer from America’s Got Talent got nothing, who is awesome with a heartfelt story does not.

    Look him up: Branden James – I did a general search for that name on this website and nothing came up.

    Why does this world continue feeding their attention on these fame-seeking talent-less douchebags? I don’t watch the show but I can’t even imagine the amount of backstabbing, deception, and manipulation these contestants use to gain the upper hand.

    Weird rant I just had but I’m not very articulate.

  3. Julio says

    They were all bad, but Andy really was the lesser of evils. The straight guys joked about rape the 4th night in the house. The girls were vicious. He had a great game being everyone’s friend.

  4. Two Dads says

    I mean, I gotta hand it to him, he really played one heck of a social game. Been watching this show for 13 years now and I’d put his social game easily as one of the top 3.

  5. Nat says

    Copy that @Andy – I suppose no one tipped you on Mr James.

    Still though-you know that saying, “Don’t feed the trolls?” The same, IMO, goes for these “celebrities.” The less we focus on them, the weaker they become, and the world will be a slightly better place. Besides, this gay guy winning probably does nothing regarding the advancement of gay people. And I’ll predict that he will not use any of his new found “fame” and fortune to help the gay community.

    Anyway, my apologies for any rudeness in my previous post.

  6. Lipstick Diva says

    When it came to the final three, it was beyond obvious Andy had to win. He was really strategic with aligning himself with the power players and couples, and planting seeds to get people out.

    I wouldn’t have played the game he did, but was pretty darn impressed by it.

  7. Junior says

    Very very cool that an LGBT contestant finally one this show. LGBT have a very hard time staying around in most reality competitions and are usually an easy target, so it takes some skill to do this. And I celebrate it being the first gay win for the show.

  8. says

    I was glad for him. Out of the three, GinaMarie winning would have been a travesty of epic proportions. She’s an illiterate, bitter, delusional bimbo. Not to mention the eternally floating pawn and Hitler admirer Spencer.

    Oh and people who don’t watch Big Brother, please stop belittling us fans or the show itself. It’s pointless and you come across as obnoxious. Big Brother is an interesting social experiment which, this year, proved that the US population (of which the BB cast is a representative slice) is more racist than previously believed. It’s unfortunate that, in a day and age when you have a black president (and an amazing one), such rampant, unapologetic racism, sexism and homophobia exists. At least it didn’t prevail, which is the good news – and yes, the first openly gay contestant winning Big Brother in its 15th season IS newsworthy.

    Congrats to Andy.

  9. Paul says

    What is with this blog and posting spoilers?! I go through my RSS feed and BOOM title w/ picture of Andy and GinaMarie. As someone who has kept up with the season but is not in America and does not watch it as it airs it’s super annoying.

    Definitely not the first time Towle Road has pulled stuff like this.

  10. Christian says

    There is some cognitive dissonance here on the part of this website’s content creators. On the one hand, you post stories discussing how awful these people were on the show. Then, the next post says “see who won.” Why should any respectable human being care about the trash that appear on these dumb reality shows? Why even watch them?

    Aren’t there more important things to talk about on Towleroad? I’m in favor of the occasional human interest story, but this blog has become more like a tabloid lately. It’s whatever dumb jock uttered the word “fag” or whatever little bit of skin was shown by some straight guy that we’re all expected to fawn over. Who cares.

    How about less tabloid and more content?

  11. duane says

    I cringe seeing him touted as the first gay winner. I really don’t want someone like him being the face of the gay community. Someone who was cowardly and two-faced and unnecessarily malicious. He spent the whole summer hanging out with a clique of racist bullies, encouraging them to bash the one black woman in the house, laughing at all the racist jokes. And then they brought back that racist snob Colton on Survivor. I think CBS’s reality department is being run by a disgruntled former Exodus counselor. They really seem to have it in for us with their fondness for villainous gays.

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