1. Kieran says

    So now any man who chooses to go shirtless is being deemed gay? Who is this smug, annoying woman and why is she making jokes about the 200,000 dead Iraqis courtesy of the illegal US attack, invasion and occupation of their country.

  2. Chaz says

    ‘Who is this smug, annoying woman’

    Get back under your bloody rock, will you?

    Where’s China?

    Who am the Intranet?

    I did googled it with my modem!

  3. Chaz says

    Yes, any leader who postures shirtless on horseback in front of a pack of journalists for political purposes is FUNDAMENTALLY LAUGHABLE.

  4. Caliban says

    Yeah, it’s “beefcake” in its purest sense. These posed propaganda photos of Putin riding horses, practicing karate, catching fish, etc. are intended to convey his masculine virility.

  5. Chaz says

    Just like Mussolini: chopping down trees, playing the violin, rock-climbing bare-chested, endless stories about his hundreds of affairs.

    Standard fascist posturing.